Advantages and disadvantages of cancer treatment in Israel


With the development of international medical tourism, Israel has firmly established itself as a leader in the field of cancer therapy. Every year people come here from different countries who need oncology treatment in Israel, where clinics have long been oriented to providing services to foreign citizens. Far from being the most recent factor for patients, prices are. Here it is possible to undergo therapy using the latest high-tech techniques and at the same timepay 30-40% less, than for similar medical services in Germany or the UK.

Therapy of oncological diseases in the country is carried out using innovative methods such as stereotactic radiosurgery, targeted and immune therapy, endoscopic operations, cryosurgery etc.

Why do Russian-speaking tourists choose oncology treatment in Israel?

Of course, the determining factor for patients going to treatment is the cost of a full range of medical services. And this applies not only to Russian-speaking tourists - they come here to be treated from the United States, Western Europe. Israel has found its niche in the field of international medical tourism and enjoys its advantages, providing foreign tourists with quality medical services at an affordable price.

  • Very highly skilled oncologists work here - before starting to practice medicine, a specialist must be weaned for several years, and then go through specialization. Many Israeli doctors practice in the world's leading clinics, go for further training in the oncological centers of the USA, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.
  • High equipping of Israeli clinics with modern equipment is another undeniable advantage. It is very important in oncology - to use advanced technologies that are at the forefront of world medical research. The methods of treatment that Israeli doctors already own today, in most CIS countries will be widely used only in years, perhaps decades.
  • For citizens of the former union republics provides the most favorable conditions - for example, for residents of Ukraine and Russia operates a visa-free regime. Favorable geographical location allows you to fly quickly to the country from anywhere in the world.

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Medical tourism in - what you need to know: expert advice

Those who are going to treatment in Israel, the best clinics provide a personal case manager. Therefore, it is not necessary to take care of the organization of the diagnostic and treatment process independently.

The main thing is to choose a good clinic. As a rule, they are all certified by international non-profit organizations like JCI, a structure that controls the quality of medical services in more than 100 countries. Many hospitals have their own international departments, which help foreign tourists in organizing a trip.

Most patients prefer to use the services of intermediary organizations - official representatives clinics, they provide full support, from the transfer from the airport to the transfer of medical documentation. Such services are especially in demand among people who come to the treatment of children's oncology in Israel - parents young patients have no time to take care of all the intricacies of the organization, and this task is taken on by employees international department.

For patients wishing to undergo treatment without intermediaries, prices are practically the same - so it is more convenient to use the services of specialized companies. If you go to be treated yourself, the savings are almost invisible, but the time and effort are significantly higher.

Whether it's the best clinic in Israel, reviews of its patients about the treatment of melanoma can not always be easily found. Therefore, if you choose a medical center, prices and reviews are better to be learned in the same international department.

Stages of organization

The process in all clinics is approximately the same. You contact the international department, negotiate all the details and arrive in the country. Already at the airport you are met by a representative of the clinic and taken to the hotel. There you are located at the time of the diagnosis. The latter takes several days. You, along with the case manager, go to the clinic for a consultation with an oncologist. The doctor gets acquainted with the history of the disease, prescribes the necessary diagnostic procedures.


Upon completion of the diagnosis, a consultation is planned, experts collectively determine the final diagnosis and select the most promising methods of treatment. The process of diagnosis and therapy is closely watched by your case manager - he is engaged in translation of medical documents, coordinates the doctors, and also resolves organizational questions.

Advanced treatments

For patients who have already undergone oncology treatment, the advantages of Israeli clinics are obvious. First of all, this is the modern level of medicine. It is difficult to find another country where the most innovative scientific developments are concentrated and are being introduced into clinical practice at the same speed. We list only a small part of such innovations.

  • Minimally invasive operations - endoscopic interventions to remove malignant tumors without an open incision. All tools are entered through several punctures.
  • Robotic surgery - precise operations using robotic surgeons (example - "four-armed" robot Da Vinci, through which in Israeli clinics remove benign and malignant tumor).
  • Modern linear accelerators. With their help, you can even conduct treatment for oncology of the 4th stage in Israel - accurately acting on pathological cells, ionizing radiation destroys the source of the disease. Stereotactic radiosurgery is widely used in the treatment of glioma.
  • Target drugs - the newest direction of procedures of malignant pathologies, based on the use of drugs, pointwise destroying cancer cells. With the help of targeted therapy, cancer with metastases is treated, and they can also be used for relapses of the disease.
  • Ablative procedures - a method based on the use of high and low temperatures, electric current, microwave radiation and other physical and chemical processes. Israeli specialists remove neoplasms, acting on them with a laser, high-frequency electric current, aggressive chemical agents, focused ultrasound, etc.

We evolve myths

Among the patients, considering for themselves as one of the options treatment in Israeli clinics, there are many myths. Some are based on the experience of foreign tourists, received back in the late 20th century, some are completely unfounded. Let's try to make out the most common misconceptions.

Myth # 1 - language barrier

Indeed, the idea that you have to communicate with a foreign doctor, stumped, especially if you do not even know English. But there is no such problem in Israeli clinics. Most of Israelis speak beautifully in Russian. This applies to doctors and medical personnel of clinics. To find an oncologist who does not know Russian, still need to try. Also, Israeli specialists for the most part also know English.

Myth number 2 - scams

Some are afraid that they will be deceived. This myth is based on the experience of people who once went to Israel and came across rascals. Indeed, earlier this has sometimes happened, especially at the dawn of the era of medical tourism, when the Internet has not yet entered every house. Information about the scammers was nowhere to be found, so unclean "intermediaries" used the complete ignorance of people in this matter.

Today, everyone can be convinced of the integrity of organizations that help foreign patients choose a clinic and a doctor. They have their own sites, they write reviews about them, they come in specialized professional communities. It is worth spending 10 minutes of time, and you will be able to determine with high probability who is offering you your services - a respected company that values ​​its reputation, or rogues.

The same goes for clinics - each of them has a website with contact information. The site lists the doctors who work in the center. If you want, you can call one of the phones, talk with a consultant and dispel your doubts.

Myth # 3 - rising prices

Some think that the agreed price will certainly grow. Israeli medicine has developed over the centuries, the doctor here is a respected and well-paid profession. Once deceived the patient, he will never be able to regain his good name, and therefore extremely values ​​his reputation both in the professional environment and among the sick.

The cost of this or that procedure is always stipulated in advance, it is completely transparent and does not subsequently increase. You pay only the amount that you agreed initially - this is the law in Israeli clinics. Therefore, prices for diagnostics, as well as for the treatment procedures themselves, do not change without the patient's knowledge.

Myth # 4 - turns

No, you do not have to, as in the Russian polyclinic, sit in the corridor in a crowded queue. This is not even in the state Israeli clinics, where medical insurance is being treated. We do not need to talk about private clinics - the whole process of treatment there is organized up to the smallest detail, everything is arranged in such a way as to save the patient's time as much as possible.

Dry statistics

  • According to the International Center for Cancer Research, Israel for the frequency of oncological diseases is19th placein the world - far beyond the US and most of the leading European countries. In many respects such high indicators are based on preventive measures and screening diagnostics, early detection of malignant pathologies and excellent procedures.
  • According to the Ministry of Health in 2009, in Israel -one of the highestfive-year survival rates of cancer patients in the world (about 61-67%). And this figure continues to show positive dynamics (over the decade it has risen by about 10%). Such an oncological disease, like lung cancer, has a very high remission rate, one of the highest in the world.
  • According to Aaron Cechanover, a member of the Israel Association for the Treatment of Oncology and Nobel laureate, the five-year survival of patients under the age of 19 is85%.
  • The death rate from cancer in the country over the past 20 yearsdecreased by 25%. And in the center of Israel, due to the large number of modern clinics, this figure is even better.
  • The average clinical experience of Israeli oncologists is10 years and above. Specialists with such extensive experience in cancer diagnostics and therapy in Russia, for example, can be found only in the largest specialized centers.
  • The effectiveness of malignant diseases in children in Israel is at the level of80%and higher.

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* Having received data on the patient's illness, the clinic representative will be able to calculate the exact price for treatment.

Clinics that specialize in oncology

There are medical centers in the country that specialize specifically in the therapy of cancer. Perhaps the most famous of them is the Davidoff Center - one of the most innovative in Israel. On the basis of the clinic, advanced medical research is conducted, radio and biotherapy units operate here, and a psychological support service operates. There are five different innovative radiotherapy units in the radiotherapy unit alone.

Most other centers are part of large clinics and are represented by oncology departments and departments of oncohematology. Each such department is equipped not worse than the most modern specialized oncological center.

What is the effectiveness of treatment?

Every year thousands of tourists choose for themselves the treatment of oncology in Israel - the reviews say about the high effectiveness of therapy. It is based primarily on the introduction of new technologies. There are several research centers in the country dealing with cancer therapy. Israeli specialists participate in international conferences, publish the results of their research in specialized scientific journals. Behind the back of Israeli oncology stands a powerful scientific and technical potential, due to this, here the indicators of the effectiveness of cancer therapy are among the highest in the world.

Treatment and diagnosis of oncology in Israel are based on the use of the latest achievements a large complex of scientific disciplines - chemistry and biology, immunology and pharmaceutics, radiology and surgery. A similar level of development of oncology is observed except in some countries of the Asian region. For example, let's take oncology treatment in China - a comparison with Israel and South Korea here is clearly not in favor of the Celestial Empire. But South Korean medicine is approaching the level of development to Israeli, although it can not offer foreign patients the same acceptable prices.

How are the results of therapy controlled?

About controlling how cancer is treated, patients' testimonials speak best. Each of them undergoes studies to assess the dynamics of the disease, to check how effective these or other chemotherapy drugs are. If necessary, the treatment program is adjusted to match the clinical picture in the best possible way.

To monitor the patient's condition, a wide range of methods is used-radiation diagnostics in several types of tomographs (CT, PET-CT, MRI), blood tests, histopathological examinations, ultrasound. The slightest change in your state will not go unnoticed.

At the end of the treatment the doctor continues to communicate with the patient, if necessary, gives recommendations in a remote mode.

The cost of therapy and payment methods

The determining factor for those who are going to treatment in Israel is the cost. How much treatment costs depends on various circumstances, including the age and condition of the patient, the stage of the disease, and so on. But the final cost is always lower than in Europe or the USA. For example, comparing the treatment of oncology in Germany or Israel, it is easy to see that the difference in costs can reach 30-40%. Therefore, the question of where to get money for treatment is not worth it - the cost of services in Israeli clinics is available to a wide range of foreign patients.

The unconditional plus, which the medicine of Israel possesses, is prices; reviews about the saved budget can be found on almost any Internet resource dedicated to medical tourism and Israeli clinics. As a rule, each procedure is paid separately, no prepayment is required. Methods of payment - virtually any, from cash and ending with electronic money.

How to choose a clinic and a doctor

Independently to choose is not recommended, as for this it is necessary to know all the specifics of the organization of the medical process in the country. Some clinics - state, others - private, some doctors willingly help foreign tourists, others may have no free time at all. In the meantime, the patient will finally find the appropriate option, precious time can be missed.

Therefore, it is better to use the help of specialists who are familiar with all the intricacies, have long been in contact with doctors and clinics and have many years of experience in the organization of treatment oncology patients.

How to get to the Israeli clinic?

Any clinic in the Promised Land is open to foreign patients. Independently to solve a question how to get to Israel on treatment of an oncology, it is possible, though also is time-consuming. Typically, you will need to contact the international department whose consultations, including targeting at prices, available therapies, the location of the clinic and and so forth. You will only have to take a plane ticket - upon arrival at the clinic you will already be waiting.


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