Treatment of melanoma in Israel


Melanoma is one of the most aggressive malignant neoplasms to date. Tumor already in the early stages of active metastasis, which causes a significant percentage of deaths.Treatment of melanoma in Israelallows many patients to recover or achieve a stable remission. In this country, high level of oncological care is provided by highly qualified specialists and innovative treatment technologies.

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The best modern clinics in Israel for the treatment of melanoma

Patients with melanoma lesions in Israel can undergo specialized treatment in such clinics:

Oncological department of the Medical Center "Ichilov"

It is a public institution in which oncodermatology is considered a key profile. The specialists of the center have a tremendous experience of melanoma therapy. This is due to the fact that in Israel, cancerous skin lesions are often found in patients due to round-the-clock irradiation with ultraviolet radiation. The clinic has its own histological laboratory. Prices for services are regulated by the state.

Experts in the treatment of melanoma, in the center of the name of Ichilov, use targeted therapy along with traditional surgical operation. This technique consists in taking the patient special medications that react to the receptors of only tumor cells. As a result of the interaction of the pharmaceutical agent and the cancer tissue, mutated cells die.

Treatment of melanoma in Israel is also carried out using immunotherapy for malignant neoplasm of cutaneous cover by TIL-protocol, when the pathological area of ​​the body is saturated with simulated lymphocytes of its own organism.

The Assuta Clinic

In this private oncology clinic, top doctors work. Treatment of melanoma in Israel under such conditions leads to complete recovery of 95% of patients with cancerous lesions 1 and 2 stages. The Oncological Center Assuta is equipped with high-quality equipment and provides increased comfort for the placement of cancer patients.

The clinic "Assuta" provides oncology with modern antitumor methods of treatment:

  1. Labeling of lymphocytes.
  2. Radical intervention in the primary education zone with simultaneous skin plasty.

Hospital them. Chaim Shiba

On the basis of the clinic, there is the Ella Skin Cancer Institute. The establishment has established close contact with the world's leading scientific centers. Survival in patients who underwent an anti-cancer course in this center is 97%.

In the Shiba hospital, a priority treatment of oncological therapy is complex treatment, which includes surgical operation, cytostatic drugs, targeted effects on neoplasm, immunotherapy and tumor irradiation gamma rays.

Oncological clinic Rambam

The Center is recognized as one of the leading centers of innovative treatment of malignant neoplasm of skin. The treatment here is in outpatient and inpatient settings.

The institution has in its arsenal such technologies of radiotherapy as a gamma knife and a cyber-knife. These technologies are aimed at the destruction of secondary melanoma foci in the late stages of malignant growth. The clinic also appoints patients a course of chemotherapy, which corresponds to the newest protocols of anti-cancer treatment.

This institution also carries out unique surgical robotic operations, in which a highly accurate removal of a cancerous tumor occurs. This technology is considered an effective measure for the prevention of postoperative relapse.

Medical Hospital named after Yitzhak Rabin

This cancer center is the largest specialized institution in the entire Middle East. 20% of Israel's cancer patients undergo anti-cancer treatment right here.

Surgical treatment of melanoma in Israel is considered the main technology for treating the disease in 1-2 stages of growth. In the course of a radical intervention, surgeons can use cryotechnology, in which the removal of mutated tissues takes place through deep freezing. The procedure has a number of advantages in the form of low-traumatic procedure, absence of postoperative bleeding and satisfactory rates of patient recovery.

Surgical excision is also performed by electrocoagulation, during which cancer cells are burned out. The patient is under local anesthesia. Rehabilitation may take 2-3 days, depending on the complexity of the operation and the extent of the malignant neoplasm.

"Herzliya Medical Center"

Establishment with 30 years of experience. The staff of the clinic undergoes regular internship at the best world medical centers. Treatment of melanoma in Israel is accompanied by a patient's personal interpreter.

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Department of Oncological Care Clinic Schneider

The International Center is located in the city of Petah Tikva and specializes in the therapy of patients of childhood.

Clinic "Elisha"

The institution is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the central part of the city of Haifa. Impeccable reputation of the clinic was due to the high qualification of medical personnel.

Oncological center "Hadassah"

This clinic specializes in integrating innovative medical technologies into traditional cancer hospitals.

Center for Cancer Treatment at the Soroca Medical Center

The clinic is considered as a multidisciplinary anti-cancer institution, in which the newest methods of fighting cancer are available to patients.

Prices for melanoma treatment in Israel

Therapy of a cancerous tumor requires mandatory diagnosis. The average cost of diagnostic procedures in Israeli clinics:

  • Consultation and examination of a doctor-oncologist - 600 $ USA.
  • Biochemical blood test - $ 450.
  • Histological examination of the biopsy specimen - 1400 $ USA.
  • The establishment of the BRAF mutation is $ 1000.
  • Computer tomography of brain tissue - $ 750 USA.

Prices for radical treatments for melanoma:

  • Lymphocyte marking - 1300 $ USA.
  • Pre-treatment preparation of the patient (ECG, radiography and anesthesia) - 300 $ USA.
  • Surgery with two days of hospitalization without plastic surgery of the skin - $ 7500 USD.
  • Radical intervention with a one-stage skin plastic - $ 1, 00.
  • Surgical biopsy and histological analysis of distant tissues - US $ 1300.
  • Postoperative chemotherapy course - $ 1250.
  • Immunotherapy and targeted treatment - 2000-3000 $ USA.


Most patients who weretreatment of melanoma in Israel, express deep gratitude to medical personnel for their professionalism, attentiveness and high qualification. Many people also note a favorable outcome of treatment and the absence of metastases and complications.

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