Danger of gastric papillomas and ways to treat them

Due to improper and unbalanced nutrition, the impact of negative factors, the lack of preventive health improvement of the body, there are many problems associated with the work of the stomach. The virus of the papilloma is often localized in the stomach, it can affect the organ, both in single expression, and whole outgrowths.Despite the fact that these are benign formations, the risk of their transformation into malignant ones is quite high.How to recognize the disease and by what means can it be cured?



  • 1Features of the disease
    • 1.1Classification
  • 2Causes
  • 3How to recognize the disease
  • 4What is the danger?
  • 5Traditional methods of treatment
  • 6What advises folk medicine
    • 6.1Quail eggs
    • 6.2Tincture from the fruits of the maklora for ingestion
  • 7Conclusion and recommendations

Features of the disease


This disturbance of the digestive tract can be isolated or combined with other diseases of the stomach, manifested by the appearance of formations on the mucous membrane of the organ, the disease is characterized by inflammatory process.

Externally, papillomas of a variety of shapes - they can be flat on a thin stem or grow bushy, capturing large areas. Occasionally formed on the fold of the mucous membrane. The color of the growths depends on the structure, the amount of connective tissue and the degree of disruption of nutrition, the formation can be gray, red, pink, orange.


There are 2 groups of papillomatous formations in the stomach:

  • papillomas, which are attached to the mucosa and rise above it;
  • weakly expressed formations that look like brain gyruses, resemble the mucous tissue of ruminant animals.

On the basis of clinical signs, small, large, mixed formations are distinguished, on a broad base, soft, nesting and the like. Papillomas can germinate asymptomatically, or cause bleeding, destroying blood vessels and lymphoid tissue.



The risk of HPV is observed under the influence of several factors, it is a weak immune system, chronic diseases of the digestive tract, bad habits, malnutrition and so on. There is also a hereditary factor.


How to recognize the disease

Often, pronounced clinical manifestations are not present, growths can for a long time not disturb a person, and symptoms are absent. Years pass until the papillomas begin to increase in size, manifesting themselves in such symptoms:

  • painful sensations during a meal;
  • pain in the lower back and shoulder blades;
  • frequent stools;
  • an unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • bleeding in the stomach.

Painful sensations can be aching, pricking, paroxysmal, against a background of chronic development of gastritis, stomach ulcers. To make an accurate diagnosis, a thorough examination will be required, since it is very rare to identify violations at the initial stage.

Vomiting is a less common symptom, associated with a general organ change, with papilloma on the foot, he can fall into the duodenum and close the outlet from the stomach, creating the phenomenon of food obstruction.

What is the danger?

Papillomas can be transformed from a benign tumor into a malignant tumor in the absence of treatment. In the risk zone, people with a weak immune system, with the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or with metabolic disorders.

Papillomas located in the stomach - this is a dangerous phenomenon, the virus is resistant to external stimuli, chronic inflammation cause fibrosis of gastric tissues, which often makes it difficult to establish a correct diagnosis, and in consequence - serious pathologies and cancer.

Traditional methods of treatment

After a complete examination of the damaged organ, a decision is taken on further treatment of the patient. If neoplasms are benign in nature, then in the organization of proper nutrition, observance of the regime of work and rest, exclusion of bad habits, the use of drugs prescribed by the doctor, and recipes of traditional medicine can get rid of insidious disease.

After the drug treatment is prohibited from eating fatty foods, spicy, salted, fried, alcohol, this can cause serious consequences for the health of the patient.

With large papillomas, they may need to be removed, during which damage to the walls of the stomach is excluded. The tissues heal quickly, the recovery period takes about 2 weeks.

What advises folk medicine

Carry out treatment with papillomas in the stomach with folk remedies as an additional preventive measure on the way to recovering the damaged organ.

Attention: before conducting such procedures and treating papillomas with herbs or using other home remedies, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Quail eggs

Regular use of this product in food can get rid of internal and external formations. You can also make egg powder from the shell, take 1/3 teaspoon each day, washing down with a lot of warm water.

Tincture from the fruits of the maklora for ingestion

For its preparation, it is enough to take 500 g of crushed fruit, pour, l vodka, close the container tightly with a lid and insist in a dark place for 30 days. Every day you need to shake the contents.

For the treatment of folk remedies, you need to take three drops of tincture every day before meals, the second week to increase dosage up to 3 drops (2 times a day), on the third - 3 drops 3 times a day, the maximum amount should not exceed 30 drops in day.

Treat papillomas with folk remedies should be taken with caution, when allergic reactions occur take appropriate medication, seek help from a qualified doctor.

Conclusion and recommendations

In order not to start the disease and not become a hostage of such a serious diagnosis as cancer, it is necessary to carefully monitor his health, do not engage in treatment at home without the advice of a specialist, follow all the regulations the doctors.

In malignant formations it is necessary to carry out complex therapy, this is surgical treatment, chemistry, the patient's recovery by folk remedies, taking medications and so on. This is the only way to defeat the disease and get rid of the papilloma virus in the human body.

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