Methods of using celandine for treating papillomas

Treatment with papillomas celandine is a complex of procedures in which the patient applies to the affected papillomavirus tissue juice celandine or a substance based on it, resulting in the destruction warts. Almost every person who at least once in his life encountered papillomas - benign neoplasms caused by the human papillomavirus. These growths can be either large or have very small dimensions.However, regardless of the color, shape and size of the lesion, all warts are potentially dangerous, since they can degenerate into cancer.In addition, warts negatively affect the appearance of a person, make him untidy. This can cause psychological complexes. Especially in women and adolescents.


That's why patients are interested in how to withdraw papillomas. It is not difficult to do this. To do this, you just need to contact the nearest medical institution for a doctor-cosmetologist or dermatologist. In this case, the expert advises to remove warts by modern methods - laser, radio knife, electrocoagulation or surgical method. In some cases, liquid nitrogen is allowed.

The first thing that patients recall when they want to remove warts on their own is the relationship of papilloma and celandine, so patients often ask the question: "Is it possible to remove the papillomas with celandine?" Yes but not all. Therefore, before carrying out moxibustion with papillomas, it is important to consult a doctor.


  • 1What warts can be removed
  • 2Plant species suitable for the procedure
  • 3Pros and cons of treatment
  • 4Wart removal methods

What warts can be removed


Indeed, such methods are justified in the case of large neoplasms, because folk methods on them simply do not work to the proper extent. But any, even the most modern methods of treating papillomas are not without shortcomings. So, after some of them scars and scars form on the skin, bleeding occurs, the inflammatory process develops. In some cases, it is possible to infect tissues surrounding the wart, relapses occur.


Therefore, most patients, if they have small tumors, prefer to first try folk medicine.

Before curing the papilloma with folk remedies, the patient should carefully examine them and determine if he really has papilloma, and not any other skin disease or cancer.

So, doubts should cause neoplasms that itch, bleed and increase in size or in its quantity. It is also worthwhile to worry, if the wart has a vague border, it changes its shade or shape. In no case can not carry out the excretion of warts on the intimate organs, as well as on the eyelids.

Do not burn new growth, if near it there are inflammation.

In any case, before starting to get rid of warts, the patient should examine the attending physician. In addition, the PCR analysis and a small piece of material should be submitted for histological examination. Only after that there will be a reflection on the question: "Is it possible to cauterize the papilloma with celandine?"

Plant species suitable for the procedure


Some patients, before buying the product, wonder what kind of celandine it is better to treat the papillomas. There is an opinion that the mountain celandine from the papilloma is much more than the ordinary one.

In fact, only one kind of plant is known to science: celandine is large, and the pencil "Mountain celandine" is simply a trade name for a drug made on the basis of a large celandine. It is not excluded that the collected celandine really grows in the mountains, although most likely it's just an advertising move.

The effectiveness of the mountain celandine from the papillomas may be somewhat higher, since the composition of this remedy includes extracts of several other plants, including a string, cocoa spear and gentian.

This product is applied to the skin pointwise. The skin around the wart should be greased with a fat cream or petroleum jelly. The area to be removed is not to be lubricated. This is to ensure that the medicine does not get on healthy skin and does not cause a burn. After applying celandine, you should wait 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off with cool water. Treatment with celandine lasts 2 weeks.

Pros and cons of treatment

The main advantages of treating warts with celandine include:

  1. Painless. Unlike medical procedures for the removal of warts, celandine juice treatment does not cause any uncomfortable sensations.
  2. Naturalness. Purity is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain harmful chemicals.
  3. Cheapness. The price of celandine in pharmacies is very democratic, while at the same time during the flowering period the patient can completely burn warts for free;
  4. A crayon made of celandine is easy to carry.

However, each method of therapy has not only advantages, but disadvantages. In the case of celandine this is:

  1. The ability to collect material only once a year. This can be done only during the flowering period, which occurs at the beginning of May or mid-June. Purity, collected at other times does not have medicinal properties.
  2. Difficulties in finding a plant. Not everyone knows where the celandine grows, so urban residents have to buy ready-made medicines in pharmacies.
  3. The possibility of developing uncomfortable sensations. After applying celandine from the pharmacy can occur burning. This happens if the papilloma is flaky, and the composition contains alcohol.
  4. Long course of treatment. To get rid of papillomas, the procedure should be carried out daily for 1-2 months.
  5. Possibility of appearance of scars. If you remove the large papilloma in its place remains wound, in place of which during healing may remain a scar.
  6. Possibility of occurrence of an allergy. Purity is related to weeds, which means a high probability of allergic reactions. Those people who suffer from allergies should not clean the warts with celandine. In any case, using such a tool you need to carefully monitor your health, and before you use it you need to conduct an allergy test.

Wart removal methods

The most common removal of papillom celandine is to apply the juice of the plant to the affected tissue. To do this, you simply cut the plant under the root (in this part, the greatest amount of juice).


How to treat warts with celandine juice? To achieve maximum effect, the celandine juice for papilloma removal should be applied pointwise with a cotton swab 3-4 times a day for a month. The removal of the wart will be accompanied by its darkening.

It is important to say that not everyone has a growing cleanliness at hand. In order to constantly not look for a plant in the field, you can immediately prepare a large portion of juice. To do this, the cleaner is gathered together with the root. The plant is thoroughly washed with cool water. After that, the celandine is put on a towel spread and waited for when the stems and leaves completely dry from moisture.

The dried celandine is twisted twice in a meat grinder. Ready gruel is squeezed with gauze. You need to do this with gloves, as the celandine juice has a bright orange color that does not come true. The finished product is poured into dark glass bottles and placed in a cool dark place.

After about a week the juice will start to wander. From now on, the container will need to be opened and gas is released from there (1 time per day). This procedure should be carried out until the end of the fermentation process (about a week). When storing the product in the refrigerator, its shelf life is extended. With the same purpose, you can also use celandine oil from papillomas. Use celandine from papillomas in this case, you need the same way.

Decoction and infusion of celandine for the treatment of warts are not suitable.

If desired, you can prepare a cream with glycerin. In this case, the expiration date of the product will also be longer. This cream is somewhat "softer" on the neoplasm. In addition, the cream used to remove the warts can be used for acne and long-healing wounds. The recipe for this is simple - you need to mix the juice of celandine and glycerin in the proportion:. When you add cosmetic paraffin from the product, you can make a medical pencil.

To get rid of papillomas at home, you can also buy ready-made pharmacies based on celandine. The most popular of them is Superchistotel vs. papillomas. The composition of this medicine includes extract of celandine from the papilloma, as well as sodium and potassium alkalis. That is why this affinity is very strong. The drug is produced in small vials, in appearance resembling a container for samplers of toilet water or looks like a pencil.

Before removing the papilloma celandine, it must be steamed. Then, a cauterizing solution is applied pointwise to it.

How to get rid of warts Supercleaner? Apply the drug until the burning occurs. After this, the patient should wait 15-20 minutes and rinse the wart with water without using soap. The pencil in this case is more convenient to use. The instruction on the use of the medicine says that the first results of the treatment of the boron crust can be noticed already on the 5th-10th day of treatment.

Use the drug before the tumor completely disappears. With this medicine you need to handle extremely carefully. Keep out of the reach of children, if the product gets into healthy areas of the skin or mucous membranes, they should be rinsed immediately with water.

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