Treatment of astrocytomas in Israel by advanced methods


Astrocytoma, especially its aggressive forms, are considered one of the most common and at the same time dangerous brain tumors. Left without proper treatment, they can cause serious neurological and mental disorders, and in neglected form they can lead to disability and even death. To prevent a sad outcome, it is enough to undergo treatment in timeastrocytomas in Israel, reviews of which serve as the best proof of its effectiveness.Impressive results in the therapy of brain tumors are achieved here thanks to cooperation with oncologists and neurosurgeons of the world level, the use of advanced anti-cancer techniques that can handle even the most complex cases, and the latest equipment that provides high accuracy of diagnosis and safety of surgical interference. Patients diagnosed with "astrocytoma of the brain" in Israelallows you to completely get rid of a dangerous tumor and avoid its complications.

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What is an astrocytoma: its types and main signs

An astrocytoma is a tumor that originates from astrocytes - auxiliary cells of the neural tissue of the brain that perform a protective function and prevent damage to neurons. It can develop in any part of the brain. In adults, such neoplasms are most often detected in the white matter of the cerebral hemispheres, in children in the cerebellum and cerebral table, less often in the optic nerve.

There are four types of astrocyte, depending on the degree of their malignancy. The most harmless is the pilocity astrocytoma - it slowly grows and never grows into surrounding tissue, but can reach large sizes, squeezing the brain and provoking a neurological symptomatology. The fibrillar astrocytoma, which usually appears in the white matter of the brain, is slightly more aggressive and has blurred boundaries, making it difficult to completely remove it. The most dangerous are anaplastic astrocytoma and glioblastoma, which, respectively, have a third and fourth degree of malignancy. Such tumors are prone to rapid growth, do not have clear boundaries and often spread to neighboring tissues.

For malignant neoplasms of the brain, both general and focal manifestations are characteristic. General are independent of the location of the tumor and are due mainly to increased intracranial pressure and the toxic effect on the body of the products of decay of cancer cells. These include permanent headaches that are not stopped by medication, attacks of nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, double vision, mood swings, impaired concentration, chronic fatigue. In some situations, convulsions and epileptic seizures may occur.


Focal symptomatology depends on which of the brain structures affects the oncological process. When it is localized in the hemispheres, sensitivity may decrease and muscle weakness in the limbs develop. If the tumor has appeared in the cerebellum or squeezes its tissues, the vestibular apparatus is disrupted, which is expressed in problems with coordination of movements and balance. A person with an astrocytoma in the frontal lobe may experience deterioration of cognitive functions, increased excitability, attacks of aggression, weakness and apathy.

Tumors of the temporal lobe are fraught with speech impairment, olfactory, auditory and taste hallucinations, occipital area - vision problems up to its complete loss. When located in the parietal lobe astrocytoma can provoke a disorder of the letter and fine motor skills of the hands.

How is astrocytoma diagnosed in Israel?

To find the most effective therapy, clinics in Israel for the treatment of astrocytomasnecessarily conduct a comprehensive examination of each patient. Performed by first-class specialists on ultra-sensitive equipment, it allows a high degree of to determine the type of malignant neoplasm of the brain, the degree of its aggressiveness, the size and location.

In Israeli clinics, all necessary diagnostic measures are carried out within three to four working days, which allows doctors, having received the necessary data on the disease and the condition of the patient, to proceed as soon as possible treatment. Considering the variety of astrocytoma manifestations, the patient undergoes examination at once from several specialists: neurologist, neurosurgeon, oncologist, ophthalmologist and others. Each of the doctors conducts the necessary tests and examinations, after which they collectively determine the list of diagnostic studies needed to clarify the diagnosis and clarify the pathology picture.

If the patient has with him samples of tissues previously taken for examination in other clinics, they are poisoned for revision to the Israeli histological laboratory.

Instrumental diagnostics in case of suspicion of an astrocyte, as a rule, begins with a computed tomography, which allows to detect a pathological formation in the brain. To determine its exact dimensions, boundaries, depth of occurrence and location, including to the parts of the brain responsible for vital functions, conduct magnetic resonance tomography. The type of tumor and the degree of its malignancy are assessed using a biopsy, which involves sampling a tumor tissue for later investigation in the laboratory.

If there are signs of the development of a metastatic process, a positron emission tomography is assigned that identifies the smallest tumor sites in neighboring and remote organs. In some cases, angiography of the brain can additionally be performed to correctly plan the surgical treatment of astrocytoma in the Israeli clinic.

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The main methods of astrocytoma treatment in Israel

The plan of action is determined by doctors taking into account the type of tumor, its localization and aggressiveness, the nature of the oncological process, the age and condition of the patient. The most common treatment for astrocytoma of the brain in Israel - reviews of numerous patients confirm this - is complex and involves the consistent use of several anti-cancer methods.

Surgeryis the preferred option in the fight against malignant brain tumors. It is most effective in the case of formations that have clear boundaries and do not affect the parts of the brain responsible for vital functions. If possible, the neurosurgeon completely removes the astrocytoma, and in situations where this is not possible - for example, when sprouting into the surrounding structure, - conducts its partial resection, excising the maximum volume of pathological tissues, further continuing treatment by others methods.

Neurosurgical operations are considered to be one of the most difficult, because they involve the risk of damage to critical brain structures. To ensure the safety of such interference, Israeli specialists use microsurgical techniques, high-precision medical equipment, including robotic equipment, and the newest systems of intraoperative navigation.

In particularly difficult cases, when the tumor is located near the brain areas responsible for vital functions, Israeli neurosurgeons perform unique operations under local anesthesia, during which the patient is in full consciousness. During such an intervention, doctors continuously test the reactions of the brain operated by stimulation with electrical impulses and control its basic functions: they talk to the patient, ask him questions, ask them to do certain things actions. This allows surgeons to remove most of the tumor without disturbing brain function.

Radiation treatmentastrocytomas in Israelmainly used as an auxiliary method after surgery, especially if the removal of the tumor was partial, with its help destroy cancer cells that could remain in the operating field and in the future provoke relapse.

With inoperable neoplasms of the brain, radiotherapy can act as the main treatment. In this case, turn to its progressive version - stereotactic radiosurgery, which involves a single exposure to the tumor with high doses of ionizing radiation. Radiation rays penetrate the brain from different angles, crossing clearly within the boundaries of education. At the same time, healthy tissues receive minimal radiation load, which does not pose a danger to them.

Chemotherapyalso applies in addition to the operation. In children, it is used as a substitute for radiation treatment, which is contraindicated in children under the age of three because of the risk of irreversible brain damage. In such cases, it serves as the main method of treatment.

Chemotherapeutic treatment of astrocytomas of the brain in Israel is carried out with new generation drugs that have high anticancer activity and a minimal set of side effects.

Treatment of astrocytomas in Israel: prices

Israeli clinics attract patients from all over the world not only with the highest level of medical care, but also by the comparative accessibility of their services. Prices for treatment and diagnostic procedures here are at least 30-50% lower than in hospitals of the same level in Western Europe and the United States.

In each case, the price is calculated individually, taking into account the type of tumor, its size, location and stage of the disease. Therefore, in order to name the exact cost of astrocytoma treatment in Israel, doctors first conduct the necessary laboratory and instrumental studies and make up a therapeutic plan.

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