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  • As in the intestine gases are formed
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As in the intestine gases are formed

Serious inconveniences bringFrequent gases in the intestines (bloating). who can not find a way out. Because of this, the abdomen swells, colic begins. We are unhappy with this fact, we are embarrassed, but we still are not going to the doctor. But in vain. Such processes can serve as a kind of signal about some diseases and problems in the digestive system. But the most common reasons for the formation of strong gases in the intestine are the features of nutrition - the daily diet, the time of eating, the combination of foods.

The release of gases occurs during digestion, in addition, their formation is promoted by bacteria that inhabit the digestive system. It should also be noted that taking a portion of food, we swallow it with the air, in general, this is a natural process. Some of the gases come out, but some are absorbed. But when they become too much, unpleasant feelings are assured.

Ifproblems with gasesarise, as a rule, after eating, then you need to make changes in your diet and reconsider the way you eat. With rapid absorption of food, digestion deteriorates, as a result - excessive gas formation. Among the products frequently used, gases provoke cabbage, beer, kvass, whole milk, bran or grain bread, legumes and others. True, this list should not be taken as the only true one, since each person can have an individual reaction to various products.

To more serious causes of excessive gases include tumors, there may be scars in the intestines that interfere free passage of gases and food, cholecystitis, gastritis, pancreatitis and other diseases of the digestive system.

How to cure excess gas

Ifexcess gases in the intestineare a consequence of some disease, then the measures taken to eliminate gases are temporary. Of course, you need to treat the underlying disease. In other words,Do not treat frequent gases(this is a symptom), but the disease that caused them. I, for example, having problems with the liver, regularly take herbal tests for the liver, which helps me get rid of the discomfort with gases.

If you are concerned about excessive gases and periodic swelling of the intestine (stomach), you can drink activated charcoal - its action is based on the absorption of toxins and gases, but there is one thing. With propensity to constipation, a large amount of coal is not recommended. From excessive amounts of gases in the intestines and discomfort in the liver region, the following collection: peppermint, wormwood, yarrow, chamomile, fennel seeds, mullein scepeterlike. I take it one week a month before meals.

The reasonFrequent gasescan serve as stress or nervous tension. In this case, you should drink a sedative (sedative collection, which includes mint, valerian extract or motherwort).


Frequent farting - what to do, how to get rid of the problem

One of the most unpleasant phenomena that can occur to people in public is that they can not stopfart, or, more formally speaking, start up gases. When this happens - it's not just indecent, it's also an indicator that in the body at the moment there is some problem. One can easily fart or, foolishly speaking, "fart" - this is still normal, but when the problem begins to arise unnecessarily - it is necessary to understand in as much detail as possible what to do about it.

The mechanisms underlying the problem

Although in the people this problem is usually called simply "fart" or "fart all this has scientific names. At the heart of "wind-breaking" are two mechanisms:

  1. Flatulence. With it, an excessive accumulation of gases accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract. They can too often form, or, on the contrary, it is not enough to stand out. If a similar problem occurs, then a number of relevant symptoms appear, for example, rumbling, bloating, discomfort and pain, if the situation is greatly aggravated. From flatulence, there are effective pills and other medications.
  2. Flutulence. This is the release of gases from the gastrointestinal tract. In general, this is a natural phenomenon, if it is done in moderation, but if it happens too often, or even almost constantly, then we can say that there was a real problem.

How do gases form?

A healthy body constantly contains a certain amount of gas, and quite a lot, something about a liter. Part gets into the body from the outside, when a person swallows the air, what he does, for example, while eating or talking. But this, ifconsidered in percentage, only a small part of the total accumulation of gases in the body. The greatest volume is formed already inside, in the large intestine with digestive processes. It can be up to 75% of the total volume. For example, the bacteria of the large intestine form methane, fatty acids, splitting, release carbon dioxide, legumes can secrete hydrogen and so on.

Causes related to nutrition

To understand how to stop often or even constantly fart, it is necessary to first understand what causes excessive flutulence can be caused. And most often it's about the food that a person uses.

The main reason for the fact that a person has become too often "fart" is the use of products provoking enhanced gas formation. These may include:

  • Dairy. They contain lactose, which most people do not normally digest.
  • Carbonated drinks. From kvass, beer, champagne, and also lemonades, flatulence increases. It's all about the gases contained there, and also the yeast. Many such drinks - and the situation is aggravated.
  • Beans. Peas and similar products increase the amount of hydrogen produced during digestion - that is why the problem is increasing.
  • Products with a lot of coarse fiber. Apples, black bread, potatoes, cabbage, radish, radish and similar products can, if consumed in excessively large amounts, lead to increased gas production.
  • Products in an incorrect combination. Sometimes individually, products, even if there are many, may not cause a person any problems, but in a combination they can complicate the process of digestion, why the amount of released gases increases at times. It, for example, white bread with soup, a potato with sausages and a number of other not less negative combinations.

Other reasons

  • Aerophagia. This is otherwise called ingestion of air bubbles during eating. This usually happens iffood behavior in humans is incorrect. For example, it happens if a person constantly swallows food in large chunks, talks with food and so on. Sometimes it's not how the person behaves, but in violation of the bite, the presence of braces and other deviations of the oral cavity from the norm.
  • Dysbacteriosis. When the structure of the microflora of the large intestine changes, the fart is intensified. There is a need for treatment.
  • Deficiency of digestive enzymes. If the digestive tract lacks the necessary enzymes - the food is not processed entirely, and therefore the gases begin to stand out strenuously.
  • The problem with the passage of food. If the intestinal motility is disrupted, it does not do its job well, and therefore the food on the digestive tract can move very slowly. This leads to the fact that all processes involving microorganisms are greatly intensified, and this leads to the fact that gas formation constantly occurs in an increased scale - and the person begins "fart".

Methods for self-elimination

When you know why a fart may occur, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate the problem, to understand how to get rid of it. The easiest way to solve is the problem with aerophagy. Here the treatment - you just need to change your eating behavior, stop talking while eating, eat food in smaller pieces and chew it better.

If the problem is that you consume one of the foods that makes you fart / fart due to the fact that it is not quite adequately perceived by your body - just reconsider your diet. Limit the use of those products that were mentioned in the paragraphs above. Also try to reduce (but not eliminate) the amount of easily digestible carbohydrates, such as baking, sugar, and protein foods, such as lamb, goose, pork and mushrooms. Then the problem should gradually recede, you will stop so often "fart".

Also try to sleep, give time to physical activity and so on. Better your health - less chance that the problem will be aggravated, less need for treatment.

Other Remedies

However, sometimes it happens that you can not stop fart on your own and get rid of it - sometimes the reason is a serious enough GI disease. Usually this can be determined by the presence of side symptoms:

  • blood in the stool;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • constipation and diarrhea;
  • abdominal pain and other abnormalities.

In this case, you must not take any funds yourself, do not resort to treatment at home, but it is worth going to a therapist, or to a gastroenterologist who will appoint you will be examined, and then - treated - you will drink pills from flatulence, other medicines, or do therapeutic procedures to get rid of this Problems.

But the main thing - do not give in to panic if you become too fart. In a healthy adult, flutulenia can occur up to 10-18 times a day, and therefore there is a chance that everything is in order and you do not need anything.

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