Tulio Simoncini - cancer treatment. Reviews


Today, there are many considerations and comments on the topic "Tulio Simoncini - cancer treatment". The scientific position of this Italian researcher on the origin and treatment of malignant process is based on three main hypotheses:

  1. Cancer does not depend on any mysterious reasons, such as genetic, immunological, hereditary, etc., as official oncology suggests.
  2. Cancer diseases have the structure of a simple fungal infection caused by Candida Albicans, whose destructive forces penetrate into the deep tissues of the body.
  3. The growth of the fungus that causes cancerous tumors can be treated with injections of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This substance is injected through the catheter directly into the artery.

The effectiveness of the Tulio Simoncini method: for or against?

It is known that a cancerous tumor really creates an acidic environment and contributes to its formation. This is motivated by the fact that malignant process necessarily produces a special type of acidity (lactic and pyruvic acids) in order to inactivate the activity of cytotoxic T cells. They are able to attack cancers only under normal conditions.

Because of this, alkalizing the tumor microenvironment by raising the pH can promote fasting of cancerous tissues, as well as their growth and spread. Thus, baking soda can be a strong alkaline therapeutic agent.

However, many scientists consider the oncologist, doctor of medical sciences Tulio Simoncini charlatan, and his method of treatment is a bluff. He was even charged with the death of one of the patients. But, for the sake of justice, it must be said that no one condemns doctors whose patients die from chemotherapy. And this, unfortunately, happens very often.


Sodium bicarbonate as a therapeutic method for the time being, is mainly used for the treatment of oncological diseases of the digestive tract, the breast, and also the throat.

Official studies of the effect of baking soda on cancer tissues

After the hypothesis of Tulio Simoncini was put forward, studies were conducted in mice on the effect of sodium bicarbonate on tumor cells. During the tests it was established:

  • increasing the pH level actually reduces the risk of spontaneous metastases caused by breast cancer;
  • bicarbonate raises the pH outside the cell, so it does not affect the cellular metabolism;
  • reduces the involvement of lymph nodes in the transport of cancer cells;
  • does not reduce the level of circulating tumor cells;
  • affects the involvement of the liver in the oncology process, thereby preventing the spread of the disease;
  • protects other organs from circulating malignant cells.

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Tulio Simoncini - cancer treatment. Reviews about the book of the doctor

The book describes 18 clinical cases of sodium bicarbonate effectiveness inclusive with a full package of documentation and photos of patients before and after treatment. The author claims that the average success rate is 90%.

Many readers, among whom also scientists-oncologists, flatteringly speak about the book. They refer to the well-known fact that cancer cells feed on sugar, yeast, dairy products, etc. Therefore, the creation of soda alkaline environment positively affects the fight against tumors.

Other competent readers state that the theory has a right to exist, but all the mechanisms of soda influence, as well as clinical protocols for different types of cancer, have not yet been fully investigated. Probably, each patient needs individual consultation and treatment.

Many readers were agitated by the fact that Dr. Tulio Simoncini suspended the license for two years, that he used unauthorized therapeutic methods, that is, not toxic chemotherapy, but bicarbonate sodium. At the same time, he managed to heal with the help of simple baking soda from the oncological disease of two boys, which is proved in the book.

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Tulio Simoncini - cancer treatment. Patient Reviews

As for alternative methods of treatment, in particular soda, the network has many reviews, both good and bad. But one should take into account the fact that people turn to alternative medicine only when conservative treatment is not possible.

The most informative reviews contain such opinions:

  1. Patients note that in some cases it is necessary to undergo an additional examination to establish the microflora of the tumor.

So the sister of one patient shares her story: "After requesting a biopsy for laboratory testing of the specificity of the kidney neoplasm, it was revealed that this is a fungal formation. Antifungal drugs cured the disease in 6 weeks. And most laboratories did not even offer a test for the fungus. "

  1. Other interested in the topic of cancer treatment with alkalinization of the tumor do not doubt the effectiveness of this method. They state that "pH-increasing methods, such as, for example, raw materials and sodium bicarbonate, also counteract cancers."
  2. Doctors emphasize that caution should be exercised when using soda against cancer. After all, maintaining a high pH level in itself can cause metabolic alkalosis and electrolyte imbalance, which is fraught with swelling, influence on heart function and blood pressure level.
  3. Dr. Rob Cohen, MD, cautions that there is no significant scientific evidence to support the treatment of cancer with sodium bicarbonate by the Tulio Simoncini method. Because he uses this method only for patients with certain violations of water balance and mineral metabolism in the body.

Anyway, but the theory of Tulio Simoncini on the treatment of cancer now has many followers and refers to alternative therapy for malignant process.

His hypothesis about sodium bicarbonate is, in principle, true, but the cancer is caused by bacteria that are inside the tumor cells. And this is not a fungus. But alkalinity of soda can kill these microbes and wrap cancer cells in normal ones. The main unresolved issue for today: how exactly can this be done, because bicarbonate is not able to penetrate into the middle of the cell?

And the theme "Tulio Simoncini - cancer treatment. Reviews"Will cause controversy until scientists finally understand the cause of oncology and do not investigate all possible ways of its effective treatment.


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