How to protect yourself from the papilloma that forms in the larynx

Papillomas, located in the human larynx, infect humans with type 11 and 6 viruses. The disease is more likely to affect children under the age of five and men.Infection occurs through the birth canal from the mother to the infant (juvenile papillomatosis) or through unprotected oral sex between adult partners.In children, papillomas pass with the onset of puberty, but active growth of the growths can lead to death if the tumor is not removed in time.


Looks papilloma, located in the larynx, as a single paporny growth or multiple formation, like a fork of cauliflower. The color of benign education has many shades: purple, pink, whitish. Often the papilloma practically merges with the background of the larynx, becoming invisible. Coloration depends on the number of blood vessels crossing the formation. The tumor is usually attached to a leg of various thicknesses.


  • 1Causes of a virus
  • 2Symptomatology of the disease
  • 3How is viral damage diagnosed?
  • 4Methods of treatment of a tumor
  • 5Prevention

Causes of a virus


The main causes of the disease:

  1. Infection of a child from a mother-infected mother during childbirth.
  2. Penetration of papillomavirus into the human body, usually 6 and 11 types.
  3. Random sexual relations, same-sex sexual contacts, oral sex.
  4. Neglect of hygienic rules in public places.
  5. Individual predisposition to certain papilloma viruses.

The peculiarity of papillomatosis is the long presence of the virus in the body without visible reaction. But under suitable conditions, a rapid growth of the tumor begins, which grows into surrounding tissues.

Perhaps degeneration into a malignant form.

Why do some people have papillomas formed in the larynx, and others do not, scientists have not yet been clarified, but the following factors contribute to infection:

  • weakening of human immune defense as a result of chronic throat diseases;
  • smoking, irritating the mucous membrane;
  • Infectious inflammatory diseases of mucosal surface in the larynx - scarlet fever, measles, influenza, diphtheria, sore throat;
  • use of antibiotics, drugs that lower the level of immunity;
  • predominance of male hormones;
  • lack of vitamins in the diet;
  • regular intake of alcohol, weakening the body;
  • constant stress state, nervous overstrain;
  • infection with venereal diseases: syphilis, AIDS;
  • loss of vitality in anemia, tuberculosis.

Symptomatology of the disease


The outgrowth is more often on the vocal cords, therefore the first sign of defeat is hoarseness, a change in the timbre of the voice. If the development of the virus does not stop, it can spread to the surrounding organs: the tonsils, the mouth, the trachea. In the future, there is a risk of damage to the respiratory, digestive, vascular system of man. The obstruction of the airway by the tumor leads to death from suffocation.

The virus of the papilloma can for a long time not be manifested, but with the active growth of the tumor in the larynx, there are such symptoms:

  • hoarseness or complete absence of voice characterizes the initial form of the disease;
  • foreign body sensation in the throat signals a tumor
  • a difficult process of ingestion of food appears when the size of the developing papilloma is sufficiently large;
  • Shortness of breath, cough, attacks of suffocation indicate the neglect of the disease.

Respiratory problems must be urgently addressed in order to avoid the transformation of tumor cells into malignant form.

An enlarged papilloma presents a danger of choking, blocking the airway with your body.

Manifestation of the disease in children:

  • a decrease in the functionality of vital organs - the liver, kidneys;
  • a hoarse voice, its complete loss is possible;
  • frequent coughing, not associated with catarrhal diseases;
  • signs of suffocation;
  • oxygen starvation, as a result of which mental and physical inferiority can develop.

Parents should carefully and constantly monitor the behavior of children, so as not to miss the onset of the development of a dangerous disease.

How is viral damage diagnosed?

If there is a tumor in the larynx, the otolaryngologist who addresses the throat problems should contact the doctor.

That the doctor could put the exact diagnosis, it is necessary to pass or take place full inspection:

  1. Visual examination of the patient's throat, questioning the patient about complaints and symptoms.
  2. Mikrolaringoskopiya - external review of the papilloma area with the use of a special operating microscope.
  3. Examination of the larynx by a flexible endoscope, allowing to look inside the pharynx. Take a piece of the tumor to analyze the material for malignant transformation.
  4. Computed tomography of the place of development of the papilloma helps to determine how far the process of affecting the body by the virus has gone.
  5. The photodynamic study determines the limits of the spread of HPV, which must be taken into account for successful surgical treatment.
  6. The patient may need to consult the related specialists - an oncologist, a surgeon, an allergist, which should be obtained before the operation.
  7. Analyzes of urine, blood determine the general state of the body.

Methods of treatment of a tumor

Treatment of papilloma is carried out in the following ways:

  • influence on the growth of medicament means, stopping its growth and reproduction;
  • surgical removal of viral proliferation;
  • photodynamic therapy.

The goal of the treatment is complete elimination of papillomavirus in the human body, cleansing of the respiratory tract from the growths, restoration of the function of the vocal cords.

Therapy of the laryngeal papilloma with medicines is performed in several stages:

  • Increasing the level of immunity helps stop the growth of the tumor;
  • drugs aimed at destroying the virus, help get rid of the build-up;
  • treatment of neoplasm with ointments, liquids, injections contributes to the death of the virus at the cellular level;
  • hormonal drugs reduce the level of female sex cells and destroy the infection.

Surgical treatment is performed under general anesthesia. Endoscopic instruments are inserted directly into the larynx cavity, the doctor observes the course of the operation by means of ultrasound.

Methods of surgical treatment:

  • the tumor is destroyed by the freezing method;
  • the harmful effect of electric current;
  • HPV treatment with laser irradiation;
  • elimination of build-up by high-frequency ultrasound.


None of the ways of treating papillomatosis gives 100% guarantee that education will not arise again. Multiple excision of the tumor in the larynx leads to a disruption in the reproduction of the voice.

To protect against laryngeal neoplasm, it is recommended:

  • avoid sexual contact with different partners;
  • do not strain excessively vocal cords;
  • in the period of massive viral diseases, with polluted air in the workplace it is recommended to use personal safety equipment (mask, respirator);
  • timely treatment of catarrhal viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  • abandon bad habits: smoking, excessive drinking;
  • Constantly strengthen the immune system through hardening, full nutrition, physical activity.

Benign education can at any time develop into a cancerous tumor, so patients it is recommended to be constantly under the supervision of a doctor, regularly, once a trimester, diagnostics.

Especially to be protected follows the elderly, in whom the natural defense of the body is significantly weakened.

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