How to remove gases from the intestine


How to get rid of gas in the stomach

Gassing is an excessive accumulation of gases, resulting in bloating, discomfort, eructations and painful sensations. Gas formation is not considered a dangerous or severe disease, but, nevertheless, it gives a lot of inconvenience. To the doctors in this case, go very rarely, so we'll look at important tips.

How to get rid of gas in the stomach?

How to get rid of increased gas production on your own?

Food. Try not to use products that promote gassing: cabbage (broccoli, white-bellies, Brussels), beans, artichokes and onions. It is not recommended to eat foods from whole grains, bran, wheat, peaches, pears and apples. Forbidden, beer, carbonated drinks, milk, dairy products (cottage cheese, cheese) and chewing gums. During the day, drink as much water as possible.

You should eat slowly, without hurrying up and thoroughly chewing food. A food culture must become a habit. When you sit at the table, you do not have to be distracted by reading or watching TV. By observing these rules, you will reduce the amount of swallowed air.

Twice a year it is necessary to visit a dentist to monitor the condition of the oral cavity.

Active lifestyle along with the nervous and cardiovascular system contributes to the stabilization of the digestive system. Take the rule of walking outdoors every day. It is very useful to walk after eating, and not lie, as all are accustomed to.

You can do special exercises. Lie down on your back, and start making the bike "on yourself." Then bend your knees and press them to your stomach and chest. Repeat exercises with a break, during which completely level the torso.

Use bifidobacteria to facilitate digestion of food. They create a favorable flora in the stomach and perfectly cope with the problems of gases. Nevertheless, they should not be abused, because the body can get used to it and stop developing it on its own.

Folk medicine has its own solutions on how to get rid of increased gas production:

  • When gassing is uniquely useful natural soothing decoctions of chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, fennel seeds, aloe juice, mint. Prepare such decoctions as tea, 1 spoon for a glass of boiling water, insist for 5 minutes, drink several glasses a day.
  • Activated carbon. Not recommended for more than a week.
  • With a particularly strong gassing, the rusty elm cortex is good, granular or simple. For 1 glass of water, take half a teaspoon of bark of a rusty elm, boil over low heat for 20 minutes. Drink up to 3 glasses during the day.
  • Seeds of fennel, caraway, or anise, you can chew after eating and in the form of a decoction. For its preparation, take 1 teaspoon of seeds in a glass of water, simmer for 10 minutes.

You can also buy medications in the pharmacy that prevent bloating, such as Espumizan in suspension or capsules, Mezim-forte, Hilak-forte, Smecta, Lineks, and others.

For women, it is important to know that if bloating occurs during the menstrual cycle, then in such cases it is necessary to take drugs that relieve pain, as well as B vitamins, magnesium and potassium, they contribute to reducing pain symptoms.

Flatulence or gases in the intestine

This is the result of a violation of the function of producing enzymes, improper nutrition, wrong manners, stress, and other disorders.

If the problem is spontaneous, and most likely caused by a reaction to the changed environmental conditions, then it is simply necessary to choose the optimal method for its rapid elimination. In this regard, advice on how to get rid of gassing in the intestines quickly and without hassle will help you. A series of measures to combat gases can have both a traditional attitude and a purely medicinal character, which you choose, the case is individual.

How to get rid of gases in the intestines?

The most common method of controlling gases today is the use of enzymes. These drugs help the body cope with heavy food, and improve the overall intestinal microflora. Together, their complex action, contribute to eliminating all side effects, including swelling.

Folk remedies are advised to take a tablespoon of seeds of cumin or dill, pour them half a liter of boiling water and allow to brew until fully cooled in the heat. Then take half a cup with a break of half an hour, until the disappearance of anxiety symptoms and unpleasant sensations.

As a preventive measure, a decoction of chamomile shows itself perfectly. Two tablespoons of chamomile to boil on a steam bath. Take half a cup in the morning, 20 minutes before eating. This method will not only have a favorable effect on the intestines, but also on the entire body. Chamomile has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can not be underestimated in modern times.

Prepare the tincture of mint. To do this, pour one teaspoon of chopped mint half a liter of boiling water, let it brew in a cold place for a couple of days. Take a decoction of half a cup a day for a month.

In the fight against gases you need to be ready to go on a diet. To do this, remove from the diet cruciferous, legumes, dairy products, and reduce the amount of fiber. Eliminate atypical spices and better refuse to eat exotic food - Chinese, Japanese, etc. Maybe cost, temper the ardor to salty, sour and sharp. This food can cause irritation in the intestines, and as a result, provoke gas formation.

Perform preventive cleaning of the intestine, make an enema. As a solution for the enema, you can use a decoction of chamomile or dog rose.

In general, it is worth looking for the cause of the problem. This is the most reasonable and rational approach to solving the problem. Because to think about how to get rid of the gases in the stomach is one thing, but constantly doing it, quite another. Live without unpleasant ailments and rest assured of your body every day.

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How to get rid of flatulence

Excessive concentrations of gases in the intestine are called meteorism. This condition is accompanied by eructations, colic and heartburn. The cause of flatulence may be increased gassing or disruption of the excretion process. This syndrome is widespread. As a rule, it indicates the presence of internal GIT diseases. The question of how to get rid of flatulence is relevant at all times. This problem worsens the human condition and creates embarrassing situations. Read on, and learn how to protect yourself from this.

What is bowel flatulence?

Flatulence is a common occurrence in which a large number of gases are collected in the organs of the digestive tract. As a rule, this syndrome acts as part of an intestinal disease. Sometimes it can occur with the abuse of heavy food, when the digestive system can not cope with its functions. In both cases, the intestine is filled with fetid gases, which, through the anus, create serious discomfort.

Causes of bloating and gas formation

The first step is to think about what products cause gas formation and bloating. Try to remember and analyze everything that was eaten in the last 24 hours. Most likely, the cause of bloating is caused by the reaction of the intestine to one particular product or an unsuccessful food combination. The second common cause of flatulence is the accumulation of gases that enter the body through the mouth. This happens when a person swallows air together with food. The third factor that causes a strong swelling is the accumulation of gases that enter the intestine from the blood.

In adults

Adults suffer from flatulence for various reasons. Female representatives often complain of increased gas production with menstruation. Regular hormonal changes cause malfunctioning of the digestive tract, so it begins to swell. In addition, there is often excessive gassing in the intestines of pregnant women. The process of ripening of the fetus is accompanied by a change in the location of the abdominal organs, which leads to a constant accumulation of gases in the intestinal tract.

The causes of gassing in men are due to other factors. Representatives of the stronger sex suffer from flatulence with constant physical exertion. This is due to the intensive inhalation of air. In addition, gassing in men occurs with anxiety and excitement. The state of stress disrupts the rhythm of breathing, because of which excess gaseous masses accumulate in the intestine. The third common factor is malnutrition. Symptoms such as farts and constipation often occur when eating products containing carbohydrates in the form of fructose.


The child may lose gases with an unpleasant odor due to helminthic diseases. Children under the age of 5 are particularly vulnerable to helminth infections, which in the course of their life produce gases. Activated charcoal, carminative drugs and other medications against flatulence and gases in such cases do not help. To get rid of the problem, you will have to take anthelmintic tablets.

In newborns

Many mothers ask why the gases in the intestines are formed in infants. As a rule, the reasons for this lie in the inappropriate use of breast milk. When feeding, the child swallows a large amount of air that accumulates inside and exits through the anus. In order to avoid deterioration, each mother must know the products that cause flatulence in newborns, and abstain from them. The composition of breast milk depends on the diet of a woman, so you need to choose suitable recipes, regularly drink green tea and brew herbs.

Treatment of flatulence

Medicine of the XXI century knows how to quickly get rid of flatulence. To solve such problems, several dozen preparations have been developed. The medicine for bloating and heaviness in the abdomen is prescribed by the doctor, based on the results of the diagnosis. Cure flatulence and possibly in the home, but for this you need to know exactly what it is caused, and take into account the age of the patient.

Medications from gases and bloating

Modern pharmaceuticals offer three categories of medicines, using which you can get rid of bloating and remove the symptoms of flatulence:

  1. Preparations aimed at normalizing peristalsis and accelerating the process of removing gases from the intestine. These include infusions of dill, caraway, fennel, as well as prokinetics.
  2. Adsorbents are drugs that absorb excess gases in the stomach and intestinal tract. The most common adsorbent is well known to each of us - it is activated carbon.
  3. Defoamers. Drugs of this category release accumulated stinking gas from mucous membranes. Due to this, the foam is deposited. Reduces the total volume of intestinal contents, restores natural absorption of gases.

Treat bloating in children with extreme caution, so as not to harm the young body. Depending on the nature of meteorism, the following drugs will be appropriate:

For the body, gas formation is quite a natural process. It is controlled by the intestine. But there are cases when there is a lot of gas, the body begins to react. Even in this case, the body itself copes with excess gases. This happens if it is healthy, but with the slightest disturbance of the microflora, the gas content becomes larger and begins to cause discomfort.

Causes of gas contamination

  1. A common cause is the properties of certain products.
  2. With disturbed secretion of digestive enzymes. Because of this, there is no complete splitting of the food consumed.
  3. The number of microorganisms involved in the process of digestion can be disturbed and this causes discomfort.
  4. Even with normal gas generation and healthy digestion, gases can simply not leave the body. This is due to mechanical obstructions: intestinal swelling, worms, constipation.
  5. If there is a violation of the movement of the walls in the intestine (they move the food there). Stagnant food begins to wander.
  6. The process of suction of gases and their # 17; bezvredzhivanie # 187; the liver.
  7. The atmospheric pressure of the intestine is disrupted.
  8. Consequences of disorders of the nervous system. For example: after a stroke, the swallowing function is impaired. Therefore, too much air is in the digestive organs.

How to get rid of gas generation?

Gagging of the intestine # 8212; causes and treatment

To begin with, analyze the diet and make adjustments to it. With increased gas content of the intestine, the predominance of protein foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese) is recommended. On a very unpleasant odor of gases, on the contrary, you need to reduce protein intake. All fresh vegetables are preferably separately. Food is better to boil or bake. This can be done with some fruits. Baked apples contain pectin that improves bowel cleansing. Legumes can be eaten on condition that they are soaked (at least 12 hours).
  • # 17; rare # 187; drinks must be replaced compote or mors. From carbonated drinks you can release gases (this refers to champagne and mineral water). Other carbonated beverages should be marked as # 8212; light.
  • With increased nervous excitability, food intake can be accompanied by gas formation. To do this, you can take activated charcoal. It must be dissolved in water (5-6 tablets) in a quarter cup of water (boiled). Drink half an hour before eating.
  • Gas formation may occur before menstruation. To avoid it is worth taking a carminative infusion.
  • Do gymnastics or just movement.
  • Some yoga poses help with gassing of the intestines.
  • Naturally, there are medicines for the treatment of increased gas production. It is necessary to eliminate the cause and take preventive measures.
  • There are several exercises for the intestines: bend the legs in the lap and pull in / let go of the stomach. Apply 15-20 times a day; Massage the abdominal cavity in a circular motion clockwise; pat on the buttocks; training muscles of the anus and perineum by squeezing (30-50 times).
  • There are also folk methods of gas formation treatment:
    • Change the tea for infusion of melissa, chamomile or sage. Brew one tablespoon of herbs per glass of boiling water. Insist for 20 minutes. Take 3 times a day (after eating).
    • Grind the root of calamus (1 tsp), soak in a glass of boiled (cold) water. Leave for 12 hours. Divide and drink for 6 servings per day. # 8212; Equal collection of chamomile, melissa and oregano pour a glass of boiling water. Insist 30 minutes. Take one glass 3 times a day.

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