Treatment of cancer with soda. Opinions and Feedback


Official oncology science the formation of a malignant tumor associates with the process of atypical and uncontrolled division of cells. The basis of this pathology is a gene mutation. The key treatments are radical surgery, chemotherapy and ionizing radiation.

Soda Cancer Treatmentis an alternative and highly questionable technique. This theory was justified by the Italian physician Tulio Simoncini. It should be borne in mind that scientific evidence of the effectiveness of such therapy does not exist.

Treatment of cancer with soda Tulio Simoncini: information from official sources

Tulio Simoncini is an Italian doctor who specializes in the treatment of oncological pathologies and diseases of the endocrine system. He claims that modern medicine in the field of oncology has come to a standstill and does not offer real methods of curing tumors. According to the doctor, the cause of all cancers lies in the banal fungus, the spread which causes a response of the body in the form of a benign or malignant neoplasms.

The Italian specialist recommends the use of sodium bicarbonate as a universal anti-cancer agent. Soda, unlike other antifungal drugs, has a wide range of effects and does not cause drug addiction. According to Simoncini, the therapeutic substance should be applied directly to the pathological focus. Moreover, the rate of disintegration of the tumor does not allow the fungal infection to adapt to the alkaline environment.

Malignant neoplasms, the location of which does not allow for the external processing of mutated tissues, is exposed to the introduction of sodium bicarbonate through a blood vessel. The definition of a cancerous vascular network is based on data from selective arteriography. This method includes a contrast X-ray study of the affected area, whose purpose is to elucidate the topographic features of the tumor zone.


Features of the use of antifungal drugs in oncology

Traditional pharmaceutical preparations have a positive effect after a single dose, which is explained by the gradual effect of "getting used to" the body. Also, a fungal infection possesses such a property as a permanent mutation of the mycelium.

Unlike the drugs described above, ordinary soda has a harmful effect on the fungus during the entire course of therapy. In addition, sodium bicarbonate in the shortest possible time destroys the structural elements of the fungal mass, thereby allowing it to be used in shock doses.

Using this method, Simoncini recommendscancer treatment with sodacycles of 7-8 days. Dosage should be 5% solution or up to 500 cc. cm. Depending on the weight of the oncological body and the location of the pathological focus, the dose may vary within 20% of the maximum concentration.

Calculation of such indicators was carried out based on the analysis of treatment of patients with the following pathologies:

  • Acute diabetic ketoacidosis.
  • Cardio-respiratory insufficiency.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Chronic renal failure.
  • Peritoneal dialysis.
  • Drug-induced toxicosis.
  • Hepatopathy.

Also, the official page of Tulio Simoncini describes the absolute harmlessness and versatility of cancer treatment sodium bicarbonate, which is shown both in the cutaneous location of the neoplasm and in the oncology of internal bodies.

What's wrong with Tulio Simoncini?

The only correct opinion in this theory is a decrease in the patient's immunity, which provokesCancer. In this regard, numerous modern methods of anticancer therapy are aimed at increasing the body's resistance.

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Disadvantages and danger of cancer treatment with soda

The key problem of such treatment is the loss of precious time oncological. Adequately selected methods of cancer treatmentcontribute to the recovery of the patient or the transition of the disease to the stage of persistent remission.

So Dr. Tulio Simoncini is mistaken in the following cardinal terms:

  1. Tumor tissue consists of mutated cells, which is confirmed by histological and cytological studies.
  2. A solution of soda is not capable of destroying the fungus. It protects nearby tissues from the spread of infection and the attachment of a concomitant bacterial flora.
  3. While the patient is using soda against cancer, atypical cells continue to multiply actively, which leads to an increase in tumor volume and the formation of multiple metastases.

What harm can cancer treatment bring to the health of a cancer patient?

Violent change of acidic environment to alkaline often causes acceleration of this process. In such cases, patients undergo a sharp oncology transition to the terminal stage, when traditional treatment is directed only at the elimination of individual symptoms. In some people, treating cancer with soda can eliminate the itching and irritation of a cancerous focus located in the skin. But such positive results have a short-term effect.

Also, it is impossible to accurately calculate the relatively safe amount of sodium bicarbonate. It should be noted that baking soda is not intended for intravascular injection. Oral intake of soda for a long time changes the composition of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, which, in in turn, is accompanied by a violation of the digestive process and the development of inflammatory changes in the mucosa shell.

Soda Cancer Treatmentcan result in a loss of bacterial balance in the lungs, trachea, liver and urinary system. Such severe pathologies are often dangerous premature death. It was for such side effects Simonchini at one time was deprived of medical diploma and medical license, banned from doing medical practice and even sued to the content in prison conditions.


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