Why do birthmarks come from the sun?


Have you noticed that moles from the sun often appeared? This indicates the fact of non-observance of the rules of staying in direct sunlight. In spring and summer, people are often in the sun. Warm weather encourages you to rejoice in the coming season, and the heat that follows is to go to the beach. Under the influence of a positive mood, people do not think about the consequences of being in the sun.

Ultraviolet and its harmful effects on the skin

Multiple studies have emphasized the fact of the formation of nevuses due to the ingress of ultraviolet rays onto the skin. In almost 80% of all cases, this is due to excessive sun exposure. This is confirmed by pigmented spots, black moles and freckles. The process is due to the excessive accumulation of atypical elastin. This leads to collagen damage.

Overdrying the skin leads to the formation of wrinkles. There is a high risk of developing a malignant lesion (melanoma). People living in areas with a high degree of ultraviolet light, often have cancer.

Who is at risk?

The risk of developing new nevuses is preserved in people whose skin covers are rich in melanin content. A person who has a swarthy skin is not so much exposed to the harmful effects of radiation. The danger remains for people with light skin.

At the time of safe staying on the beach affects the type of skin and predisposition of the person. Albinos often have burn injuries and excessive formation of genital warts. It's really dangerous. Under the aggressive influence of radiation in albinos there is a high probability of developing cancers.


People living in areas with high solar activity often have skin cancer. Residents of hot countries often suffer from cancer. This fact is affected by the type of skin, the aggressiveness of the sun and the time it is under it. Observance of the basic rules of staying on the beach and in conditions of high temperature reduces the likelihood of complications.

Why do moles appear after the sun?

The appearance of moles after sunburn is associated with a high content of melanin in the skin of a person. According to experts, there is a close relationship between the appearance of nevi and the sun's rays.

The most unprotected part of the body is the face. It is noteworthy that nevi are formed precisely here. Not all representatives of the fair sex (and men, too) like emerging moles on the face. In this connection, they often wonder: "Why is this happening? How can the sun cause nevi, and how can that help the situation? ".

The appearance of moles is a natural process, the quantitative composition of melanin affects it. Ultraviolet influences this component, causing the formation of tan and pigment spots. High content of melanin provokes the appearance of freckles.

Some experts argue that the development of moles indicates the biological age of a person and is associated with the rapid aging of the skin. It is noteworthy that it is nevi that protects the body from physical aging. From this point of view, experts are sure that a large number of birthmarks on the body - a pledge of longevity.

Prevention of the development of new formations

There are a number of preventive measures, compliance with which will prevent the process of the emergence of new nevi. However, a person must fully follow the prescribed recommendations!

  1. In the sun you can be in the period until 11 am and after 1: 0 pm.
  2. In the presence of a large number of formations, the tanning time should be minimal.
  3. Do not allow the occurrence of sunburn.
  4. A large number of moles - a ban on visiting the solarium.
  5. After sunbathing, take a shower without cosmetic products (peelings, scrubs, shower gels, etc.).
  6. Be sure to use protective equipment (cream, clothes).
  7. Admissible stay in the open sun - 2 hours a day.
  8. During the intake of certain medicines, you should consult a doctor (some drugs can increase the photosensitivity of the skin).
  9. The dose of irradiation should increase gradually.
  10. Decorative cosmetics and perfumes before sunburn do not apply.

Ignore preventive measures is not recommended. Their competent compliance will avoid serious consequences! Do not forget that the most dangerous complication for tan lovers is the development of melanoma.


To reduce the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation, it is necessary to avoid the time of the greatest activity of sun rays (from 1: 0 to 1: 0). Rest with children should be safe. Babies up to 3 years are strictly forbidden to stay in direct sunlight.

Protect your skin with a headdress, free clothes and special creams. These rules must be observed constantly! Before choosing the optimal sunscreen, you need to determine the type of skin. The optimal time for applying the cream is 2 hours before bathing.

Moles from the sunarise often. To avoid serious consequences of this process, experts strongly recommend that the above rules of sun exposure be observed.