Robot operations in Israel: the latest technology for operations


Even yesterday it seemed fantastic: the robot surgeon performs the most complicated surgical interventions, repeatedly increasing the patients' chances of full recovery. With the arrival of high-tech robotic systems in operating Israeli clinics, the number of postoperative complications and medical errors in performing complex operations has dramatically decreased. At the moment, innovative robotic surgeons are actively using in Israeli clinics: the robotic system Spine Assist and the robot surgeon Da Vinci.

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Spine Assistsignificantly facilitates the preparation of a physician for neurosurgical surgery due to a special program for planning the course of intervention. But most importantly - the robot provides the most accurate conduct of surgical operations during the operation on the spine.

Da vinciUsed to perform laparoscopic operations. This installation is equipped with a robotic manipulator, consisting of four robotic arms, each of which performs its function. Their work is controlled by a surgeon through a special console on the control unit. The undoubted advantage of the system is that robotic "hands" can make movements that are not under the power of the hand surgeon, and therefore, surgical manipulations are carried out with extraordinary accuracy, with access to those areas that are inaccessible to the arm rights. Continuous visual control and special sensitivity of the control equipment allow the surgeon to quickly notice and correct the slightest inaccuracies of movements.

Modern surgery is increasingly performed in a minimally invasive, laparoscopic way. This type of surgery is the most sparing for the patient, but it requires the surgeon's maximum accuracy and perfection of movements, because the slightest tremor in the hands is unacceptable. All these requirements provide the capabilities of a robotic surgeon.

Indications and contraindications

Robotic operations in Israel have now ceased to be something unique. Of course, not every surgical intervention requires the use of such high-tech equipment as Da Vinci's robot surgeon or Spine Assist, however, there are cases when the health and even the life of the patient can be saved only with the help of a robotic surgical equipment.

In Israeli clinics, surgical robots are used for operations in such areas of medicine:

  1. Gynecology.
  2. Urology.
  3. Cardiology.
  4. ENT surgery.
  5. Thoracic surgery.
  6. Colorectal surgery.
  7. Spinal surgery.

Accuracy and accuracy, which the robot-surgeon guarantees, are irreplaceable at operations on excision of malignant tumors. For example, a radical hysterectomy (Radical Hysterectomy), which requires jewelry precision movements, lymphoectomy (Omentectomy) and dissection lymph nodes (Lymph Node Dissection) when removing cancerous tumors is much more effective when using a robotic surgeon Yes Vinci.

The scope of the robotic system is quite wide: diagnostic hysteroscopy (Diagnostic Hysteroscopy), thyroidectomy in Israel is conducted using the Da Vinci setup. Also, the device is in demand when it is necessary to perform an operation to remove a tumor of the prostate; Neck Dissection can be performed with its use. When an operation is needed to remove the intervertebral hernia, use the robotic system Spine Assist.

Contraindications to the use of a robotic surgical system can only be general contraindications to the conduct any, even minimally invasive surgical intervention: infectious diseases, large tumor size, intolerance anesthesia.

Preparing for the procedure

In many ways, the preparation for conducting diagnostic or therapeutic manipulations using a robot depends on the diagnosis. However, for any diagnosis,

  • Consultation of the specialized doctor.
  • Consultation of an anesthesiologist.
  • Blood and urine tests.
  • Studies for visualization of the operated organ (ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET-CT). Doctors carefully study the anatomical and topographic features of a particular patient and, taking into account these data, make a detailed plan for the operation.

In addition, each diagnosis requires additional research. For example, operational hysteroscopy in Israel (Operative Hysteroscopy) is performed after an HIV test, a Wasserman reaction, a blood group and a Rh factor of the patient. A patient who is recommended for discectomy in Israel (Disсectomy) is given a chest x-ray.

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Types of operations using robotic installations

Operations on the spine, bones and joints

With pathologies leading to compression of the spinal cord, laminectomy in Israel (Laminectomy) is often performed. In order for the operation to be most successful, the Spine Assist surgical system is often used. Spinal fusion (Spinal Fusion) is an operation that successfully cures scoliosis in Israel (Scoliosis) through the use of the same device.

Partial or complete replacement of the hip joints (Total Hip Replacement), as well as a complete replacement of the knee joint (Total Knee Replacement) are carried out using computer-based navigation systems, the application of which greatly improves the efficiency of the interference.

Thyroid surgery

Removal of thyroid gland tumors should be carried out as precisely as possible, so as not to touch the vital organs located side by side. Thyroidectomy is partial in Israel (Partial Thyroidectomy) and total thyroidectomy in Israel (Total Thyroidectomy) are carried out through small incisions on the skin, through which, with the help of a robotic surgeon, the pathological hearth.

Operations on the digestive system

The abdominal operation using Da Vinci's robotic surgeon is 20% safer than conventional laparoscopic intervention. With the use of the unit, operations are performed to remove tumors in the stomach, pancreas, laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Israel (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) and many others.

Surgery of female genital organs

The robotic surgical device is indispensable in the surgery of female genital organs. Ovarian excision, bilateral / unilateral laparoscopic cystectomy (Bilateral / One Side Laparoscopic Cystectomy), bilateral oophorectomy in Israel (Bilateral Oophorectomy) in leading clinics are conducted using the Da Vinci robot, as well as the total abdominal hysterectomy in Israel (Total Abdominal Hysterectomy).

Breast Surgery

In order to increase the efficiency of surgery while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the breast, lumpectomy (Lumpectomy) and axillary dissection of lymph nodes of ALD (ALND) by Israeli surgeons are performed using Da Vinci's robot. Through its use, the mammary gland is also removed - mastectomy in Israel (Mastectomy).

Advantages of the procedure in Israel

  1. Increase the success of operations.Using the Da Vinci robot increases the success of surgical intervention by 20%. The percentage of successfully performed operations using the Spine Assist robot reaches 98%.
  2. Organ saving operations.The accuracy of the manipulations allows you to maximize the preservation of healthy tissue, without damaging them. In many cases this makes it possible not to remove the whole organ, but only part of it.
  3. Minimally invasive intervention.After carrying out operations using robotic surgeons, there are no large scars and scarring, the recovery time is minimized.

Price list

Operations using robotic surgeons in clinics around the world are more expensive than surgical interventions with the traditional arsenal of operating aids. However, all patients note that prices in Israeli clinics are much lower than in clinics in Europe or the US. The savings for patients is approximately 30-50% without loss of quality and efficiency.

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