Uzi of the abdominal organs of the intestine


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The medical center provides advice to the following specialists:

For a correct, accurate and rapid diagnosis, the medical center of modern gastroenterology # 17; FROM Medical # 187; in the city of Mariupol conducts ultrasound and endoscopy studies on all international standards. In the gastrocentrum # 17; With Medical # 187; you can go:

Ultrasoundare conducted on the newest ultrasonic device, unique in the city in its class, allowing to see the smallest changes, and therefore accurately and quickly make diagnoses. Pictures of ultrasound images are issued on one form with a conclusion and stored in the patient's electronic outpatient card (the only one in the city of Mariupol). This allows you to monitor the dynamics of the disease and properly treat patients.

Gastroscopy(FGS, FGDS, sounding, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, videogastroscopy) # 8212; examination of the esophagus, stomach, duodenal ulcer with the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection in the stomach, the determination of gastric juice secretion.

Colonoscopy# 8212; examination of the large intestine.

G astrocoscopy and colonoscopyare carried out by thin probes # 8212; video endoscopes made in Japan with xenon light and a high-resolution digital video camera inside, which allows painlessly to enter the endoscope, to quickly examine the organ under examination, to see even the minimal changes in the tissues and, respectively, accurately and with maximum comfort to put diagnosis.

Our findings are recognized and confirmed in leading clinics in Donetsk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, and also abroad.

Gastroenterologists of the medical center # 17; With Medical # 187; in Mariupol are engaged in the treatment of the following digestive organs:

  • esophagus,
  • stomach,
  • duodenum,
  • small intestine,
  • colon,
  • rectum,
  • liver,
  • gall bladder,
  • pancreas
  • spleen and others.

To the medical center # 17; With Medical # 187; apply residents of Mariupol and Donetsk region with the following diagnoses:

  • esophagitis,
  • reflux esophagitis,
  • Barrett's esophagus,
  • hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm,
  • candidiasis esophagitis,
  • gastritis, chronic, acute,
  • gastritis with low acidity,
  • gastritis with high acidity,
  • gastroduodenitis,
  • atrophic gastritis,
  • hyperacid gastritis,
  • a stomach ulcer,
  • duodenitis,
  • bulbits,
  • duodenal ulcer,
  • ulcer bulb of the duodenum,
  • colitis,
  • ulcerative colitis,
  • Crohn's disease,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • anal fissure,
  • disb actorioz,
  • irritable bowel syndrome,
  • hepatitis B, C,
  • cirrhosis of the liver,
  • alcoholic hepatitis,
  • cholecystitis,
  • stones in the gallbladder,
  • dyskinesia of bile ducts (DZHVP)
  • pancreatitis,
  • diabetes
  • and many others.

In Ukraine, gastroenterological morbidity is high. As in Mariupol, in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and other cities, the following gastroenterological complaints are frequent:

Medical Center # 17; With Medical # 187; specializes in gastrointestinal diseases, but you can also get advice from the best specialists:

  • neurologist (neurologist),
  • therapist,
  • endocrinologist,
  • endoscopist.

Experienced doctors, helpful staff, comfortable conditions, reception on record, will make treatment quick, effective and convenient.

Preliminary recording by phones 41-09-51, 097 -567-10-97, 066 478-56-76.Make an appointment.

You can also ask a question online. Use the reception form at the top of the site.Consultation online.

From 8 to 18-00, the day off # 8212; only Sunday, always on time and close,

Solaris, medical diagnostic center

-UZI heart, thyroid, testicles, mammary glands in men, kidneys, adrenals - special training is not required. -UZ of abdominal cavity organs - examination is performed strictly on an empty stomach (do not drink and do not eat at least 6 hours). People suffering from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, constipation, flatulence, need for three days before the inspection to observe a diet: to exclude from the diet black bread, milk, peas, beans, cabbage, fresh vegetables and fruits, sweet dishes. When examining the function of the gallbladder, for a trial breakfast, you need to have two bananas with you. -UZ urinary bladder, prostate, uterus and appendages - examination is performed only with tight filling of the bladder. -UZ mammary glands in women - examination is carried out in the first half of the menstrual cycle (within the first 10 days from the beginning of menstruation).

Tel. (0629) 49-10-91; (098) 233-75-15; 095-847-88-58

Reception by appointment

Etc. Lenin, 80, children's polyclinic, GB No. 3, office. 34 and 39 (2nd floor)

Address Lenin avenue, 80, polyclinic GB № 3, office. 121 (ground floor) landmark stop Main post office. Working hours: from 7.30 to 13.00 from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 11.00 on Saturday,
street Pashkovskogo, 35, Rod house number 2, landmark women's consultation number 1,
Nakhimova avenue, 35, Adult polyclinic ГБ №9, room.111 (1 floor), 5 landmark shop Azovye from 7.30 to 11.00 from Monday to Friday,
street 50 years of the USSR, 61, 17th LMR landmark shop "Eva" from 7.30 to 11.00 from Monday to Friday,
Metallurgicalheskaya Street, 1, Rod. house. № 1, manipulation room (2 floor) from 8.00 to 11.00 from Monday to Friday,
street Pashkovskogo, 4, polyclinic ГБ № 4 cab. 206 (2nd floor),
Bodrova street, 2, adult polyclinic ГБ №1, landmark stop Illichevskiy market

Working hours Working hours: П 30 -1: 0; In 30 -1: 0; C 30 -1: 0; H 30 -1: 0; P 30 -1: 0; From 00 -1: 0 Su: Do not work.

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Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs in the clinic

Modern non-invasive examination methods, such as ultrasound, allow the diagnosis of organs without harming the body.Ultrasound of internal organsIs a research method based on the application of ultrasound properties.

Dense tissues and organs repel ultrasonic waves from themselves, and the cavities absorb it, which subsequently makes it possible to obtain a picture of internal organs. Ultrasound diagnosis does not require long-term preparation, additional procedures and interference in the body.

In the Clinic you can make ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs to prevent serious diseases and the development of pathologies. Calls for recording at the reception can be permanent pain or discomfort in the abdomen and hypochondrium.

Hollow organs are heavily susceptible to ultrasound diagnostic methods. Then, what organs look at ultrasound of the abdominal cavity? All is diagnosed for diagnostics, except for the stomach and intestines, they are difficult to view. A liver or pancreas has been successfully diagnosed for many years.

What is included in the ultrasound? In ON Clinic, sonologists perform a patient examination using an ultrasound transducer. A person is applied a gel to the area under investigation, after it is put an ultrasound transducer and adjust the position to view a specific organ.

Preparation for ultrasound of the abdominal cavity: what to do?

Despite the simplicity of the examination, the patient should know how to prepare for ultrasound of the abdominal organs in order to avoid receiving false results. Gases in the intestine or food in the gastrointestinal tract can become a hindrance to diagnosis.

That there were no errors in the image, the patient's preparation should be as follows:

  1. 6-12 hours before the test, do not eat. Examination is carried out on an empty stomach. This is necessary so that clumps of food do not become a hindrance.
  2. Patients a few days before they do ultrasound, refrain from bread from dark varieties of cereals, milk, vegetables and fruits (causing gassing), confectionery products and any carbonated beverages.
  3. For certain organs, some preparation is necessary, for example, for examining the bladder, you need to drink 1 liter of non-carbonated water.

If you have doubts about the health of the above-mentioned organs, it is worth contact the Clinic at the telephone number listed on the site and find out how much it costs to use an ultrasound of the abdominal organs cavity. Right now you can fill out the form on the site or make an appointment by phone, the recording takes place around the clock.

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