Human papillomavirus and parasites: how to solve 2 problems at once

Benign growths on the body are due to the activity of the human papillomavirus (HPV) during the period of poor health.It is important to identify the reasons why the immune system fails and determine whether this is the result of the activity of helminths or other parasitic agents.Physicians established a certain relationship between parasitic diseases and a decrease in immunity and the manifestation of the papilloma virus in particular.



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Is there a connection?


Formed on the body of the papilloma can be regarded as a sign of the presence of worms, but not as a direct dependence. And that is a simple explanation.

Proteins, vitamins and other useful micro- and macroelements that enter the intestines of the human being form the basis of the diet parasites, the infection of which shortly in the body there is a deficit of substances necessary for its full functioning. With their lack of reserves of physical forces begin to be depleted, and resistance to viruses and harmful bacteria naturally decreases.

By its activity, infectious agents - microorganisms or helminths - breach the protective mechanisms of the body, preventing the normal production of immunoglobulin group A (antibodies).

A person becomes vulnerable to diseases, while HPV creates the most favorable conditions for its spread and the subsequent formation of characteristic papillomas.

Therefore, such neoplasms are often perceived as an indirect sign, indicating parasites, Identify these with precision only by passing specialized tests in laboratory conditions.

Signs of helminth infection


Having found out on the body the growth of papillomas, one should not only visually assess the degree of skin lesions, but also with special thoroughness to analyze the current state of health. It is likely that the changes are signaling not only about reduced immunity, but also about helminths, which is an indication for an immediate visit to the medical institutions.


Signs indicative of possible infection with parasites:

  • uncomfortable sensations in the anorectal zone mainly in the mornings;
  • the manifestation in children of unusual hyperactivity;
  • short-term desires of nausea while brushing teeth;
  • increased salivation during sleep or in the first hours after waking up;
  • swelling of the upper eyelids or their peeling;
  • impassable feeling of hunger (until fainting) or the need for sugar-containing products;
  • repulsive smell from the mouth (halitosis) in the state of completely healthy teeth;
  • fragility and dryness of hair and nails;
  • exhaustion of the organism with inherent constant drowsiness, even if there is no active physical labor;
  • anemia without obvious causes;
  • propensity to frequent catarrhal diseases;
  • uncontrollable irritability and stress;
  • a sudden loss or set of excess weight.

The listed signs at one-stage detection of several of them indicate the presence of helminthic invasion, which is often accompanied by muscle pains and allergic reactions. Prolonged colonization of the body with parasites is fraught with a high risk of malignant tumors.

Wellness therapy

The treatment algorithm is aimed at overall health promotion, because at the moment there are no drugs and techniques that can permanently rid the carrier of the papilloma virus. Patients are prescribed taking medications such as Imudon, Bioven, immunoglobulin preparations or other immunostimulants.

But in the case when subsequent laboratory studies confirm the presence of helminths, then therapy supplemented with anthelmintic medicines from the list - Medamin, Pirantel, Nemocid, Vermox or Albendazole.

The selection of a suitable drug should be agreed with a qualified physician and appointed only after a comprehensive examination and testing.

If after removal of parasites and compliance with all appropriate recommendations of papilloma are self-destructive, then to eliminate tumors, the following methods may additionally be required removal of papillomas:

  1. cryodestruction (freezing with liquid nitrogen);
  2. diathermocoagulation (high-frequency current exposure);
  3. radio wave mode;
  4. laser removal;
  5. surgical intervention.

These measures will remove external defects, but not the cause of exacerbation of the disease.

Alternative medicine

Modern pharmaceuticals provide a wide range of effective antihelminthic drugs, which can be strengthened with the help of folk remedies used since ancient times. It is believed that accelerates the removal of helminths from the body using dried pumpkin seeds, fresh garlic and carrots.

Effective herbal infusion based on the bark of ash (3 tablespoons per 1 liter of boiling water), which is taken daily in a cold 50 ml each time on an empty stomach for 2 weeks.

Recommended bracing takings with melissa, mint and dog rose. If you add lemonger, nettle and valerian root to the mixture, then such a herbal drink will not only improve work of the immune system, but also normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, calms the nerves, adjusts sleep. 1 teaspoon of the mixture is brewed for 1 glass of water (250 ml) and drink, replacing tea, 3 times a day after meals.

Signs of helminths and papillomas on the skin - a weighty reason for conducting a comprehensive examination in the clinic. But even before visiting a doctor, it is necessary to ensure compliance with elementary rules of hygienic care, make a menu of fractional food from useful products and follow the recommendations of this article. Such measures will minimize the risks of complications and improve human health.

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