What happens if you tear off a mole?


Birthmark or in medical terminology - "nevus" is a neoplasm on skin of light brown or brown color, consisting of melanin and cells - melanocytes. The birthmark itself does not initially carry any danger in itself. But there are factors in which this formation can degenerate into melanoma - a skin tumor of a malignant nature.

Some factors, of course, are a myth about birthmarks, but not without a grain of truth. Oncologists on medical parameters do not recommend traumatizing birthmarks in order to avoid their degeneration into skin cancer. But, what will happen if you tear off a mole and what are you afraid of in this case?

Why can not you rip off moles?

"Flies" by their nature are benign formations that arose due to a failure in the development of the upper layer of skin cells. To the nevus provoked a cancer, for this enough external influence on it harmful ultraviolet. Also, very serious reasons are genetic predisposition (in the family were cancer patients) or permanent damage to the birthmark.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to rip off moles, tear them off, shave off or bandage them. Do not remove unwanted nevi by yourself. This is dangerous both for health and for life!

With constant mechanical action on the mole (contact with clothing, ripping off or cutting) can occur its inflammation, suppuration and, as a result - malignant transformation in melanoma. But if, for example, a man tore off his birthmark once and took care of its disinfection, then the risk of getting cancer is reduced.

What if I tore my birthmark?

In this case, do not be scared at once. The right actions in this unpleasant and painful process will secure you.

It is necessary:

  1. Give yourself first aid.
  2. Visit the cabinet of the profile doctor. To the doctor on reception it is desirable to come with a fragment of a birthmark or the whole nevus if all the tumor has been ripped off.
  3. Study of a birthmark. The necessary analyzes and examinations are made to reveal the nature of education - malignant or benign.
  4. Excision of the birthmark. The doctor, depending on the tests, will recommend the most appropriate option for removing your injured birthmark.


Remember that in such an unpleasant situation, first of all you must first of all provide yourself with the first medical help (as it is do the right thing, described in the article: "What to do if the birthmark falls off?"), and then immediately go to the doctor dermatologist-oncologist!

If the blood went

Trauma of the birthmark in the form of stripping occurs during dressing, during hygienic manipulations, including bathing, and also with active games with the kids. If you tear off the nevus, then blood will go, like a natural reaction of the body to the wound.

Most often, pigmented education is ripped off by children and women, in most cases by accident. Usually, the blood goes, if a woman tore off the mole with a fingernail, touched the comb or adornment, during epilation or when changing clothes. Often the nevus touches their claws with pets while playing with them.

If the birthmark is bleeding, you should immediately give yourself first aid (described below), and go to a doctor who will determine the extent of the injury, assign a change analyzes, including the histology of the mole, if there are prerequisites for melanoma, and will also direct to the removal of the nevus, if it is potentially hazardous to health rights.

First aid

If a mole is injured (torn off), then before going to see a doctor, you need to give yourself first aid:

  1. Stop the blood. Soak a sterile cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide and attach to a torn mole for 15 - 20 minutes. If the blood goes badly, tampons should be periodically changed. If the mole continues to bleed after 30 minutes, you should immediately go to the clinic, or call an ambulance!
  2. After stopping the blood to the site of damage, a tampon impregnated with an antiseptic should be applied so that the infection does not get into the wound and the band is covered with adhesive tape.
  3. If the birthmark is completely ruptured or if only a tear occurred, it is necessary to provide this material for research on the presence of cancer cells, keeping it in saline solution (saline solution is also suitable).

Appearance to the doctor - it is obligatory to reveal and appropriate treatment or removal of the birthmark to prevent the development of melanoma.

When and to which doctor should I apply?

When a mole injury occurs, it is necessary to apply for help to a medical institution as quickly as possible in order to consult a specialist dermatologist, surgeon or oncologist. At the consultation, the doctor will examine the ripped mole, hold a dermatoscopy and prescribe a treatment or removal of education.

If the "fly" is benign, then do not worry.

What should I do if a child tears off a mole?

Very often children, exploring themselves, show an interest in birthmarks on the skin, especially if the nevus is convex, large or hanging. The child can accidentally injure (scratch, tear off or tear off) a mole. Parents should tell the kid about the importance of these spots on the body and warn them not to touch them.

Also, you need to often inspect the state of birthmarks of your child, in case of injury, to give him first aid - to stop the blood, treat "Chlorhexidine" and seal with adhesive tape. It is necessary to show the child to the children's dermatologist, who will decide what to do with the mole - to remove or not to touch, if this is a single case of a trauma to the neoplasm.

Possible consequences

To date, medical research has clarified the nature of the formation of skin cancer. Although melanoma itself is not cancer, but rather its pathology, which provokes the spread of cancer cells. In addition, scientists have identified the factors of formation of moles, as well as the possible risks associated with this process.

Children are frightened from childhood that if the birthmark is damaged, then it will necessarily develop into cancer. This does not fully correspond to the truth, although a certain percentage still exists. If some provoking factors are added to the trauma of the nevus, the degeneration of the birthmark in melanoma will be possible.

When ripping off the "dangerous" pigmented formation, spontaneous division of cells - melanocytes, which form a tumor of a malignant nature - can occur. In addition, the torn rodinka can become inflamed, festering, unpleasant painful sensations and, as a result, the transformation of benign formation into malignant will begin.

You need to know about what will happen if you tear off a birthmark and treat it very cautiously! In addition, it is better to entrust your health to experienced doctors than to go to folk healers, in the hope of defeating the disease that has arisen, or even worse, self-medicate!