Vodka against cancer


Several years ago, in electronic and printed publications, information appeared about a unique method of treating oncological diseases with the help of vodka and oil. The developer of this technology is citizen Shevchenko, who carefully studied the Holy Letter came to conclusion that the daily use of emulsion of vodka and sunflower oil can heal practically from any ailment.

Whether to listen to his words or to trust this traditional medicine - that each patient should decide for himself.

Vodka with oil against cancer: the essence of Shevchenko's method

First of all, Nikolai Shevchenko points out that using the "vodka against cancer"Follows the patients who unreservedly believe in the healing effect of the miracle emulsion.

Immediately before the start of the therapeutic course, the patient must abandon all bad habits and exclude from the daily diet sweet, dairy products and some fruits. This is due to the fact that the developer of the technique considers an excess of vitamins as an extremely dangerous condition for an oncological patient.

To prepare a therapeutic solution, 30 ml of 40% vodka or a home-brew and 30 ml of unrefined sunflower oil are taken. The author pays special attention to the qualitative composition of the ingredients. So, the alcohol content should be not less than 40%, because otherwise the therapeutic effect is reduced to zero. Sunflower oil must be unrefined to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and fatty acids. N. Shevchenko even recommends that you independently analyze the contents of the sunflower oil you buy.


After adding to a special container in equal parts of oil and vodka, close the lid and shake the contents thoroughly for five minutes. The author of the technique recommends drinking the resulting suspension one-time.

Use vodka with oil against cancer is recommended three times a day before meals. The treatment course consists of three ten-day series of elixir with inter-series intervals of 5 days.

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Vodka against cancer: warnings about the technique of Shevchenko

  1. During the so-called treatment of cancer with oil and vodka, the patient is not allowed to undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy or even a course of antibiotics and analgesics. Such recommendations of the author lead to a large loss of precious for oncological time and often to premature death in severe flours.
  2. Nikolay Shevchenko provided information about himself that he is an engineer, inventor, patent expert, Christian. In other words, the author of the technique is not a biologist or a medic and can not really assess the therapeutic effect of the mixture on the organism of a seriously ill person.
  3. According to N. Shevchenko's method was developed after reading the Bible. At the same time, the results of medical research or approbation of the drug are not indicated anywhere. In fact, no experiments were carried out, and the project "vodka against cancer"Is a way of making money. Some positive results of the application of the emulsion can be explained by the effect of "Placebo".
  4. The lack of a scientific confirmation of the effectiveness of this technique. Despite the fact that the author claims to carry out his personal biological research on the effects of vodka and sunflower oil, no medical resources have such information.
  5. The ratio of 30 to 30 inventors came up based on the reviews of patients who were treated.
  6. Motivation of Mr. Shevchenko. Information on the methodologytreatment of vascular canceris very widely spelled out on the Internet and anyone has free access to it. The description of the advertised methodology in printed publications has been sold quite well for a long time.
  7. Testimonials of patients. On the Internet, there are more positive than negative reviews about the technique of Shevchenko. Comments from patients who are allegedly cured are in fact not confirmed by any real facts. It should also be noted that seriously ill patients who have trusted the method and are not cured already, unfortunately, can not write their comments.

Treatment of cancer with oil and vodka: opinions of doctors

The majority of medical workers negatively speak about a method of treatment of a cancer by vodka and sunflower oil because of refusal during this period from the basic surgical and therapeutic measures that are absolutely necessary patient. As a result, the patient's condition deteriorates sharply and often there are deaths.

The modern oncological branch of medicine possesses a huge choice of really effective methods of influence on cancer diseases. The establishment of an oncological diagnosis of "cancer of the 4th degree with metastases" does not mean that it is necessary to abandon the means traditional medicine and resort to the services of various charlatans who only think how to make more money on seriously ill people.

The achievements of modern science in cancer lesions of the late stage, if they can not guarantee cure, they can provide relatively comfortable living conditions of the patient with the help of palliative therapy.


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