Treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel - based on modern developments


An overwhelming number of cancer patients are sent to Israeli clinics to take advantage of advanced technologies and to experience first-hand the effectiveness of the latest therapy techniques. The patients with lymphoma are not an exception - in Israeli hospitals they use complex chemotherapy regimens, high-dose chemotherapy, combine chemotherapeutic and radiological methods. In some cases, high results can be achieved through the use of targeted drugs.

At the same time, the cost of treating Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel is available to a wide range of foreign patients. The same is true for diagnostics, which differ not only in an acceptable price, but also in a high rate - the patient usually starts treatment for treatment within three to four days after the beginning of the examination.

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About the disease

Hodgkin's lymphoma is a malignant lesion of the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system as a whole, which can spread to other organs. This is a relatively rare pathology, which is diagnosed in 2-3 people per 100 thousand population annually. The disease is one of the most common among young patients aged 20-30 years. Other risk group includes elderly people over 60 years old.

The source of pathological changes, according to the generally accepted opinion, are white blood cells - only one A malignant mutation in some lymphocyte can cause an avalanche-like spread of pathological cells on the body. Symptoms include weight loss, fever, increased night sweats. As a rule, enlarged lymph nodes do not cause pain sensations and are localized in the neck, armpits and groin areas.

Diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Israel

A patient's examination in Israeli medical centers is carried out at an operational pace and in most cases ends on the third or fourth day. Its main task is the isolation of one of the four subtypes of the disease, each of which differs somewhat in the methods of therapy. For this, high-precision diagnostic methods are used.

  • Analyzes for specific biomarkers (CD20, CD4, interleukin-21, etc.).
  • Blood tests.
  • Histological examination.
  • Chest tomography (MRI, PET-CT, CT).

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Methods of treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel

The main method -chemotherapeutic. Several drug regimens are used. Usually they are combined and include several different chemotherapeutic agents from different groups (cytotoxic antibiotics, anthracyclines, alkylating cytostatics, corticosteroids, etc.). Such drugs, with the exception of corticosteroids, using certain mechanisms, disrupt the processes of division and growth of malignant cells at the genetic level. In general, schemes with a large number of drugs from different groups provide a lower risk of recurrence, but exert a greater burden on the patient's body, and schemes that use fewer drugs are associated with a higher risk of recurrence, but better are transferred.

Preparations are introduced in several cycles, during each of them a complex of cytotoxic drugs enters the circulatory system and spreads throughout the body, destroying pathological cells. Between the cycles take a break, so that the body has time to recover (usually a few weeks). The entire course, as a rule, ends in a few months. Most patients do not need to be hospitalized and undergo day-care treatment. Subsequently, the results of chemotherapy can be assessed using positron emission scan.

Modern cytostatics, although they have fewer side effects, are still not completely deprived of them - after all, the main mechanism of their action is based on suppression of actively dividing cells, and cancer cells are only their part. As a rule, side effects are temporary and go through the completion of therapy.

Sometimes usedhigh-dose regimens. This approach is practiced if lymphoma responds poorly to classical protocols of chemotherapy or a relapse occurs. High-dosage regimens are associated with partial or complete loss of bone marrow functionality, which is very sensitive to antitumor drugs.

Therefore, after a course of such therapy, the patient is given a bone marrow transplant to form a new hematopoiesis system. Material is taken from the patient prior to treatment or from the donor. The bone marrow is subjected to separation and sent to the cryobank for storage. After completion of high-dose chemotherapy, the material is thawed and transplanted back - just like a normal blood transfusion.

Radiotherapy- the second most important method of treatment of lymphomas. Using high-energy X-rays, it is possible to destroy malignant cells in any part of the body. The course usually lasts several weeks. Before treatment, the patient must undergo radiation diagnostics, which allows to determine the localization of foci of the disease.

Modern methods are based onintegrated approach- the combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. According to a number of studies, the addition of chemotherapy with radiological methods makes it possible to increase the long-term survival rate of patients and reduce the risk of relapse.

Some subspecies of lymphoma respond well totargeted therapymonoclonal antibodies is an innovative method based on the use of antibodies specific for the CD20 protein, characteristic of the lymphocyte-predominant subtype of Hodgkin's lymphoma. For this subtype of the drug, drugs can be used both as monotherapy of the primary focus, and in the treatment of relapses. At the consolidation stage, it is recommended that this therapy be performed every few months for two years.

Thousands of patients have already made the right decision and went for treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel - their reviews testify to innovative approaches to therapy and high availability of Israeli polyclinics of the newest equipment.

Treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel - prices

Comparing how much treatment costs Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel and other countries with advanced medicine, you can notice a significant difference. For example, in German clinics, hospitals in the US or the UK, the final cost of medical services is in most cases 20-40% higher.

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