How to clean the small intestine at home quickly


How to cleanse the intestines at home: steps towards youth and health

Intestine is one of the most important organs of the human body. Unfortunately, very few people think about how many harmful substances the intestine accumulates throughout the life of a person. Do I need to periodically cleanse the bowels of slags? And how to cleanse the intestines at home?

There are no universal answers to these questions. Someone believes that cleaning the intestines is a harmful or at least useless exercise, someone, on the contrary, is trying to clean it at home or in a specialized medical center. Someone refers to our ancestors who did not clean up the intestines, while they felt well enough. But our ancestors did not eat such a huge amount of canned food, fats, carbohydrates with sweet and flour products. Yes, and they had a good habit of keeping posts. And how does a person eat modern? Continuous sandwiches with hot dogs ...

Begin to clean the intestine

In the folds of the intestines, various remains of undigested food are often hidden. They accumulate there for years and decades, causing the gastrointestinal tract to wear out. Cancer of the thick and small intestines is rapidly growing younger, occupying the fourth place in the oncological list immediately after tumors of the breast, lungs and stomach.

A man, by the age of a quarter of a century (25 years), keeps in his intestine 8 to 25 kg of feces. At a temperature of 37 degrees, they begin to wander in the body, releasing carcinogens and gases. Therefore, many doctors advocate for a qualitative cleaning of the intestine.

It is better to conduct this procedure in specialized centers under the supervision of doctors. Cleaning the intestines at home is also a good procedure, if you approach it without excess fanaticism, it is entirely reasonable. There are several options for home cleaning.

The first and most common is cleansing with enemas. But this method is suitable only for disciplined people, able to subordinate their daily routine to this unpleasant procedure.

We choose the cleansing juice: it is tasty and useful. During the day you will have to drink every hour one glass of juice. It means, of course, natural juice, but not purchased in a plastic bag, where it is generously diluted with preservatives and flavors. On some packages juice producers write: "100% quality". But this quality, not the juice itself! If you are too lazy to make fresh fresh with a juicer, buy juice in the store, but not in packages, but in bottles. You can choose one type of juice, you can two, you can several. The main thing is that the total amount of juice you drink during the day is 2 liters. Sugary taste of juice can be repulsed with boiled water.


Juice purification is carried out once a month. For a better and more effective result, you can spend it twice a month. If you have gastrointestinal diseases and especially if they are associated with high acidity, this method is not for you.

The next product for home cleaning of the intestines is kefir. Another great professor Mechnikov noted that cleaning the intestines at home with kefir promotes general rejuvenation of the body. In kefir there are bacteria that improve digestion, there are microelements necessary for the whole body. For a good cleaning, kefir of any fat content is suitable, for a day on a fat kefir you will not gain kilograms! Every hour, drink a glass of kefir, so as not to feel hungry. Nutritionists recommend this cleaning also 1-2 times a month. Kefir and slag will clean, and 1 kg of excess weight!

"Broom for the intestine" is called ordinary apples. They contain a large amount of fruit acid, which dissolves toxins and slags. Do you want to cleanse the intestines with folk remedies? Choose apples. Preferably choose varieties with a slight sourness, for example, antonovku. The main thing is that you like apples. Buy 2 kg of apples, divide them by about 7 heaps, use every couple of hours. Drink apples can be green tea without sugar, herbal infusion, mineral water.

Amazing results can be achieved when cleaning the intestines with bran. Buy them can be in the store or pharmacy, at a price of bran available to everyone. Bran has an extra plus: they clean the intestines, removing slag and toxins from the feces, and also extra pounds. Using bran for food daily, you can throw a few pounds!

Cleansing the intestines with bran lasts about a month. Just daily, 15 minutes before eating, take two tablespoons of table bran, washing it with a couple of glasses of water. Bran begins to swell in the stomach, they press on the walls of our intestines, causing the faster to remove stool. On this principle, and popular dietary supplements for weight loss. The course of cleansing bran is better to be done once a year.

What gives the body an intestinal cleansing?

Different ways to cleanse the intestines have the same effect on our body. The first thing you notice after cleaning is a general improvement in your health. The slag will go away - the blood vessels will be restored. Passing painful headaches, pressure becomes normal, joints will acquire flexibility and mobility. Cleaning of the intestines will also affect the appearance: small wrinkles disappear, disappear after them pimples and acne. The condition of the hair will become much better.

Rejuvenation is an "indirect" cleaning effect. If you want others to compliment you on the sudden return of youth, be sure to go through the cleansing of the intestine! And then the old age (along with the need to do plastic surgery) will move back for a couple of decades.

How to clean the intestines at home

For many of us, the question is quite acute:how to clean the intestines at home. For normal operation of the intestine for a whole day, the optimal fluid balance is desirable. Therefore, it is advisable to take a rule, to drink, on an empty stomach a glass of water at room temperature. Doing this every morning, you stay healthy for a long time and can remain young and beautiful.

And cleaning the intestines at home will not be a problem if we use one of the methods listed below.

  • One of the most remarkable laxatives is an ordinary vegetable little, and olive in particular. It excellently stimulates the cleaning of the intestine and its further work. It is enough to take it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • A mild laxative is also a cabbage pickle. To help the intestine enough half a glass of brine and the effect will not take long.
  • Pea flour is very effective. It will not only help the intestines, but will also start to tidy the entire body. It is enough to eat 2 teaspoons a day (washing down with water naturally) and digestion in a couple of days will come in order, and after a while the headaches will decrease.
  • A remarkable effect will have a rowan tincture. To prepare it properly it is desirable to have time to collect the berries before the onset of frost. And if you do not have time, or there is nowhere to collect, then we naturally get them on the market. However, in this case, we are not guaranteed that they are not collected on the roadside of a busy road and did not absorb a huge amount of substances from the exhaust pipes of cars. Carefully rinse the berries and fill them with a layer by layer, alternating a layer of berries, a layer of sugar, thus filling the jar to the very top. We tie a jar of gauze and put it in the sun. We wait until all the sugar is dissolved. We remove the jar in a dark cool place. If you leave the jar in the warmth, the sugar will start to wander. Filter the syrup, squeezing and berries. Add alcohol in the amount of 25 grams per half liter of syrup. Here tincture and ready. We use a tablespoon on an empty stomach. Even in the case of the most persistent constipation, this remedy perfectly and gently helps to quickly cleanse the intestines.
  • Cleaning of the intestines with folk remediescan be produced and flaxseed seeds - another remarkable laxative, tested not by one generation. Flax seeds are on sale in pharmacies. To get the infusion pour a glass of boiling water a teaspoon of seeds. After 5 -6 hours, the infusion should be drunk, and the seeds should be eaten.
  • Bran is a product very rich in fiber content. In addition to cleaning the body, they will help and with the normalization of weight. Take bran # 8212; three times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals. After taking two tablespoons of bran, we drink them a glass of water. The course of purification lasts a month and it is desirable to repeat it once a year.
  • Before cleaning the intestines at home using this method, every hour throughout the day, drink a glass of freshly prepared fruit or vegetable juice. You can use a mixture of fruits and vegetables, and you can use one kind. If the juice is too acidic, it is desirable to dilute it with water. On such a day it is advisable not to eat any other food until the next morning. Such cleaning can be done once a month.
  • Similar cleaning can be done with kefir. We will need two liters of kefir. Kefir can be taken for any available fat content. Cleaning should be done, as well as juices.
  • In the summer, the cleansing of the intestines with apples was very good. We take 2 kg of apples with skin. Apples should not be very sweet. It is desirable to distribute them evenly per day. You can drink only water or green tea. Cleaning is carried out not more than once a month.
  • And finally consider how to clean the intestines at home,with rice.Use only long-grained rice. We soak it in water for five days, and every day we change the water. As we consume it, we prepare new portions to store them in the refrigerator on the lower shelf. A portion of such rice without salt and spices, eaten on an empty stomach for a few hours before eating. The duration of the course is forty days. Repeated cleaning should be done no more than once a year.

Using these recipes, you can effectively cleanse the intestines and improve the vital functions of your body. Or maybe you know some more methods of cleaning the intestine # 8212; Share the secret with the rest and write about the method in the form of comments.



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