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Treatment of the small intestine

Let's take a look at such symptoms as headache, migraine pain, back area or why polyneuropathy appears in diabetics and why it mostly appears on the lower extremities. Since the motto of our site is to penetrate into the causes of the disease and restore health, we will try to find the root of evil. The thing is, as Dr. Freiherr von Rosen writes, in all problems, including joint pain, when menstruating, there are problems with metabolism and insufficient supply of appropriate nerve fibers, the pain of which can be explained as a cry about help. How is this disorder going on?

With all existing disorders, it will primarily deal with such organs assmall intestine. connective and lymphatic tissues. And all three are not paid enough attention to our medicine and therefore few of the doctors are aware of hidden disorders and, accordingly, the therapy suffers. All three organs are almost not operated and can not be replaced by transplantation. They are indispensable and for each of us are vital.

None of these organs has pain receptors and therefore does not send signals. Almost all the metabolism flows through them or their systems. The departments of the small intestine are the main organs where the nutrients taken with food are resorbed, and therefore with its frustration that at today's pace of life (unhealthy food and rapid absorption of it, as well as lack of mobility) is available for almost everyone us.There is inflammation in the intestinal tissue(which does not hurt and therefore we feel it), allergies appear and the weakness of the immune system develops.

In diseases of the small intestine, the food is poorly processed and not sufficiently absorbed and therefore rapidly decomposes and fermentation occurs. In our belly, our own brewery appears figuratively speaking. In this case, toxic substances arise and the liver has to be rendered harmless. Thus, it once becomes congested, and the acid-base balance along with the cholesterol metabolism no longer function correctly. That is, they appear because of the accumulation of poisons from the human small intestine and congested, weak liver. Because of the fermentation, the cadaverin cadaveric poison appears, which must also be rendered harmless and removed by the liver. And also here there is a disturbance of PH and cholesterol metabolism. A cry for help from the liver is weakness, fatigue.

No doubt, if the body is so oxidized and the liver is overloaded, then we react accordingly, and many know the diagnosis of Burn out, with characteristic irritability. Therefore, you should take care of yoursmall intestine treatand keep it healthy. All substances carried by blood to the cells, as well as oxygen, hormones and others must pass through the connective tissue. It is like a sponge between blood vessels and cells, i.e. no substance will bypass it by direct ingress into the cell and the connective tissue protects the cells from harmful substances in this way.

When the sand gets into the sponge, it loses some of its function

If harmful substances or even poisons enter the connective tissue through the blood, they remain there as sand in the sponge. Thus, the connective tissue loses some of its function as a filter and a transporter, and therefore the metabolism becomes difficult. The author compares this situation with the situation on the highway. The more construction work on it, the more obstacles, traffic jams. And if there is a lot of traffic on it, then except for traffic jams there can be collisions, accidents.

Also in connective tissue # 8211; The fewer obstacles, the better the metabolism. If in the intestine a lot of toxins are formed or we take with food (chemistry from food), then The connective tissue is gradually clogged and the important nutrients in a smaller quantity come to cells. When nerve cells receive little nutrition, they raise a cry, that is, create pain. We need to try to keep our connective tissue in good condition to optimally supply the cells.

The third system is the lymphatic tissue. Through the lymphatic system, all garbage is transported from the body and partly through the lymph nodes and also the liver, where it is mostly cleaned. This can be compared with the sewage and sewage system in the city. They should be constantly in order and be well-groomed, otherwise problems may appear in the near future. Doctors do not pay enough attention to the value of the lymphatic system and therefore it is less well-groomed than the small intestine and connective tissue. Thanks to such a phenomenon as self-regulation, coercion to rest by feeling weak and tired, and also fantasy functioning of the autonomic nervous system, a premature catastrophe in organism.

Since these three organs do not hurt, we do not feel their growing burden and frustration. Since we do not have pain, it means everything is ok. We do not respond to weak signs or signals (headache, swollen tongue, infections, etc.) and doctors are also rarely able we have to explain them, because they were not taught this and they do not stand in official textbooks, as Dr. Jürgen Freiherr von Rosen.

So to prevent pain in the future, we should first of all conductexamination of the small intestinethat would bring it in order, then the connective tissue will be in a better condition. Of course, this can not be achieved immediately within a few days or weeks. It will take months and years to lead a healthy lifestyle. The less harmful substances enter the body, the better will be the self-purification of the lymphatic system.

The more we move, of course, within reasonable limits, the better for the intestine thanks to automatic deep breathing and at the same time the mutual gymnastics of the diaphragm and intestine. The connective and lymphatic tissues only benefit from the rhythmic vibration created by many movements. Also, singing plays an important role both for digestion in the small intestine (deep breathing) and for the lymphatic system of the throat through the movement of muscles and vibration.

Not only does the joyful mood give us singing, but the vibration itself is good for health! Unfortunately, few know about this and even less are engaged in singing, and it's so simple and cheap! I remember how a neighbor who happened to live in a house more than 20 years ago met me in the city accidentally. She told me that she heard me singing (I probably sang in the kitchen), but only now she shared with me. I # 8211; I thought that no one could hear me behind the thick walls of that old house.

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For the first time I read that it is possible to heal the small intestine with singing! Let's send everyone to the opera singers, so that there are no problems. Here in the medical examination of the small intestine I believe, in a normal way of life with movements and walks too. In favor of charging. My grandfather went through the war, lived to the age of 90, every morning he started charging. Salads from vegetables must be on the table. And although I was 10 years old, but I do not remember other medicines except for drops in my eyes.

Great, not at all so it turns out. I increasingly notice that today not only in America with its narrow specialization, but also doctors do not immediately diagnose us. My friend left for the States a couple of years ago. Arrived and told me that when the child became ill, the ambulance drove to the hospital. They washed the stomach, and then offered to drink cola or phantom. Type - if there is no vomiting, everything is normal. After this, I generally doubt that they can treat the small intestine with anything other than singing.

I even thought that he was not being treated for anything. Normalize the metabolism and all. Or I'm wrong?



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