Treatment of skin cancer in Israel: safe methods for full recovery


The best clinics in Israel for the treatment of skin cancer offer an innovative approach to therapy, which today yields the highest result. According to independent estimates, about 95% of patients in Israeli clinics completely get rid of skin cancer, including melanoma. Of course, the earlier oncology is revealed, the higher the chances of getting rid of the disease. However, in cases of advanced cancer, the country's doctors manage to stop the oncological process, successfully fight metastases and achieve significant relief of the patient's condition. With surgical removal of cancerous tumors, low-traumatic techniques are used. For example, MOS is often used in protocols that treat skin cancer - in Israel, a unique method is successful in more than 90% of cases. Israeli oncologists adhere to an individual approach: among all the variety of progressive techniques, in each individual case one is chosen that guarantees the optimal result. This is also confirmed by those who have already undergone skin cancer treatment in Israel: reviews of former patients indicate positive dynamics.

If we compare the success with which people in different countries are treated for the diagnosis of skin cancer, treatment in Germany and Israel is recognized as the most effective in the world. The only thing that is different is the price level. In Israel, they are trying to make the cost more affordable, which is why citizens of different countries, including highly developed ones, go to medical centers.

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About the disease

Malignant skin diseases rank third in the prevalence of all cancers. Despite the fact that the signs of an oncology process that is beginning to be seen even without special studies, often patients do not pay attention to appearing on the skin unusual spots, changes in the shape of moles, strange subcutaneous Nodules. Therefore, doctors constantly remind of the need for examination, even with the slightest, with the appearance of innocent symptoms. Moreover, with modern diagnostic techniques in Israel, skin cancer is detected even in the early stages with 100% accuracy.

There are several types of skin cancer:

  • Melanoma: represents a neoplasm developing from melanocytes, blood cells. This is the most aggressive type of skin cancer, giving rapid metastases. Its symptoms are a change in the shape, size and size of moles or freckles. There are cases of detection of melanoma on the surface of mucous membranes: in the nose, mouth, rectum, vagina.
  • Basalioma: oncopathology with the most favorable prognosis. This is the most common type of skin cancer, externally manifests itself as a small nodule in which blood vessels are viewed. Almost never gives metastases, is prone to slow development.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma: similar to a wart on a thin stalk, is dangerous because it is prone to penetration into the deep layers of the skin and metastasis. It is most often localized on the lower lip, sometimes in the mouth.

Diagnosis of skin cancer in Israel

As a rule, patients from abroad come with a diagnosis already established at home. But not always it is confirmed: in 30% of cases in Israel refute the initial conclusion. This is due to the fact that in some countries, particularly in the CIS, not all patients have access to quality diagnostics using modern techniques and equipment. In the Israeli research centers, the diagnostic equipment was regularly updated, replacing it with a more high-tech and modern one. Therefore, the findings of local doctors-diagnosticians are highly accurate.

When suspected of skin cancer, such studies are prescribed:

  • Visual inspection of a dermatologist.
  • Dermatoscopy.
  • Biopsy for histological analysis.
  • Blood test.
  • CT, MRI.
  • Ultrasound.

If cancer cells germinate into the skin to a depth of several centimeters, additional studies can be prescribed that help to detect possible metastases. One such study is PET-CT (a highly accurate study that confirms or refutes the presence of metastases even at the initial stage of their formation).

After the presence of oncopathology is revealed, a consultation is being held, on which the profile doctors form the most appropriate therapy plan.

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Methods of treating skin cancer in Israel

The content of the therapeutic program directly depends on the type of neoplasia, its magnitude, the degree of aggressiveness, the presence of metastases and other factors.

  • Surgery.It is the most effective way to remove a cancerous tumor. In Israel clinics most often use a gentle method of resection - a microsurgical operation by the MOS method. This is a highly effective method that gives the minimum number of relapses: according to statistics, after the intervention, the chance of returning the disease is no more than 1%. In addition to effectiveness, MOS has a number of other advantages: minimum cosmetic defects and the ability to remove the entire volume of pathological tissues in one operation without re-intervention. The surgeon removes the visible layer of tumor tissue with a thin edge of the healthy and immediately, during the operation, conducts their microscopic analysis. If it is found that the edge of the removed tissue contains pathological cells, the resection procedure repeated - and so on until the doctor makes sure that all cancer cells are removed and the edge of their wound does not contain. After this type of operation, there are no large scars left.
  • Photodynamic therapy.The method is mainly used for basal cell carcinoma. A special substance with a high sensitivity to light is applied to the surface of the tumor. Then the neoplasia is exposed to a laser beam, which literally burns pathological tissue.
  • Cryodestruction.Effective in the removal of small superficial tumors. Its principle is the destruction of cancer cells by cold. On the surface of the tumor, liquid nitrogen is applied, the temperature of which is about -200 ° C. Ultra-low temperature causes instant tissue necrosis. At the site of removal of the tumor remains wound, which is then tightened. The method is good because it has no side effects and can be applied repeatedly.
  • Electrocoagulation.Used in conjunction with curettage - surgical removal of neoplasm. After resection of the tumor, the place of its removal is cauterized by electric current. This minimizes blood loss and destroys cancer cells that could remain in the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Radiotherapy.Used in the event that the localization of the neoplasm is such that it can not be surgically removed. Modern radiotherapy in Israel is highly accurate, in which the radiation load on healthy tissues is minimal. Linear accelerators of the new generation are able to generate a beam with an accuracy of up to, mm, which makes it possible to apply higher radiation doses. Thus, the number of sessions can be reduced by several times.
  • Chemotherapy.Perhaps topical application: drugs-cytotoxic drugs are applied directly to the neoplasm. This provides a guarantee that their toxic effect will be directed only to damaged tissue. In the metastatic process, systemic chemotherapy is prescribed: chemotherapy, being carried around with blood tissues and organs, have a destructive effect on cancer cells and prevent the development of relapse. In the clinics of Israel, chemotherapy drugs of the latest generation are used, which have a minimum of side effects.
  • Immunotherapy.This revolutionary method is used in conjunction with other methods. It is effective at different stages of skin cancer, including the fourth. It is based on the principle of stimulating the body's natural defenses to combat oncopathology.

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Treatment of skin cancer in Israel: prices

The cost of treating skin cancer in Israel is the most adequate. In comparison with the prices for therapy in European and American clinics, in Israel patients are paid 30-50% less at the same efficiency. It is worth to clarify that the final cost will depend on the stage of the disease, the location of the cancer, the number of procedures and medicines, etc.