Cream Psorimilk (Psorimilk) cream for the treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is an infectious skin disease of unclear etiology that develops in people of any age and sex. The disease is chronic, accompanied by the appearance on the skin of the red scales raised above it spots (psoriatic plaques) and is considered incurable, as a result of which the treatment is mainly directed to decreasesymptom severityand achievement ofremission.

Cream Psorimilk - a new effective tool, consists exclusively of natural ingredients, will help eliminate external symptoms of psoriasis, achieving a stable remission, including in the case of complex palmar-plantar form.

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The basis of the cream of Psorimilk psoriasis is the extracts of the following medicinal plants:

  • nut-bearing lotus, reducing the severity of inflammatory processes, stopping bleeding, strengthening the body and clearing it of toxins;
  • Japanese honeysuckle, which is a natural antibiotic that suppresses the multiplication of pathogenic microflora and removes inflammation;
  • burdock, healing wounds that have a beneficial effect in the pustular lesions of the skin, moisturizing the skin and disinfecting them;
  • asphodeled anemarrene, which has a powerful antibacterial, tonic and restorative effect;
  • hanging forcing, soothing the skin and relieving inflammation;
  • Asian centelles, which has a healing effect;
  • plantain, which has a tonic effect, cleanses the skin and heals wounds;
  • licorice, which removes inflammation and has antibacterial effect;
  • celandine, which is an effective bactericidal and anti-inflammatory agent that perfectly copes with various skin diseases.

In addition, the composition of Psorimilk contains the following substances:

  • propolis, possessing antibacterial, wound-healing, antiviral and regenerating effect;
  • vitamin E, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands, reducing the severity of peeling, restoring the structure of the skin, eliminating traces of damage;
  • panthenol, accelerating regeneration and contributing to the removal of inflammation;
  • Shea Butter, nourishing the skin and having a rejuvenating effect.

Operating principle

Psoriasis is a systemic disease that affects not only the skin but alsointernal organs.

What do the doctor's say?

Psorimilk ointment helps to cope with external manifestations of the disease:

  • softening plaques;
  • inhibiting cell division;
  • removing inflammation, itching and redness;
  • relieving the feeling of tightness of the skin on the soles and palms;
  • normalizing blood circulation and nourishment of skin;
  • disinfecting the skin and preventing inflammation;
  • reducing the severity of plaques;
  • protecting the skin from negative external influences.


The main advantages of the cream are:

  • high efficiency;
  • full naturalness;
  • absence of side effects;
  • the possibility of use for the treatment of large areas of skin.

Terms of Use

In accordance with the instructions for use, the affected skin should be washed and wiped dry. Then you need to take the cream and evenly distribute the skin (the drug must be completely absorbed).The procedure is performed once a day, however, if necessary, the agent can be applied several times a day.

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Store the cream at room temperature.


In view of the fact that Psorimilk cream is made from natural ingredients, the only contraindication to its use is their individual intolerance.

In order to rule out the development of allergic reactions in this case, a small amount of the drug should be applied to a healthy area of ​​the skin and wait 10 minutes.

The absence of any side effects will indicate a good tolerability of the remedy.

Where can I buy

Psorimilk buy in Moscow, as well as in any other city of the post-Soviet space can not. You can buy this product only on the official website of the manufacturer.In order to buy a genuine cream in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia, and not a fake, visit the official website of the manufacturer on the link above.

How much is

To date, you can buy Psorimilk cream at a price of 990 rubles per package.


Psorimilk - a unique product with a natural composition, helped many patients in a short time to achievestable remission. Here are some reviews of real patients and doctors about the cream of Psorimilk, which answer the question, is the cream effective against psoriasis or not.

Doctor's comments

In the overwhelming majority of cases about the cream of Psorimilk, doctors' reviews are especially positive.

  • Despite the fact that psoriasis is considered an incurable disease, getting rid of its symptoms and achieving a stable remission is still possible. However, if earlier I had difficulty selecting the means that could improve the quality of life of patients, now I would definitely recommend Psorimilk cream, which is an effective tool, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by both clinical studies and quality certificates, and reviews patients. (AI Pimenov, dermatologist, St. Petersburg)
  • A person suffering from psoriasis, as a rule, avoids hormonal means until the last. And, if earlier it was difficult to do, then today I recommend Psorimilk cream to my patients, quickly removing itching and burning, removing plaques, reducing the severity of inflammatory processes and accelerating the regeneration of skin integuments. Unlike hormone-based drugs, Psorimilk is not addictive and does not lead to the development of side effects, and therefore, can be used before the complete disappearance of plaques. A special feature of this remedy is a unique composition that does not have analogues, which allows achieving excellent results. (MA Lisitsin, dermatologist, Moscow)

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that the network has both positive and negative reviews about Psorimilk, the vast majority of people who suffer from psoriasis and have bought this remedy are satisfied with the result.

  • - I never believed in the "miraculous" means sold through the Internet, however, having become disappointed with the regular chemist's ointment, I decided to try psorimilk against psoriasis. To my surprise, the remedy not only helped to get rid of plaques, but also the dryness of the skin on the palms, but also allowed to achieve the longest remission of the disease. In short, science does not stand still. (Anna Volina, Belarus)
  • - From the cream Psorimilk just delighted! I bought it on the recommendation of a friend. Before that, than only did not use - ointments, and creams, and ASD, and conspiracies - nothing helped. Plaques appeared as quickly as they disappeared. After the course of treatment Psormilkom has been a month - the skin is clean! I hope that this is only the beginning! And yes, Psorimilk in the pharmacy, indeed, is not for sale. (Irina Fedorova, Vologda)
  • - I suffer from psoriasis from high school. At first, the spots were almost invisible and did not cause any inconvenience. However, they grew from year to year, occupying an ever larger area and not reacting to either medicamental or folk methods of treatment. A year ago I heard about Psorimilk cream and decided to try it on myself. The purchase, I must say, was happy - the disease receded, and the skin cleared. (Sergey Pakhomov, St. Petersburg).
  • I use Psorimilk cream from psoriasis for a week. The result is obvious - the scaling has decreased, the spots have turned pale, the palms have come to order. (Anton Fedorov, Kirov) Ordered the cream Psorimilk. Price pleased. The result is also. (Andrey Myagkov, Vladivostok).
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    69 comments on Psorimilk Cream (psorimilk) cream for the treatment of psoriasis

    1. . Veronica:
      . 12/02/2016 at 0: 5

      At the dermatologist I the visitor frequent. The skin at me is very sensitive to any influences, therefore and illnesses or diseases appear different: from a banal inflammation and (as it has appeared) up to a psoriasis. I suffered from symptoms for a long time. That medicine was not suitable, then it was kind of wound healed, but then appeared again. Psorimilk ointment was brought to me by my mother on the advice of her friend. Finally, there is relief, the itching passes, the wounds heal. I hope that after complete treatment I will get rid of this disease completely and forever.

    2. .
    3. . Egor:
      . 12/02/2016 at 0: 7

      It's impossible to get rid of psoriasis forever, I know for sure, so do not
      I believe the proposals for a quick recovery. But Psorimilk cream does not offer quick treatment
      can alleviate the symptoms and only slightly improve the state of health. It is good that I
      all the same tried or tasted this cream in couple of days an itch and a burning sensation have passed or have taken place it already small, but the help,
      so I believe that Psorimilk really helps, because here it is written.

    4. .
    5. . Tanya Marchuk:
      . 12/02/2016 at 0: 2

      Psoriasis I have quite recently, about three years approximately. Each time during an exacerbation to me appoint or nominate different ointments, cost or stand is expensive, but to sense it is not enough. Three weeks ago, I tried to add to the complex therapy with medications and the use of Psorimilk cream. I sighed with relief, itching and redness decreased, it is much easier to remove papules without inflammation and to bring the skin back to normal.

    6. .
    7. . Ksenia:
      . 12/04/2016 at 1: 6

      This tool effectively helped me cope with psoriasis at the initial stages of its manifestation. The main advantages: removes inflammation, softens and restores the skin.

    8. .
    9. . oblako2020:
      . 12/05/2016 at 0: 5

      Against the background of a weakened immune system, I developed psoriasis. Not only that the skin began to have an unpleasant appearance - I the guy young, so also the itch did not give rest. I did not know how to be, than to be treated. Tried different means, and only Psorimilk cream helped - it's not surprising, he has such a balanced composition, which is integrated affects the body, the immune system, inhibits the increased cellular development of papules - greatly slows the course of the disease, or at all suspends. And most importantly - improves the appearance of the skin, I stopped shy and began to feel good, live a normal life.

    10. .
    11. . Anna:
      . 12/05/2016 at :

      As long as I can remember, so much my dad suffered from psoriasis. All his hands were covered with large blisters, which he constantly combed. Dermatologists prescribed some kind of pills and cream. But there was no result, even the tooth did not pass. Once I heard from colleagues that there is some kind of cream that removes the symptoms of psoriasis on the skin. I found this cream on the Internet Psorimilk. I ordered Dad, he has been using it for about three weeks. I watch it so much, he smears his hands a couple of times a day, and he does not scratched them anymore, and his blisters have already become much smaller, and the little ones have not become.

    12. .
    13. . Alina:
      . 12/07/2016 at 0: 5

      Psorimilk I use not so long ago, a little over two weeks, but I already see a change for the better. Itched and significantly reduced the number of papules. It really helps.

    14. .
    15. . Viktor Abroskin:
      . 12/08/2016 at :

      After being ill with chickenpox, he picked up psoriasis somewhere, which is not surprising, the immunity is weakened. It was bad, just got rid of one sizzling sore, as I got another. The doctor prescribed vitamins and expensive cream, which "buy only in our pharmacy!" I decided to see what can be found on the Internet cheaper, and found. Psorimilk softened the itching, and eventually helped to get rid of psoriasis permanently.

    16. .
    17. . Ugen:
      . 12/08/2016 at 1: 4

      I can say that psoriasis appeared for a completely incomprehensible reason. Means from the pharmacy arsenal touched a lot. Now I have found and use psorimilkom. Of the pluses I can immediately note the reduction of itching. By the way, the pigmentation became less pronounced. It is clear that most likely it will not be completely cured, but such relief is very pleasing.

    18. .
    19. . Maria Gordeeva:
      . 12/09/2016 at 1: 6

      2 years ago I had psoriasis. Than only I did not treat it, than only did not smear. He never did. Mom ordered me Psorimilk. I already and did not hope that I can get rid of a psoriasis. But the cream surpassed all my expectations... Within a week of psoriasis and no trace left.

    20. .
    21. . Janna Kostyakova:
      . 10.12.2016 at 0: 8

      Itching was almost immediately, the wounds heal more slowly, but heal - with each day it gets better.

    22. .
    23. . Dmitry:
      . 10.12.2016 in 2: 5

      I often sweat my hands, and there are frequent problems with warts. What just did not try, and vinegar, and special preparations. You will cure one wart, another appears near it. A friend who works as a dermatologist gave Psorimilk a try. Quickly, problems with warts did not bother me any more, my hands began to sweat less, and self-esteem became higher. A great tool!

    24. .
    25. . Philip:
      . 12/13/2016 at 0: 0

      I liked that the cream is applied painlessly compared to burning celandine and does not leave behind any scars or scars. After 2 weeks, I did not have a single papilloma, which I'm very happy about.

    26. .
    27. . Annab:
      . 12/13/2016 at 1: 6

      A year ago was a difficult period in my life, very much nervous. As a result, strange skin formations appeared. At the doctor, having passed examination, have defined or determined, what is it kaplevidnyj a psoriasis. Upset of course very much. The doctor prescribed the drug Psorimilk. She smeared for about a week according to all the rules. The cumulative rashes slowly passed. The itching stopped and no more discomforts arose.

    28. .
    29. . Liana:
      . 12/16/2016 at 1: 6

      Very strongly complexed because of psoriasis, was terribly insecure in itself. The only thing that helped me was the cream of Psorimilk. He again helped me to gain confidence in myself.

    30. .
    31. . Katerina Leshchuk:
      . 12/16/2016 in 2: 6

      We went with my husband to rest and from sunburn psoriasis worsened. The itch was wildest. The funds I took with me did not help much and the vacation turned into hell. The neighbor lent Psorimilk cream - and by the evening I was not so sick from itching. And after a couple of days the attack receded. I have psoriasis very rarely, but suddenly. Now I'm going to carry this miracle cream everywhere with me.

    32. .
    33. . Elena:
      . 12/20/2016 at 0: 7

      My husband has a very stressful job, and by the age of 40 he has developed psoriasis. Some drugs helped, but not for long. The forces did not look at his torment, even sometimes he could not sleep. I've been looking for a long time that can help us and on the Internet at the forum read a review about the cream of Psorimilk. I liked its composition, decided to try it. It took only a few days for tangible results to appear: the itch was almost gone, with every day the spots healed and grew paler. The husband continued to take medication prescribed by the doctor and in combination with Psorimilk cream we finally achieved a sustainable result.

    34. .
    35. . Anton:
      . 12/20/2016 at 0: 6

      I suffer from psoriasis for several years. It worsens during periods of stress, nervous stress associated with work. In the summer, I do not know how to do it at all. Complexes have developed, I am worried about this disease. When the dermatologist advised Psorimilk, I was skeptical. But what was my surprise when, after a week of use, I feel, then the manifestations of this illness soften and pass away!!! Many thanks to this drug!

    36. .
    37. . Vika:
      . 12/22/2016 in 2: 1

      Periodically there are eruptions, especially much on the elbows and back, in the summer it's quite difficult with this. Long used various means, both folk and appointed by a doctor, helped a little. About Psorimilk learned after reading various reviews, I decided to try it myself. It works, it becomes noticeably smaller, it turns pale and the peeling passes. But it is necessary to use regularly, do not forget. A good remedy, I can recommend it!

    38. .
    39. . Fa Diez:
      . 12/23/2016 at 0: 4

      You know, although they say that the occurrence of such a disease is not due to
      actual activity of microorganisms, and that it does not carry
      of an infectious nature and is not contagious, I still hurried
      purchase the drug Psorimilk. And he effectively helped to return
      Skin cover former healthy, attractive appearance.

    40. .
    41. . MilaGirl:
      . 12/25/2016 at 0: 0

      My mother had this disease and I was afraid that the same age will start with me. My fears were confirmed with age, when the burning and discomfort of psoriasis started over the body. Tried to treat by various means bought in a drugstore but nothing helped. Has addressed to the doctor. I was discharged Psorimilk. Began to apply the drug according to the instructions. Literally the next day, the burning became quieter, and after a while the application of the cream and stopped altogether. Excellent tool.

    42. .
    43. . Marishka Mari:
      . 12/26/2016 at 0: 4

      Her husband has psoriasis from early childhood, sometimes there are almost no spots, but in spring and autumn the whole body becomes covered. On the spots, a crust forms, which terribly itches, dries the skin, the wounds are formed, eventually they crack and also hurt. Tried a lot of money, from expensive to cheap, from pharmacies to folk, especially nothing helped. Advised the drug Psorimilk, decided to try it. To our surprise, the situation improved in the first week of application, the crusts were gone, the itch also disappeared, and the stains gradually began to decrease, the drug proved to be an effective and qualitative tool, now the husband smears regularly to completely get rid of psoriasis, which is practically so no.

    44. .
    45. . I'm Cook:
      . 12/26/2016 at 1: 2

      From time to time there are rashes, especially in winter on the back. I tried a lot of money, and I'm constantly looking for something better. I used the cream of Psorimilk rather out of interest, so many good things about it are written, it was curious to know if it was good actually. It turns out that this is one of those few drugs that works just as effectively as stated in the description. I am very pleased with this purchase, although I did not place great hopes on it. The vapors pass without a trace. A wonderful remedy

    46. .
    47. . Gorge:
      . 12/27/2016 in 2: 9

      My treatment is in the process, but already there is a result. After every application, I feel how my skin is changing. With it, much faster flaking and itching.
      While I'm being treated, let's see if there will be such an effect in the future.

    48. .
    49. . Dmitry Vasilevich:
      . 12/27/2016 in 2: 1

      So it happened that psoriasis struck my brother. Everyone in our family tried to help him. We tried many ointments, but there were no results.
      On the Internet, they accidentally stumbled upon the Psorimilk cream and decided to try it, since the reviews were positive. The brother was treated one course, everything was done according to the instructions.
      In the process of treatment, the results were visible after a couple of days. The peeling was less, the itch passed and the skin was moistened. After the first course, it was decided to continue treatment. The only thing, a little embarrassed the price but it was worth it.

    50. .
    51. . Inga:
      . 12/29/2016 at 1: 8

      The cream helps me a lot, I always take it with me to rest, because in the sun I have exacerbations, and it perfectly helps to cope with them.

    52. .
    53. . Sergei:
      . 12/30/2016 in 2: 6

      Psoriasis affects my wife. During an exacerbation the itch such, that she can not suffer or bear and combs sores, and all becomes even worse. Therefore, I constantly searched and bought everything, I can at least somehow help. Unlike a heap of other means, this cream not bad removes an itch and heals sores faster. So I bought a couple more tubes, maybe, and not cheap, but there is an effect.

    54. .
    55. . Oleg:
      . 12/31/2016 at 1: 8

      Psoriasis is an insidious disease, which is not so easy to get rid of. Treatment requires a comprehensive, consistent approach. Someone can not be cured for years and starts to buy everything in despair in a row in the hope that at least something will "shoot". But haste is utterly destructive, you must approach the choice of the drug responsibly! And I would like to mention Psorimilk as a good, quality product.

    56. .
    57. . Ilya Prokhorov:
      . 01/01/2017 at 1: 5

      Treated this cream from psoriasis daughter, used this cream as an additional tool. The drug is effective at the time of exacerbations, quickly soothes the skin.

    58. .
    59. . Anton:
      . 1/3/2017 at 1: 6

      In the autumn there were peeling between the fingers and on the elbows. And these flakes began to ache. After going to the doctor, I found out that these are signs of psoriasis. The mood was at zero, still, after such a verdict of the doctor. I was told by Psorimilk before I bought it on the Internet and found this site. And I must admit, he really helps. I began to sweat less, the pain decreased, it became much easier to live! I did not expect this from the cream!

    60. .
    61. . Yuliya:
      . 1/3/2017 at 1: 5

      I was diagnosed with prosoriazes 5 years ago. Just at first the elbows were very much flaky, I thought it would go away by itself, but it dragged on. The dermatologist said that this is often due to malfunctions in the nervous system. I tried many different drugs, some even did not give hope for improvement. Psorimilk ordered on the recommendation of a friend. The price justifies the result, I apply 2 times a day, in the morning and before bedtime. The itch has passed, the papules become smaller. Who knows, maybe it's a miracle.

    62. .
    63. . Veronika Samoylova:
      . 01/06/2017 0: 7

      I tried to cure psoriasis with all the folk remedies that I can. But alas! Nothing helps. Acquired psorimilk, decided to try a course with this drug. So far only 2 weeks have passed, the results are not with super effect, but already there. The burning and annoying burning sensation on the hands has passed, the skin looks not wrinkled and old, it has become softer and smoother. I still have the ranks, I will continue to use the cream. He makes life very easy, and it's not a shame to put on a sleeveless blouse.

    64. .
    65. . Anna Palyutina:
      . 01/06/2017 at 2: 7

      My husband has long warts on his hands. Long time picked up different means, but improvements were not visible. And this cream is a godsend! We use two weeks, small warts have disappeared, and those that are larger, have become smoother, we will continue to use.

    66. .
    67. . Chloe Krol:
      . 01/06/2012 at : 5

      Psoriasis in general is very difficult and dull treatment. It seems like nothing special, he cures not quickly, but not for very long, but here can come back - this is the most terrible. Only get rid of, and here you are! Again. This, perhaps, is the most frustrating thing. The cream is really good. Without superfluous words - it acts quickly, for that price the quality is corresponding. I think that the cream deserves attention.

    68. .
    69. . Margo:
      . 9/1/2017 at :

      Psoriasis is the worst thing that could happen to me. Constant burning and itching of the skin, peeling, ugly red spots all over my body - it all amounted to my anguish before I discovered the wonderful Psorimilk remedy. When I stumbled upon him, I was already in despair not to arrange my personal life, but even for a couple of minutes I felt like a healthy person. Psorimilk in a week helped get rid of itching and burning of the skin, the scaling gradually also came to naught, and the red spots remained, but still became less noticeable. Hooray! - I am almost a happy person.

    70. .
    71. . Alyona:
      . 01/10/2012 at 1: 2

      I have been suffering from psoriasis for more than five years now. Orange spots on the body not only look disgusting, but they also constantly itch. Special funds were only helped for a while and terribly stank, then everything began anew. For me, the drug Psorimilk was discovered. After about a week, the peeling disappeared, itched, the spots became more invisible.

    72. .
    73. . Marina:
      . 01/10/2012 at 1: 7

      Psoriasis has been suffering for several years. During the period of exacerbation, the entire body itches, I can hardly restrain myself from combing. I've tried a lot of drugs, itching and inflammation begins to pass in not less than a week. The dermatologist advised the preparation Psorimilk. The itch disappeared already on the third day and the skin was cleaned, applied only twice a day. And two weeks later I already had beautiful and healthy skin.

    74. .
    75. . Qwes:
      . 11/01/2017 in 2: 4

      The first time I learned about this disease in the army. My co-worker began to itch, saying that under the clothes there are spots and itch. He was immediately sent to the infirmary where the nurse first incorrectly diagnosed her. She thought it was deprivation. And she began to treat the ulcers with green. The horror that was there. That evening I was in a dress at the medical station and all this was watching. It is good that the next morning came another doctor and the guy started to treat it from psoriasis. Four days later I again took to the dress and did not recognize my friend. Ulcers have passed and in their place as if a new layer of skin. Then I wrote down the name of this drug that he was buying (of course, for his money in the army they cure greens from all ills) it was psorimilk Psorimilk

    76. .
    77. . Larissa:
      . 01/13/2017 at 0: 7

      Hello. Decided and I leave my review. Approximately one month ago at the husband this terrible infection has begun. Itches everything from him, itches (on his hands). Well, I started running into pharmacies, and he does not like hospitals. So they were treated, folk medicine and various cream ointments from the pharmacy, and the improvement did not come. Recently I bought this cream, (although it is expensive, of course), I read reviews. And you know, my husband went on the amendment)))) What I'm sooo happy, and then we have a small child, you never know. Voobshchem I advise, you will not regret.

    78. .
    79. . vovan messenger:
      . 01/13/2017 at 1: 7

      Hello! I thought that I would never get rid of this disease. Cream and ointments gave a temporary effect. And only thanks to this drug I once again felt like a full-fledged person! Thanks to the manufacturers!

    80. .
    81. . Valeria:
      . 1/14/2017 at 1: 2

      Suffering from the beginning of psoriasis from the 9th grade. Constant itching, redness, peeling. 4 years went to the dermatologist, prescribed a drug that did not help at all.
      I decided to learn about the means on the Internet, stumbled upon the Psorimilk cream, studied all the reviews, weighed all the pros and cons. There were more pluses. A huge role was played by the fact that everything in the composition is natural, but the stock is on time.
      Following the advice on the use, after about a week left the itching and flaking. Redness subsided after about a week. Already half a year nothing disturbs. I'm just madly happy that I stumbled upon this drug! I recommend.

    82. .
    83. . klava:
      . 01/16/2017 at 1: 8

      My boyfriend started psoriasis at about 21, not very pleasant, when at such a young age all the skin is covered with spots. He regularly underwent treatment in the skin department of the local hospital, but the effect was short-lived. Have reached that have once addressed to the representative of nonconventional medicine - all is useless. They stumbled upon Psorimilk (they did not really believe that anything would help at all) - I was amazed, my boyfriend especially, the itch passes almost immediately, the stains come off much faster than with outpatient treatment.

    84. .
    85. . Christina:
      . 1/16/2017 at 1: 5

      The wart came out on the foot near the thumb. I used both traditional medicine and medicine for rabid money. But this ointment helped. I used it for 3 days. There are no warts and still (it's been six months already).

    86. .
    87. . Alesya:
      . 01/17/2017 in 1: 0

      Sick for the first time in my life. For the first time I noticed pink on my scalp in the nape of the neck, slightly raised above the surface of the skin of the formation. Did not attach importance to them, having decided that "skin irritation" is caused by shampoo. About a week later noted that similar phenomena are observed in the temporal and parietal areas, symmetrically on the right and left. Later, on the hair and scalp, she discovered large white "plates". At the same time, small pink formations (diameter from two to seven mm) appeared, covered with a greyish-white "bloom" On the extensor surface of the forearms, especially pronounced and large in the area of ​​the elbow joints, which in the beginning adopted for dandruff. Later similar skin lesions appeared in the knee joint area, on the hips, several plaques - on the abdomen. In the area of ​​the elbow joints, the plaques began to coalesce as a result of the fusion of the smaller ones. Allergies to medicines or foods have never been. The girlfriend recommended the ointment Psorimilk. I ordered this cream on your site and was pleasantly surprised. I use it for about two and a half weeks and already there are good results! I recommend to everyone.

    88. .
    89. . Jana Jana:
      . 1/19/2017 at 1: 0

      Psorimilk helped me a lot, I will not say that I completely cured psoriasis, but there are no flashes of those already. The itch disappeared almost immediately, stains still are, I use only two weeks.

    90. .
    91. . Inna:
      . 1/20/2017 at 0: 7

      I do not know what could be worse than psoriasis. Terrible appearance, eternal itching, discomfort. For the first time faced such a disease, before he had not heard of it. Recommended a lot of different drugs, but the disease only progressed until it acquired Psorimilk. Very soft cream, quick and effective. Thank you so much. I also recommend it to everyone.

    92. .
    93. . Mikola Penlo:
      . 23.02.2017 at 1: 9

      Suffered from psoriasis and whatever I tried, still there were red spots and terrible itching. Many things I tried, and many things did not fit: some components were allergic, some drugs were generally ineffectual. Then I saw that Psorimilk consists only of a natural component. Ordered on And you know how surprised, because it really helped, of course, not immediately, but it helped.

    94. .
    95. . Elena Zhilyuk:
      . 03/01/2017 in 1: 2

      Has bought or purchased a cream for the husband, at it or him a psoriasis, a plaque-like form. Skin is dry, itches, flakes. The husband applies a thin layer of the cream. It does not bake, the skin moisturizes, pleasant. After a week of application, plaques came off, only mild redness remained, but there was no itching and no new plaques appeared.

    96. .
    97. . Eugene:
      . 03/01/2012 in 2: 2

      The skin on her hands was red, flaky, it was an unbearable itch and itched so that she wanted to cry.. The diagnosis of "psoriasis" was made by a dermatologist. He said that the cause is nervous work. I wrote out prescriptions for different gels and creams. Of course, I bought the whole list in panic and immediately began to smear all this. Nothing helped. On the Internet I looked for ways to treat and saw an article about Psorimilk cream and good reviews on it. Immediately decided to buy. On the third and fourth day of the application, the redness and flaking began to gradually come off, the skin continued to itch, but less (gradually it passed). The cream is good, it moisturizes the skin well. The whole composition of the cream is herbs and plants, no chemistry. But! Do not wait for an immediate result with such a serious infection, not all at once.

    98. .
    99. . Marianna:
      . 03/01/2017 in 2: 5

      More than five years sick and very suffering from psoriasis. If a man is easier to survive, then for the girl's appearance - that's it! Every half a year she lay in dermatological offices, went to big cities for consultations, but all of them were unsuccessful, The commission was not for long... When I was advised Psorimilk, I was skeptical, in principle, as to all have already treatment.. And you do not represent my joy, when already 3 months I do not have new plaques... from the old ones there are small traces, but eventually they will pass! I just do not get tired of enjoying such a wonderful find!

    100. .
    101. . Julia Kozlova:
      . 03/03/2017 at 0: 3

      My father suffers from severe psoriasis. During periods of exacerbation of the arm, the body and head are covered with plaques. In dermatology, he lays regularly, prescribes hormonal ointments, pierces the course of drugs, comes a little relief, but it's worth a little nervous and everything comes back right away. Recently, a dermatologist advised to try psorimilk. My father started using the drug recently, but a positive effect has already begun. The skin became not so dry, it is less shelled, the itch has practically disappeared, plaques have turned pale and have decreased in sizes. I'll order my father another package of this cream. I hope that he will help if not completely get rid of psoriasis, then at least relieve the symptoms.

    102. .
    103. . Valentina:
      . 03/04/2017 at 0: 6

      For a long time I suffer from psoriasis. In recent months, due to severe stress, there has been an exacerbation. During many years of struggle with this terrible disease I tried a lot of ointments, creams, gels, various preparations. Lied repeatedly in the hospital. A lot of money was spent, but nothing helped. Psorimilk advised one of the doctors. Ordered a month ago. After the first week of use, a positive trend in the course of the disease was already evident. The dryness was gone, the itching became much less. I hope that the cream will help me completely get rid of my problem.

    104. .
    105. . Natalya:
      . 03/04/2017 in 2: 1

      On a nervous basis, I developed psoriasis. Surely, he was handed down to me by inheritance, because my mother was ill with them. But it provoked his appearance, it was stress. The most terrible thing is that psoriasis appeared on my face. Scary crusts covered both my cheeks. You can imagine in what depressed state I was. I began to apply everything in order to get rid of all this as soon as possible. I was looking for various methods of treatment on the Internet, especially interested in herbal medicine and came across information about Psorimilk. I really liked the composition of the ointment, because it contained all the ingredients that traditional medicine uses to combat skin diseases. I remember the first application, after which the itch fell a little. With each application the crust softened, the itch appeared less and less, there were no new rashes. I smeared more often than twice a day. Now I have completely croaked, but there were scars. But this is not so important, since, the main symptoms have been removed. I hope that Psorimilk saved me from psoriasis and there will not be new rashes.

    106. .
    107. . disqus_v9alis613V:
      . 03/03/2017 at : AM

      Psoriasis is a terrible problem. How much time, money and energy was spent on his cure, before buying this cream. This is an excellent tool for curing psoriasis. Some write that it is useless. I do not agree at all - it helped me. Thanks to the great manufacturers for making really effective tools that help. I will advise everyone.

    108. .
    109. . Olga Stepanova:
      . 03/07/2017 at 1: 2

      Already for 5 years my father is trying to heal ordinary psoriasis. When he had spots on his elbows and shoulders, he calmly took care of himself. But later he began to appear plaques and on his back, in places where it is difficult to get yourself. I had to help him in the treatment. Prescribed: ointments, creams, lotions, "vtirki." But they took more care than they carried some kind of medicinal property. In addition, many were not convenient to use, because It was necessary to absent from work, that during the day to help look after the spots on the back. on the Internet I saw reviews about Psorimilk. The components are natural, so I was not afraid to apply it. Convenient to use - I smear once a day. In addition, it softens the inflamed areas well, removes the bright "rosin stops the development of the spots further. I hope that soon the disease will recede completely. I recommend

    110. .
    111. . Svetlana:
      . 8/03/2017 at 0: 4

      Psoriasis or more it is called lichen, is found in many people.. I ran into such a problem! At me he has started to appear, at first a small red speck to which I have not given value, then more and more. I went to the doctor, prescribed a pill and advised Psorimilk ointment. I smear it for quite some time, the stains gradually pass, but not all at once. So I can advise, if long to smear, you can get rid of the obvious redness. The rest of the ointments I tried not so much.

    112. .
    113. . ElenKa Elena:
      . 8/03/2017 at 0: 4

      I usually have psoriasis on my nerves, but this one, which is not very strong, usually did not cause trouble, and recently changed jobs and the new chief simply did not give life, several months in such stress lived and apparently it was start-up. Throughout the body, red spots of different sizes poured out and than we just did not burn them, and did not smear anything that did not help. She saved me, from this situation, the chief accountant, as she noticed on my hand stains, she immediately understood that this, her son also has psoriasis, and advised me ointment Psorimilk and the link wrote where buy Ointment has very well helped or assisted me an erythemus has quickly passed or has taken place and gradually speck for a speck all has passed or has taken place. I advise everyone who has the same situation.

    114. .
    115. . Kotlyachkov Sergey:
      . 10.03.2017 at 1: 4

      I got a new job. Pay well, but the work is very nervous. Skin problems started: itching, scaling. The dermatologist said that psoriasis and prescribed various ointments, but a colleague advised the cream "Psorimilk". Almost immediately, the itching stopped and redness disappeared, and soon the peeling of the skin stopped. So I recommend everyone with similar problems.

    116. .
    117. . Dana:
      . 11/03/2017 at 1: 7

      At the very beginning, when I saw my wart, I thought it was just a strange corn, but later discomfort started when walking, my finger began to hurt at this point.
      Naturally, I immediately began to seek the best remedy. Psorimilk really helped me. The struggle was not the fastest, about a week I applied this remedy to the wart. I did not have any painful sensations.

    118. .
    119. . Vitka Tsoy:
      . 03/03/2017 at 0: 1

      Wife since childhood warts and papillomas, apparently this is a genetic predisposition. Tried a lot of money. Some did not help, some helped, but inefficiently. I came across somehow on the Psorimilk cream on the Internet, thought a divorce, but ordered for a trial. What was the surprise of his wife, when the cream began to act and very effective! I recommend!

    120. .
    121. . Elena:
      . 03/14/2017 at : AM

      When I was at university and received two higher educations at once, I was very nervous. On a background of nerves there was a psoriasis. On his hands appeared red spots, scaly, and scratched horribly. Constantly I had to carry a cream, smear. I already thought that now I will live my entire life with this sore, but on the Internet I found a cream Decided that I still have nothing to lose and bought. Strangely enough, the cream helped a lot. It was itchy, the skin stopped flaking. I use it not so long ago, but I think if you use it regularly, you can completely cure psoriasis.

    122. .
    123. . Konstantin Gordienko:
      . 14.03.2017 at 1: 8

      From childhood, I had warts on my fingers. It was a little embarrassing, and my people constantly roared me up. What means I just did not try, but it's no use. Even after I finished school on my warts did not pay any attention, I still wanted to get rid of them. And came across this site; _id = 736 & amp; = RU & amp; id = LGSV & amp; = 0 & amp; id = 357571043 decided to order at your own peril, and was not mistaken. The remedy is very good. I use not long ago. but it works effectively. I advise everyone who has the same problems!

    124. .
    125. . Sergey Selishchev:
      . 03/16/2017 at 1: 8

      Cure psoriasis can not, but remission can and should be achieved. At me a case is not strongly serious-on a nape (happens much worse). Recipes folk for treatment and disposal are many, no less and ointments of different and even supposedly miraculous. I tried a lot of things that helped, something not, a good effect showed the cream Psorimilk. The most important thing in treatment is not to lose heart, not to be nervous)) be positive, smile and laugh more))) All health and success!

    126. .
    127. . Shoxob Shakirov:
      . 03/17/2017 at 0: 2

      Hello, dear citizens! The tool really works. I have long been bothered by psoriasis, but with the use of this medication a few days later I saw an improvement. I was advised to buy a friend, I agreed and bought here Quite fast delivery and convenient service. The main thing is health!. You can not save on health. I thank the developers of this medicine.

    128. .
    129. . klarisa:
      . 03/18/2017 at 1: 8

      Unfortunately, I recently had a nuisance. Some formations appeared on the skin, redness, and scaling. Has addressed to the doctor, he and has diagnosed - a psoriasis. He gave me the prescription, but there was no effect on his drugs and I came across psorimilk on the Internet. Problems with his order did not arise and soon the drug was already in my hands. Not immediately, but the effect of it soon appeared. Passed redness, peeling ceased. I'm happy with the result and I advise everyone this tool!

    130. .
    131. . Elena Voronina:
      . 03/19/2017 at 2: 6

      The cream certainly will not cure psoriasis completely, in order to achieve the initial result it is necessary to have patience and time. I have been using it for the third week already and on the hands of the improvement is only beginning to manifest.

    132. .
    133. . DaryaD:
      . 03/20/2017 at 0: 4

      She personally did not come across such a popular disease as psoriasis, but recently found out that the younger sister suffers from this. Redness and flaking caused her discomfort and a certain proportion of complexes, this sore due to age was perceived by her as something absolutely terrible and incurable. In the drugstore, several drugs of different firms were advised, but they were not completely untreated, but they also dulled the effect even at once. I came across an article on the Psorimilk drug on the Internet, I was completely desperate and decided to buy it. By the way, I bought here: They began to undergo treatment and, you know, helps. Peeling begins to pass, and plaques resolve. We hope that soon we will cure or eliminate the problem completely. A good drug.

    134. .
    135. . Ivan Miklin:
      . 03/20/2017 at 0: 1

      I have been suffering from psoriasis for many years. During this time, something that only has not been tried: both medicines and cream. Indeed, only hormonal creams helped, after the abolition of which the skin condition deteriorated sharply. Psorimilk personally helped me to "get off" with hormonal creams. With the first symptoms of psoriasis I apply this cream, everything quickly passes. It is spent very sparingly, therefore the price does not frighten.

    136. .
    137. . Lenochka Buinova:
      . 03/28/2017 at : AM

      Cream Psorimilk helped in the treatment of psoriasis. After I tried dozens of different medicines with different chemical compounds, I was skeptical about this cream. However, it was he who helped me to relieve severe itching due to the plant components that make up his composition. The cream gently softened and removed the crusts formed. With regular application, wound healing was 80%. In this case, the cream has a pleasant smell and a uniform texture. No side effects found.

    138. .

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