Treatment of lymphoma in Israel - a full range of modern techniques


Israeli specialists are deservedly considered to be one of the best in the world oncology. They are the first to introduce new types of therapy into clinical practice. Turning to the Israeli clinic, the patient already on the third or fourth day gets an accurate diagnosis and detailed treatment program.

For the treatment of lymphomas, a very wide range of procedures is used - chemotherapeutic drugs, drugs targeted therapy, radioimmune therapy, remote radiation therapy, transplantation of own and donor bone marrow.

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About the disease

Lymphoma is a malignant lesion of the lymphatic system, often spreading beyond the primary focus. The main type of cells that is affected in this case are lymphocytes. The disease is divided into two large groups - non-Hodgkin's and Hodgkin's lymphomas. The first group represents up to 85% of all types of lymphomas, the second - about 15%. These groups differ significantly from each other both in etiology and in the methods of therapy.

The main causes of the disease include viral infections (eg, Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis C), genetic factors (family history), insufficient activity of the immune system, autoimmune disorders, and a number of other factors.

The prognosis of treatment is different and is determined by a large set of conditions - the age of the patient, the stage of pathology, blood counts, etc. In general, the prognosis has improved significantly recently with the development of new therapy techniques. Thus, the five-year survival rate of patients with Hodgkin's lymphomas today is at the level of 85-98%, which is much higher than the similar indices typical for the early 2000s.


Diagnosis of lymphoma in Israel

Even the best clinic in Israel for the treatment of lymphoma can not do without a preliminary diagnosis. Methods of research are based on the latest developments. Thus, the treatment of mediastinal lymphoma in Israel can not be imagined without molecular tests that can accurately determine the type of neoplasia. It is thanks to such analyzes that we managed to find out that mediastinal lymphoma, although a subtype of B-cell lymphoma, differs from it in a number of characters.

In addition to molecular methods, in the diagnosis of lymphomas, morphological examination of neoplastic cells, the study of gene expression, immunohistochemical tests are widely used.

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Methods of treatment of lymphoma in Israel

Treatment of lymphoma in children in Israel, as well as in adults, is mainly based on the use ofchemotherapeutic drugs. The standard approach is combined chemotherapy - during the course of the patients infusions of several (two to seven) antitumor drugs are made. Some of the drugs can be taken orally. These include drugs from the group of cytotoxic antibiotics, classical and new alkylating agents, anthracycline derivatives and corticosteroids. Typically, the course is conducted with several intervals of 2-3 weeks. After each cycle, a diagnosis is performed to find out whether the neoplasm responds to therapy.

Treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel with the use of chemotherapy is often accompanied by a so-called tumor lysis syndrome - when dying tissues of the neoplasm are destroyed and cause toxic effects in organism. To control these conditions, a number of preventive measures are carried out aimed at providing hydration and restoring electrolyte balance, preventing renal dysfunction.

Systemic chemotherapy is often combined with innovativetargeted drugs. Thus, treatment of Burkitt's lymphoma in Israel may include a course of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies that attach to the CD20 protein, specific for B-lymphocytes, which leads to their destruction by other cells of the lymphatic system (the so-called "natural killers" NK cells). The use of such drugs allows to achieve complete destruction of all B-lymphocytes, including malignant ones, after which a new population of healthy lymphocytes from lymphoid cells is formed.

After intensive courses of chemotherapy in the high-dose regime, the elements of the hematopoiesis system (bone marrow) can be strongly affected by chemotherapy. In addition, in some cases, chemotherapy drugs are prescribed specifically to destroy both malignant cells and bone marrow, producing lymphocyte-mutants. Therefore, the body after such procedures requires replenishing the stock of healthy stem cells that can form a new bone marrow and subsequently restore the hematopoiesis system. For this purpose, abone marrow transplantation(taken in advance, prior to chemotherapy, or donor). The procedure looks like a simple blood transfusion.

For patients diagnosed with "cellular lymphoma treatment in Israel can be based onradiotherapy. Also, with the help of radiological techniques, treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel is carried out. Irradiation is carried out on modern linear accelerators equipped with the latest generation of collimators, which make it possible to accurately form an ionizing beam of specified power and geometry.

One of the options for radiotherapy isradioimmunotherapy- an innovative method, which is a combination of targeted and radiation therapy. The patient is administered monoclonal antibodies specific for the lymphocyte antigen CD20, which are in conjugated state with the yttrium-90 radioisotope. Such a drug is targeted to malignant lymphocytes and destroys them with beta radiation. The half-life of this isotope is slightly more than 60 hours. Therefore, having accomplished its task, it becomes harmless.

In addition to the above procedures, lymphatic therapy also uses innovative methods such as intrathecal chemotherapy (drugs are injected into the spinal cord to destroy malignant cells that penetrated the CNS), brain irradiation in EBRT mode, immunotherapy. The list of used systemic chemotherapy drugs is constantly replenished. So, relatively recently began to use alkylating drugs based on the derivatives of bis-beta-chloroethylamine. Treatment of follicular lymphoma in Israel, with the introduction of such drugs in combination with monoclonal antibodies, doubled the survival rates of patients.

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Treatment of lymphoma in Israel - prices

Year after year, foreign patients are sent for the treatment of lymphoma in Israel - their testimonials indicate the high quality of the services received and their relatively low price. Thus, the cost of treatment of lymphoma in Israel compared to the clinics of Germany or the UK is lower by at least 25-35%.