Symptoms and methods of treatment of the papilloma of the rectum

Papillomatous neoplasms in the rectum are provoked by the human papillomavirus. With an increase in size, they interfere with the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.


In an unfavorable confluence of circumstances, benign condylomas can transform into malignant, delivering pain, discomfort and carrying a serious danger to human life.Characterized by chronic disease and can spread throughout the body and internal organs.


  • 1Description of neoplasms in the rectum
  • 2How do the outgrowths manifest themselves?
  • 3Establishing diagnosis
  • 4Treatment of the disease
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    • 4.2Surgical
    • 4.3ethnoscience
  • 5How to heal the body with folk remedies?
  • 6Prevention of disease
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Description of neoplasms in the rectum


Intestinal papillomas form the shape of nodules, can be single, small in size, large, and, in the absence of proper treatment, can grow, creating joint sites.

Visually, the growths resemble warts, the surface of the papilloma is rough, in diameter up to 2 cm. Color - from light to dark brown tones. Sometimes the formations merge, creating hummocky growths.

Papillomavirus for many years can live in the human body, preserving life and activity. At the beginning of the disease, a small node is formed on the intestinal mucosa or skin of the perineum.

After the virus enters the body, it can take years, and after activation, under the influence of favorable factors (reduction immunity, the presence of bad habits, chronic diseases, stress, etc.) papillomavirus begins instantaneously multiply.

Ripe cells move closer to the surface, going beyond the rectum, at this stage a person is a carrier of HPV in the active phase, and there is also a risk of developing malignant tumor. Therefore, we urgently need to undergo a survey and start a course of effective treatment so as not to spread the disease.

How do the outgrowths manifest themselves?


The diameter of the papillomas in the intestine can reach 5 cm, which results in symptoms of a different nature:

  • deterioration of state of health against a background of uncomfortable emptying, temperatures up to 37.5 ° C, headaches and unstable blood pressure;
  • the presence of blood in the stool in the form of veins, bleeding during defecation;
  • diarrhea or constipation, various problems in the functioning of the intestine;
  • itching, burning, constant moisture in the anus;
  • abdominal pain, flatulence, nausea, vomiting.

It is important to understand that many of the symptoms may indicate the presence of other diseases, but because you need in due time to address to the expert, in order to diagnose the existing violations and start the necessary treatment.

The growth rate of papillomas in the rectum depends on the state of the immune system, and squamous cell carcinoma (Buške-Lowenstein condyloma) can become complications of papillomavirus.

Establishing diagnosis

First of all, the diagnosis involves a visit to the proctologist, who will conduct a visual examination of the rectum. Further pass blood and urine tests, additionally consult with related specialists to identify other disorders in the body.

The study will allow you to carefully examine the mucous membrane of the rectum, assess the state of the intestine against the background of the existing symptoms of the disease and begin a qualified treatment.

If the patient is engaged in anal sex, and thus there is a strong itching, pain in the perineum, then It is mandatory to appoint an anoscopy, in addition, the examination of this zone is carried out under the magnifying glass.

Treatment of the disease

How to treat this problem? There are several methods to combat papillomas in the rectum.


Appointed drugs to strengthen the immune system. Appointed drugs Viferon, Likopid, Genferon, Allokid-alfa (with papilloma arrest), to remove the itching and swelling appointed spray Epigen sex.


Such methods of removal of growths as electrodiathermocoagulation, laser destruction, traditional operation with a scalpel are applied. With multiple formations, the operation is performed in several stages, with the deformation of the anal canal being excluded.

Indication for the rapid removal of outgrowths is a widespread process, when condylomas pass from the rectum to the mucosa of the anal canal.

The treatment is carried out under the influence of anesthesia, the virus does not spread further, the space of the intestine is cleared of neoplasms.


Use of methods of non-traditional treatment, to enhance immunity and rapid healing of wounds after removal of papillomas. Use of decoctions from medicinal plants, wiping a sore spot with potato juice, applying compresses and bandages, removing growths of celandine juice and the like.

How to heal the body with folk remedies?

To treat the papillomas with unconventional methods is necessary under the supervision of the treating doctor, the recovery should be comprehensive and phased. It is important to test for allergic reactions when using different formulations of medicinal plants.

Effectively help:

  • juice of fresh celandine, lubricate several times a day, until the growths completely disappear;
  • broth chamomile pharmacies, St. John's wort, do baths every day for 10-15 minutes;
  • gruel from the leaves of hare cabbage, apply to a sore spot;
  • juice from mountain ash, do compresses until the disease disappears;
  • powder from dry leaves of celandine and small duckweed, used as a powder for the affected area, fixed with a bandage for several hours;
  • the juice of Kalanchoe pinnate - lubricate the growths until it disappears completely.

Prevention of disease

The papilloma virus persists in the body for a long time, but in order to avoid relapse, it is important to follow preventive measures:

  • improve immunity in various ways, eat right, temper the body, play sports, spend time outdoors, observe a healthy lifestyle;
  • regularly use multivitamin complexes coordinated with the attending physician;
  • carefully observe personal hygiene;
  • to vaccinate against several strains of the virus (preferably in the direction of a specialist);
  • lead an orderly sex life, use condoms;
  • avoid using other people's hygiene items;
  • regularly observed in the proctologist, monitoring the condition of the rectum.

When prescribing the treatment of the disease, unquestioningly follow the doctor's instructions in order to eliminate the symptoms of HPV and improve the condition of the weakened organism. This is the only way to defeat the disease and avoid serious consequences like cancer of the injured organ.


Despite the elective method of treatment, it is impossible to completely get rid of HPV, but in order to avoid repeated relapse, it is necessary to follow the rules of prevention, which the treating doctor will tell.

Therapy of papillomavirus should be complex, after removal of the growths you need to regularly visit the coloproctologist, in time to reveal the fact of relapse. Do not self-medicate yourself, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of the disease.

Take care of your health and do not run even the smallest, in your opinion, diseases in the body.

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