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Citizens of Russia and Ukraine, other former Soviet republics are often interested in such issues as where Ichilov is located clinic in Israel, the official website, reviews, doctors, a range of services - all this is also among the interests of foreign patients. We will try to cover all these issues.

Ichilov Medical Center

Ichilov Center is an old but still very popular name for the Suraski Medical Center. The complex received its modern name in honor of Elias Suraski, a philanthropist, who devoted much time and energy to the development of education and medicine in Israel. And the old and more popular name Ichilov clinic received in honor of Moshe Ichilov - another major Israeli philanthropist who In the first half of the 20th century he held the post of deputy mayor of the city and made an invaluable contribution to the organization of the system health.

The Ichilov clinic is a huge hospital complex stretching over 150 thousand square meters, which includes three units: Ichilov Hospital directly and Ida Suraski Rehabilitation Center (one of Elias Suraski's relatives), maternity hospital and children Hospital. Since 2016, the hospital complex is run by Professor Gabriel Barabash.

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The polyclinic was founded in the early 1960s as a medical facility serving Tel Aviv residents and environs. The architect of the building was Arye Sharon - holder of the Israel Architecture Prize in 1962, one of the creators and propagandists of the Bauhaus style.

Here not only treat patients, the complex is the center of scientific medical research and training of medical personnel - Here you can often see employees and students of Tel-Aviv University and nurses studying at the Nursing School Shawnborn.


In the beginning of 2010 the clinic received a new building - a 13-storey building, 4 floors of which are located underground and are capable of withstanding even air bombardment and chemical attacks. The body can simultaneously accommodate up to 1000 patients in the hospitalization mode. The cost of erecting it exceeded $ 100 million, part of the funds was made by Sammi Ofer, an Israeli philanthropist and a large businessman.

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The best place to learn about the full range of services provided by the Ichilov clinic in Israel is the official website. Find it simply - you need to dial in any search engine "Ichilov Israel clinic site." It's enough to spend 20 minutes on the Internet to find out information about such issues as the place, where the clinic Ichilov, Israel, the official site, prices, qualifications of the hospital specialists, e.

To services of foreign guests - numerous hotels near the clinic Ichilov, Israel. Within a radius of several hundred meters from the center you can find more than 10 hotels and apartments of 4-5 stars level. Important information for those who are interested in the Ichilov clinic in Israel: the prices for accommodation in hotels located in close to the medical center, is slightly higher than in the apartments, located on some removal.

Today the clinic has several departments, in which patients with different diseases are treated.

Children Hospital

The children's hospital treats small patients of different ages - from newborns to those already approaching adulthood. Specialists of the unit strive to provide the youngest patients with everything they need, including comfortable living conditions, oriented to specific medical needs, physical and emotional support. It is one of the most equipped children's medical centers in the world. There is everything you need for a child - bathrooms and shower cabins, TV and telephone, game rooms, etc. Parents, if they wish, can stay in the ward with the child.

Surgery department

The surgical department specializes in multidisciplinary patient care - diagnosis, consultations, surgical interventions and postoperative care. Here, leading experts work in such areas as surgical treatment of cancer, thoracic, cardiovascular, complex plastic and reconstructive surgery, bone marrow transplantation, orthopedics.

Department of Internal Diseases

In the department patients with cardiovascular diseases, immune disorders are treated, specialists in dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, etc. work. Here, in addition to specialists with many years of experience, there are many talented interns who graduated from medical faculties of Israeli universities.

Maternity hospital

The maternity home and maternity center are the main medical unit providing the services of the population of the Israeli capital. Here, women of all ages receive assistance related to issues of fertility, diagnosis and treatment gynecological diseases (including cancer), are observed during pregnancy and give birth children.

Rehabilitation Center

In the rehabilitation unit, patients are restored after surgery and invasive procedures. They come here for rehabilitation and patients from other medical centers, including from abroad. Here you can get help in the field of geriatrics, work and physiotherapy.

Center for Radiation Diagnostics

In the department of radiation diagnosis, more than 300 000 studies are carried out every year using the latest tomographs and ultrasound equipment.

Center for Laboratory Research

Here they provide a full range of services related to diagnostics. Modern research equipment is installed here, allowing to conduct a survey of patients with using high technology - from molecular tests to genetic research. Many specialists of the department have academic degrees and defended their doctoral dissertations on medicine.

Department of service and support

People who came to Israel for treatment, the Ichilov clinic provides services for the organization communication, translation, provision of the needs of the disabled, information support, leasing of medical equipment etc.

Reviews about the Ichilov clinic in Israel - the most positive. So, in the case of citizens assisted by the Ichilov clinic, Israel, reviews of cancer treatment are filled with words of gratitude towards Israeli doctors and admiration for the latest methods used here. The hospital hospitably opens its doors to everyone - it's very easy to get here. Suffice it to remember the address: Israel, Tel-Aviv, Ichilov clinic. Suraski Hospital - Ihilov, Israel, is waiting for you!

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