What should I do if my birthmark falls off?


If a person is deformed orthe birthmark fell off, then he needs to consult an oncologist. Such changes in the structure of the nevus may sometimes indicate malignancy (malignant degeneration) of the birthmark. Cancer transformation leads to the formation of melanoma - one of the most dangerous tumors. Such a neoplasm already at the initial stages of development is able to metastasize through the lymphatic and circulatory systems.


The disconnection of the part of the nevus occurs for the following reasons:

  1. Mechanical trauma of pigment spots with a blade, razor or metal parts of clothing.
  2. Malignant degeneration, in which normal cells mutate and begin to atypically divide, while increasing in size.
  3. Benign processes in the nevus. In such cases, the need for treatment is determined by the oncologist.
  4. Violation of blood circulation in education.

Why does a mole fall off in pieces?

Partial decay of the nevus occurs for the following reasons:

  1. Violation of its blood supply after intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation or chronic friction "flies" about clothing. This, in fact, benign processes.
  2. Malignant nevus transformation in melanoma. The pathology, in which the birthmark has fallen off, is accompanied by reddening, ecdysis and soreness of the surrounding skin.

In each case, the patient should collect the fallen parts and undergo an examination in the oncologist. The biological material is subject to histological analysis.

In what cases can this be a sign of cancer?

In oncologic practice it is recognized to distinguish the following signs of malignancy of the nevus:

  1. Change the shape and size of the birthmark. Cancerous degeneration of a nevus, as a rule, is accompanied by a darkening and an increase in pigmented tissues.
  2. Increased peeling and intense itching of the pathological area of ​​the skin.
  3. The formation of bleeding ulcers and erosion.
  4. The presence of pain syndrome, which tends to increase the number of painful attacks.

If the hanging mole falls off

The mole falls away for several reasons:

  1. This neoplasm is not a traditional nevus, but an ordinary papilloma. By the color of "old" papillomas can strongly resemble a birthmark. However, their appearance is more appropriate for cauliflower.
  2. Changing the hormonal background provokes the disappearance of skin formation.
  3. The possibility of malignant transformation of the birthmark. This is the worst reason. Therefore, in any case, if you notice that the birthmark has fallen off, it is better to consult a dermatologist-oncologist for advice.

If on a birthmark a crust fell off

Covering the birthmark with a scaly crust and its spontaneous dropout can be a sign of skin cancer - melanoma.

Therefore, one should be especially careful with such features:

  1. the surface crust of formation has shades from dark gray to brown or bright red;
  2. when the crust was formed, the mole began to itch or flake off;
  3. the upper layer of the nevus fell off, and the bleeding or flow of a white clear liquid started;
  4. a pathological place has an unpleasant odor;
  5. if the crust has disappeared due to accidental injury, but does not heal or change in shape or color for a long time.

If the birthmark withered and fell off

Sometimes a birthmark, usually a hanging birthmark, is itself able to diminish in size and fall off. The provoking factors are:

  1. A natural positive regression of benign education;
  2. Absence of a sufficient level of blood flow and, accordingly, a decrease in nutrition and the dying off of the neoplasm;
  3. Changing the cellular structure of the nevus, which caused his death.

But in any case, if the birthmark has fallen off, it is better to pass the examination and make sure of the safety of a particular case. After all, if a normal nevi is changed or falls off, not hanging papilloma, then this may indicate a cancerous degeneration of the birthmark. And this condition can last a long time, right up to the full malignancy of the birthmark. On the site of cancer nevi remains a wound that causes discomfort.

If the mole has turned black and fell off

The color change of the birthmark and its death must necessarily alert the person. This can be the result of both natural phenomena and mutational degeneration.

Safe blackening and dying out are possible only when this process is not sudden, but lasts a long time. The most likely cause is the hormonal factor (puberty, menopause or pregnancy in women, older age in men).

About a malignant condition they say:

  1. Simultaneous blackening, inflammation, pain, enlargement, asymmetry, itching.
  2. Falling and ulceration.

First aid

If a nevus is lost, it is necessary immediately:

  1. Stop the blood.
  2. Dampen the bandage with hydrogen peroxide and apply to the wound.
  3. Seal the place with adhesive tape and contact the clinic as soon as possible!

What to do and when to see a doctor?

Immediately after the birthmark has fallen off, you should immediately give yourself first aid. Also, it is advisable immediately to place the missing piece of the nevus in saline (salt water) so that it is possible to conduct a histological study of the biomaterial.

After this, you should immediately make an appointment with a dermatologist-oncologist. If the fallen piece disappears, the doctor will take tests from the remaining wound.

What is included in the diagnosis?

After the patient has applied for medical assistance, his examination is carried out in this order:

  • Collection of anamnesis of the disease:

The doctor finds out the medical history, the presence of subjective complaints and the existence of a genetic predisposition to oncological diseases.

  • Visual inspection of the pathological area of ​​the skin:

In this case, the oncologist is interested in the presence of darkening of the nevus, a change in its structure, reddening and peeling of the epidermis.

  • Biopsy:

Surgical sampling of a small area of ​​the pigmentation spot and its subsequent histological analysis is considered a reliable method of establishing a definitive diagnosis.

  • X-ray examination, computer and magnetic resonance imaging:

These additional techniques are aimed at detecting metastases in regional lymph nodes and distant organs.

Tactics of treatment

Timely diagnosis of malignant degeneration of skin lesions serves as a pledge of successful anti-cancer treatment.

Treatment of melanoma at the initial stage is carried out in this way:

  1. Surgical operation to remove mutated tissues and parts of nearby healthy tissue. Radical intervention is usually performed under local anesthesia.
  2. Radiation therapy in the form of exposure to pathology with highly active radiologic radiation. This technique helps stabilize the processes of atypical division of mutated tissues. This creates conditions for the successful conduct of surgical treatment.
  3. Chemotherapy. The patient receives a course of receiving cytotoxic drugs if there is a suspicion of a metastatic spread of cancer cells.

Forecast and what to expect?

If detaching a piece of "fly" has no signs of a cancerous transformation, then the outlook is favorable. In such cases, it is advisable for a person to undergo a repeat preventive examination in a year after the oncologist.

Cancerous nevus degeneration, in general, also has a positive prognosis. After the timely treatment of the patient with a complaint: "the birthmark has fallen off" and the right treatment, a person can expect a complete cure.