Symptoms and ways of treating papillomas in the throat area

Papilloma in the throat affects people with weakened immunity and children under five years old. On the mucous throat and mouth, small and inconspicuous growths are initially formed, disguised as a shade of surrounding tissues. In the initial stage of the disease, neoplasms can only be seen by the doctor.


A feature of human papillomavirus (HPV) is a long period of rest, in which the microorganism practically does not give out its presence.However, if there is a sharp or gradual decrease in immunity, the virus "wakes up forming outgrowths on any part of the body, for example, on tonsils and arches, on the sky, on the tongue.A person becomes contagious, and in order not to transmit the infection to a close environment and prevent the degeneration of cells into a malignant form, one should treat the disease in a timely manner.

The disease is transmitted with close contact: a kiss, an intimate connection, through the birth canal. Infection can spread by contact, if the body has unhealed wounds, trauma. There is a risk of catching the virus in public places: bathhouses, swimming pools, hospitals.


  • 1Why immunity decreases
  • 2What signs indicate a viral defeat
  • 3Where is the tumor located
  • 4Diagnostics with outgrowths
  • 5Treatment recommendations
  • 6Classification of the disease
  • 7Ways to remove build-up
  • 8What do folk recipes offer?
  • 9Preventive disease events

Why immunity decreases


An additional condition of infection is a decrease in the protective forces of the human body, which occurs for the following reasons:

  • frequent inflammatory diseases of the throat area;
  • decrease or increase in the production of hormones;
  • treatment with antibacterial agents that disrupt the balance of the living organisms of the flora;
  • inadequate nutrition, in which the necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins does not enter the body;
  • bad habits that weaken the defensive powers of man;
  • non-observance of hygiene rules in public places.

Indirectly affect the increase in activity of papillomavirus:

  • passive smoking, inhalation of tobacco smoke by non-smokers;
  • work in harmful production without wearing personal protective equipment: respirators, gas masks, gauze dressings;
  • air pollution by motor vehicle exhaust;
  • poor hygienic care of the oral cavity;
  • predisposition to the defeat of papillomavirus, laid down at the genetic level;
  • constant stay in a stressful, depressed state;
  • age-related changes in the hormonal level.

What signs indicate a viral defeat


Papillomas in the throat provoke a variety of symptoms, as a result of which a person feels uncomfortable:

  • a foreign body in the throat, which interferes with the ingestion of food;
  • Persecution, problems with voice and timbre for no apparent reason;
  • if the sprouting is large, there may be a lack of air;
  • children lack of oxygen can provoke a headache, suffocation.

Where is the tumor located

Localization of papilloma in the throat:

  • often there is a papilloma on the amygdala, hitting one organ or both;
  • the virus can parasitize on the soft palate and the arches of the tonsils;
  • it happens that the growths extend to the tongue, but rarely;
  • it happens that HPV covers completely or partially the walls of the pharynx, larynx, trachea;
  • the child of the papilloma in the throat can multiply numerous colonies on the surface of the tonsils, arches and sky.

Diagnostics with outgrowths

In order to confidently diagnose, the doctor carefully examines the surface of the mucous membrane of the patient's throat, appoints an additional examination:

  • Laryngoscopy, in which a piece of tissue is taken from the tumor for examination;
  • bronchoscopy, during the procedure, the bronchial surface is inspected to exclude the papilloma in the upper respiratory tract;
  • X-ray of lung sites;
  • a blood test for the detection of antibodies to the papilloma virus;
  • tomographic examination of the pulmonary organ, allowing to determine the time, region, degree of lesion.

Treatment recommendations

Papilloma in the throat is considered a dangerous disease, which can be transformed into a cancerous tumor. It is recommended to treat HPV in the throat under the supervision of a doctor, regardless of the method chosen by the patient. It should be borne in mind that there are only 4 stages of human injury by the virus:

  1. The latent period can last several years, when the virus is already present in the body, but an appropriate time is waiting for the beginning of development. During the first three years, the body itself can get rid of the infection.
  2. The clinical stage is characterized by the appearance of outgrowths on various parts of the body, including in the throat, which happens quite often.
  3. Dysplastic picture of the disease: the symptoms of papilloma in the throat give reason to conclude that the tumor develops.
  4. Malignant degeneration of the tissues of the mucous membrane of the throat.

The earlier people turn to for medical help when finding a papilloma, the more likely it is to completely defeat the disease.

Removal of papillomas in the throat is performed by intra-oral and extra -ortic method. In the first case, the operation passes through the throat with compulsory observation by ultrasound following the course of the intervention. The method is effective when only single lesions are found. At children it is applied at the age of more senior 8 years. The second case is access to the site by cutting the skin, fatty tissue and trachea. After surgery, spikes on the vocal cords are often recorded.

Classification of the disease

In terms of prevalence, growths are subdivided:

  • a limited species in which the tumor concentrates in one specific place;
  • a widespread species is characterized by whole colonies of formations covering the mucosa in the throat;
  • Obturating is a danger to life, as it blocks the airways.

Ways to remove build-up

Treatment of papilloma in the throat is suggested by the method of removing the build-up:

  • operation with a scalpel, cutting out the affected tissue;
  • use of laser incision of the tumor;
  • destruction of the build-up by the freezing method;
  • electric shock;

At the same time, it is necessary to carry out antiviral therapy, take drugs that increase immunity.

What do folk recipes offer?


Treatment with folk remedies is most effective for raising the level of immunity and antiviral effect on the body. For this purpose it is recommended to drink extracts of herbs, decoctions, extracts, infusions:

  • eleutherococcus;
  • the root of ginseng;
  • berries or leaves of Chinese magnolia vine;
  • flowers of echinacea;
  • grass radio pink;
  • levzeyi, aralia and others with a similar effect.

To use each medicine is recommended only after consultation with the attending physician, since there are numerous contraindications. Care should be taken with the following diseases:

  • thyrotoxicosis, hormonal disorders in people of both sexes;
  • hypertension, especially at 3-4 stages;
  • damage to the nervous system;
  • stressful state.

Treatment of papillomas by any method is necessary after consultation with the doctor of a dermatologist, carrying out all the necessary studies, consultations of narrow specialists in case of need.

Preventive disease events

Prevention of viral throat disease:

  • protected intimate relationships with one permanent partner;
  • the consumption of fruits and fresh vegetables in an amount sufficient to maintain immunity at a high level;
  • regular hygiene procedures of the oral cavity in order to prevent the reproduction of harmful microflora that provokes inflammatory diseases;
  • rejection of bad habits: smoking, abuse of alcoholic beverages, leading to reduced immunity, loss of vitality;
  • protection of respiratory organs in the workplace with a high content of harmful substances in the air;
  • refusal to smoke near children, so as not to provoke inflammation in the throat;
  • regular visits to a doctor, the passage of diagnostic studies;
  • Observance of personal hygiene in public places;
  • avoid contact with people infected with the papilloma virus.

Removal of papilloma is the most effective method of fighting infection, but it does not give a complete guarantee that the virus will not start developing again in the body. To prevent the disease, it is necessary to visit the dermatologist once a 3 months, eat properly, and perform body-hardening procedures.

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