Treatment of brain cancer in Israel - effectively and with care for a high standard of living of the patient


Therapy of malignant neoplasms of the brain in Israeli clinics is carried out using the newest techniques that allow you to effectively remove the tumor and maintain a high quality of life rights. The patient gets to highly qualified doctors who have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in clinical practice, and are fluent in the latest techniques and techniques. After several days of preliminary diagnosis, specialists develop an individual therapy plan, and the patient proceeds to the first treatment procedures. Among the latter - the most accurate neurosurgical operations, ultramodern targeted drugs, irradiation on high-precision linear accelerators.

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About the disease

Neoplasms of this type are tumors localized on the surface or directly in the brain tissues. Primary neoplasias include astrocytomas, glioblastomas, medulloblastomas, ependymomas and some other types of tumors. From benign they are characterized by rapid growth and pronounced invasiveness.

The etiology of the disease is diverse, the risk factors include exposure to ionizing radiation, elderly age, hereditary factors. According to statistics, men from such neoplasms suffer more often than women.

Symptoms are expressed in chronic headaches, convulsive seizures, deterioration of sensory perception, motor disorders. Often patients suffer from depression, have psychological and cognitive abnormalities.

Diagnosis of brain cancer in Israel

The best clinics in Israel for the treatment of brain cancer are trying to finish the examination as quickly as possible in order to be able to start therapy. Usually this takes no more than three to four days, and the first meeting with the leading oncologist takes place on the first day after the patient arrives in the country. A wide range of modern methods is used to identify the type of disease.

  • CT or MRI using specific contrast agents.
  • Biopsy of neoplastic tissues and their histological study.
  • Blood test.
  • Investigation of cerebrospinal fluid.
  • The study of clinical symptoms, specific for each type of neoplasm.

Methods of treatment of brain cancer in Israel

The forecast is affected by a fairly large number of factors - the type of neoplasia, its location relative to functionally important the stages of the brain, the stage, the age of the patient and his physical condition, the possibility of carrying out a complete resection of pathological tissues and and so forth. Treatment of brain cancer in Israel is primarily based on surgical techniques and their combination with conservative therapy.

The main taskoperations- removal of the maximum possible volume of malignant tissues with preservation of functionally important brain structures. Open interventions are based on craniotomy - the opening of the skull. Today in neurosurgery, a minimally invasive approach has increasingly become used, with access to tumor tissues without craniotomy, using endoscopic instruments. Microsurgical operations are also carried out, allowing for intervention with striking accuracy.

In some cases, high resection efficiency is achieved by staining the tumor tissue with a special substance capable of fluorescence. It is used as a kind of marker of cancer cells and, based on the results of a number of studies, it improves the results of resection and provides a longer duration of remission.

Radiotherapy TechniquesApply if the tumor can not be removed surgically, and also to improve the prognosis after surgery. Traditional approaches are based on remote radiotherapy, in which irradiation of a specific area of ​​the brain is performed. The dose of irradiation is divided into separate fractions, a full course can include up to several dozen sessions.

Innovative methods of Israeli radiology are based on the use of the latest installationsstereotactic radiosurgery. They have increased accuracy and allow minimizing the effect of radiation on healthy areas of the brain. For some types of neoplasms this method of therapy is preferable. In Israeli clinics, they usually use a Cyber ​​knife, as well as Novalis and Truebeam installations. Separately it is worthwhile to dwell on the Cyberknife - a high-precision computerized system capable of remotely acting on cancer cells. Through this device in Israeli cancer centers, brain tumors of several types are treated at once.

ChemotherapyIt is used to treat small patients who do not receive radiotherapy because of possible side effects. Also, the course of chemotherapeutic drugs can improve the survival rates of patients with primary malignant neoplasms. Today, many types of chemotherapy have been developed (both injectable and oral). Thus, some medicinal substances from the group of alkylating cytostatics are successfully used for the therapy of astrocytomas and glioblastoma - they fight the disease by methylating certain fragments of DNA from cancer cells and disturbing their process replication. The main difference from other antitumor drugs is the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier of the brain and thus reach the tumor tissue.

Corticosteroid preparationsThey are used to relieve the symptoms associated with brain edema, which can provoke glioblastoma.

Immunotherapy- a modern kind of treatment of malignant formations, based on suppression of antigens characteristic for a particular tumor. The method in comparison with traditional chemotherapy differs less toxic effect and high specificity. So, the main obstacle to the body's self-control against glioma cells is the suppression of the tumor by the immune system. By influencing the expression of tumor antigens PD-L1, the CTLA-4 signaling pathway and a number of other regulatory factors, one can stimulate the body's own immune response. Another group of targeted drugs is used in the treatment of glioblastoma and refers to monoclonal antibodies capable of inhibiting the process of angiogenesis of the tumor - the formation of its new blood vessels (the so-called inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF-A).

Asexperimental methodthe possibility of using oncolytic viruses is being studied. They can destroy a cancer cell, and after completing their task, they spread new virions that infect new malignant cells. So, in 2015, for clinical use, a similar vaccine containing the herpes virus and It is able to treat patients with inoperable metastases of melanoma, including those spread in the head brain.

A factor that can dispel the doubts of those who are still preparing to go on cancer treatment the brain in Israel, - reviews of patients who managed to overcome the disease with the help of Israeli specialists. They can be met with words of gratitude, and sincere admiration for the innovative methods used by oncologists.

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* Having received data on the patient's illness, the clinic representative will be able to calculate the exact price for treatment.

Treatment of brain cancer in Israel - prices

How much does the treatment of brain cancer in Israel, always determine individually, because this, as well as the success therapy, many factors affect, starting with the qualification of a specialist and ending with the number and complexity procedures. Also, the cost of treating brain cancer in Israel is affected by such factors, such as the level of comfort of the board, the provision of rehabilitation activities after surgery etc.

The cost of treating brain cancer in Israel compares favorably with a German or American clinic - here, typically, you can save at least 30-35% of the funds.