Is it possible to independently cure and disappear by papillomas

The human papilloma virus forms more than 100 serotypes. In most cases, HPV of any type is a lifelong infection.However, in some cases, the virus can be suppressed by the immune system and self-healing is observed.The percentage of resolution of rashes without treatment is from 3 to 15.



  • 1Congenital and acquired papillomas
  • 2What kinds of papillomas can take place without treatment?
  • 3Preventive actions
  • 4Types of genital warts
  • 5Prevention of genital warts
  • 6conclusions

Congenital and acquired papillomas


Congenital manifestations of HPV are practically not subject to independent resolution; newborn, having got a virus from an infected mother in utero or during labor can have lifelong manifestations throughout life infection. In some cases, the acquired elements themselves pass through.

Many patients, including parents, are concerned about the question of whether papillomas can disappear on their own. It is worth noting that the manifestations of HPV can disappear by themselves, for reasons beyond the control of a person. Most often these rashes:

  • are located singly;
  • have small dimensions;
  • have a superficial location;
  • there is localization in areas where permanent microtrauma of the skin and mucous membranes is excluded.

What kinds of papillomas can take place without treatment?


The virus causes the development of ordinary warts, which are nodular vysypnye elements dense consistencies, painless, covered with hyperkeratotic outgrowths, with an arrangement on the rear of the hands, Stop. The latter can disturb patients (children of preschool age, adolescents) for many years. Quite often, these rashes fall off without treatment.

To the same category are palmar-plantar warts that occur more often than ordinary warts. They represent proliferation of dense consistency, with a crater-like core, painful to the touch. Separately located HPV elements are resolved by themselves, it can take from two to six months.

Human papillomavirus also causes the development of flat juvenile warts, which are small multiple nodular elements of normal skin color, flattened shape.


Such manifestations of HPV occur only in children and adolescents and are characterized by self-healing of such elements by the age of 14-16.

Preventive actions

Rashes can go away on their own if they do or follow the following preventive measures:

  • the virus does not spread if you prevent injury to areas - brushes, knees, elbows and other areas;
  • the exclusion of wearing uncomfortable shoes can also help prevent the development of infection;
  • compliance with personal hygiene;
  • increase of the general resistance of the organism;
  • activities aimed at stimulating the immune system - taking immunomodulating medications - Interferon, Viferon and others.

Types of genital warts

Anogenital papillomas (genital warts) are divided into:

  1. Typical, localized in moist areas of mucous, outwardly resembling a leaf of cauliflower.
  2. Condylomas covered with horny scales.
  3. Papular, having a smooth surface, without protrusions and sprouting, localized on the skin of the genitals (foreskin, genital body, pubis, perineum, vulva, perianal region).
  4. The flat form of condyloma is represented in the form of spots, the elements of HPV are located exclusively on the mucous membranes of the external genital organs.
  5. Giant condylomas, localized in the perineum, pubic region, genitalia; on their surface vegetation, outgrowth may develop.

Anogenital papillomas rarely fall off themselves. The virus in the human body can not manifest itself, flowing without vysypnyh elements, latently.

Existing outgrowths, outgrowths, spots, and especially giant papillomas are well suited to destructive disposal techniques, but can only pass themselves in young women in 10-30% of cases when spontaneous elimination of the virus from organism.

The latter may be due to the immunoreactivity of human cells. Otherwise, in view of the fact that the rashes are in places of frequent contact and microtraction, The moist environment can promote maceration and, as a result, self-infection (autoinoculation) and infection partners.

Prevention of genital warts

With the preventive purpose it is possible to do:

  • Vaccination for girls of the pubertal period from varieties of HPV with a high degree of oncogenicity.
  • You also need to observe intimate hygiene.
  • Go through the examination and do a cytological examination of smears from the cervix on the subject of malignant papillomas, the appearance of new elements.

It is required to detect HPV in a timely manner in pregnancy and treat manifestations of genital warts that prevents perinatal infection of the fetus and its infection when passing through generic ways.

When papillovirus infection is detected on the external genitalia, many patients think about what to do. Genital warts require constant monitoring and observation, without immunocorrection and treatment, an infected person can be dangerous for others - sexual partners, children and even colleagues for work.


Despite the possibility of spontaneous resolution of the problem of papillomatous rashes, it is not worth hoping for an independent solution of the problem. It is necessary to consult specialists (obstetrician-gynecologist, dermatovenerologist, proctologist) to determine the tactics of infection: expectant or active.

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