Preparations for bloating and gassing


Drugs aimed at reducing bloating

Bloatingcall any abnormal increase in the abdominal area. Symptoms include a sensation of bloated and tense abdomen, sometimes painful and often accompanied by rumbling and increased gas production.

there ismany causes of increased gas production and flatulence,including the use of certain gas-producing products, lactose intolerance, rapid ingestion of food without chewing, pathological changes and abnormal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, stress, smoking, chewing elastic.

Air enters the intestine from the outside or is produced inside the intestine, causing discomfort.

To get rid of increased gas formation, it is necessary to establish the cause of its formation and treat it specifically. But if the abdominal swelling occurs irregularly, or to alleviate the discomfort caused by the gases, you can try pharmaceutical preparations sold without prescriptions. Although they do not always help.

Below are the most commonly used pills and preparations sold without prescription and helping to get rid of bloating and heaviness in the abdomen:

  • Gastrolakt
  • Polyphepan;
  • Enterosgel;
  • Polysorb
  • White coal
  • Laktofiltrum and others.

The enzyme is lactase.The addition of the enzyme lactase helps digest lactose, and can help in the case of gas formation due to lactose intolerance. You can also try switching to lactose-free dairy products or with a reduced lactose content.

Simethicone.Over-the-counter anti-bloating products containing simethicone acts as a defoaming agent, preventing the formation of new gas bubbles and their accumulation. Although these drugs are widely used, they were not effective in eliminating bloating and gas formation.

  • Alka-Zeltser
  • Bobotik
  • Gelusil
  • Disflatil
  • Imodium
  • Infacol
  • Colicoid
  • Kublaton Sub Simplex
  • Maalox
  • Manti Gastop
  • Metsil
  • Metsil Forte
  • Mylitzone
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Espuzin

Activated carbon.Tablets of activated carbon before and after meals can help get rid of bloating and flatulence. As in the case of simethicone, there is no conclusive evidence that coal will dump gases.

  • Belossorp-P
  • Carbactin
  • Carbo medicine
  • Carbolong
  • Carbomix
  • Carbopect
  • Microsorb-P
  • Ultra-adsorbate
  • Enterosorbent

Vegetable natural remedies for gassing

Vegetable natural remedies for gassing, recommended by folk healers: Herbal infusions of herbs, presented below, relax the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to the elimination of gas sometimes better than the pharmacy facilities. They are very effective in eliminating the discomfort caused by bloating and the severity of the abdomen. Brew as an additive in tea or as an independent drink, choosing the proportions to taste.


Take medication with probiotic supplements.If you prefer a more natural way to treat bloating, you can try probiotics. Probiotics help to balance the bacterial background of the intestine. Choose tablets containingBifidobacteria- this is the best probiotic from bloating and gas formation.
Regular use of yogurt is also recommended. Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics. Other food products containing natural probiotics include: cucumbers, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir.

Lactobacilliandbifidobacteriathe best pprobiotics to relieve the symptoms of flatulence.

If gas formation is associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you have irritable bowel syndrome, you should ask your doctor to prescribe a prescription that will be directed at treating specific causes of bloating. The doctor may recommend pills that contain Lubiprostone (eg, Amiz) or Linaclotype.

Bloating associated with PMS

If you have a severe bloating caused by premenstrual syndrome (PMS), you can ask the doctor to prescribe medications containing spironolactone (such as Aldactone). In some cases, the adoption of contraceptive pills will help.

Gas formation associated with constipation

Do not abuse laxatives, but in some cases they can bring relief from bloating. Optimum will be the stool softeners that contain the active ingredient docusate sodium, which is safe. However, you should consult your doctor before starting any laxative.

Preparations for bloating and gas production

Flatulence is an unpleasant phenomenon of gut overflow. Large volumes of gases are formed due to intense food fermentation or constipation. With such ailments, a person loses his ability to work and a good mood because of abdominal distention, severe discomfort and pain from stretching the walls of the intestine. It is believed that increased gas formation is not a disease, it is a symptom of other disorders. A person experiences these inconveniences due to the inflammatory processes of the digestive system or collides with flatulence as a consequence of malnutrition. In this article, popular anti-bloating and gasulent drugs are considered, they can be used to relieve symptoms of flatulence and temporarily improve the condition. If you have any problems with digestion, you need to see a doctor, he can correctly diagnose and prescribe an effective complex treatment.

Review of anti-flatulence drugs


The known preparation Mezim is positioned as a means of improving the digestion of food. In composition, it is similar to Festal, but does not contain hemicellulase and bile. The German producer Berlin-Chemie has let Mezim out so that lovers of acute or fatty foods, heavy for the body, could, if necessary, reduce discomfort. Tablets are shown in patients with chronic pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis. Active components act quickly in intestinal infections and eliminate bloating.


The drug from the manufacturer Berlin-Chemie is endowed with a carminative effect, the main component is simethicone. The intake of Espumizan helps neutralize excess gases in the intestines, normalize the production of gastric juice, and get rid of heartburn. It is known that the medicine saves from indigestion of the stomach, improves the condition with peptic ulcer and helps to eliminate acid reflux.


A stable effect of bloating gives Linex. They say that this drug is not suitable for emergency care for gases in the stomach, but if you drink a full course, the functioning of the intestine will improve in general.


A convenient form of release is a drop. Specialists prescribe this remedy together with other medicines. Drops are combined with different drugs. Hilak-Forte is often added to other essential medicines to protect against bloating. The digestive system is filled with beneficial bacteria and works correctly.


Everyone knows this safe powder preparation, which is rapidly acting in case of digestive disorders. The problem of increased gas formation is also solved. Smecta is good because it is universal, that is suitable for adults and children.


The advertised lingual tablets do work. The drug shows itself well with eructations, abdominal pain, heartburn. In the shortest possible time, the feeling of stomach overflow associated with abnormal acidity of gastric juice is removed. It is noticed that Rennie accepts people who are prone to overeating, abuse of alcoholic beverages, soda fans and coffee, as well as those suffering from nicotine addiction. These factors predispose to increased gas production. It is necessary to use the drug in accordance with the instructions.

Preparations for bloating and gas production:Mezim, Espumizan, Lineks, Hilak-Forte, Smecta, Rennie

Etiology of increased gas production

Before appointing a patient a drug for bloating and gas formation, a specialist should find out the root cause of the ailments. The complex approach to treatment works best. Select the most common types of flatulence.

  • Gaseous formation by the alimentary type - develops due to malnutrition and abuse of certain products. Against the background of constant fermentation of large masses of food, a large number of gases are released.
  • Circumcular meteorism - may be a symptom of intensively developing liver cirrhosis, differs from circulatory failure in the intestinal wall.
  • Bloating due to improper operation of the digestive system - this is observed with intestinal dysbacteriosis and a deficiency of useful digestive enzymes. Often dysbacteriosis is treated with bacteriophages, lactobacilli, bifidobacteria. The problem of enzymatic deficiency is solved by enzyme preparations, such as Creon, Mezim, Motilium, Pakreatin.
  • Flatulence by mechanical type is a violation caused by the presence of an obstacle in the zone of the trajectory of the movement of gases. This problem can be found in tumors in the intestine. When a tumor is detected, a surgical operation is prescribed.
  • Increased gas formation by psychogenic type - is formed against a background of hysterical state, significant nervous shock, chronic stress. Psychogenic meteorism is a rare phenomenon.
  • Bloating according to the dynamic type is due to impaired functioning of the intestinal musculature. This can happen from the destructive activity of toxic substances. This situation is typical for food poisoning. To eliminate such flatulence, it is necessary to neutralize the intestinal infection, in this case, antibiotic drugs with a broad spectrum of action or drugs-nitrofurans can be prescribed.

If you are concerned about periodic cramping painful impulses, mainly in the lower abdomen, pain passes due to the separation of gases, there is a bursting of the abdomen, then, most likely, there is an increased gas formation. Urgently address in hospital.

Pills from bloating

Tablets from gassing and bloating should be stored in the home medicine chest of each family, because such unpleasant symptoms can occur at any time of the day.

Possible reasons

  • You ate a lot of fatty and "heavy" dishes. Most likely, drinking the listed goodies with harmful (carbonated or alcoholic) drinks. Bloating is a normal reaction of the body to such a mixture.
  • You used food provocateurs. They can be extremely useful for the body, but in the intestines cause increased gassing. They include: cabbage, beans, black bread, etc.
  • You ate a product for which you have an allergy or an individual intolerance (the most common: kefir, milk, some fruits).
  • Prolonged constipation can cause flatulence (food rot, gas is very active).
  • The abdomen of some people reacts to stress by a strong swelling and rumbling. This process has a psychological background, as soon as the stressful situation passes, the stomach also calms down.
  • Insufficient production of enzymes or intestinal infestation by pathogenic microorganisms are also popular causes, due to which the patient may complain of increased gas production.
  • Unfortunately, the presence of a tumor that closes a portion of the lumen of the intestine causes a swelling, since the gas ceases to depart in normal mode.

If the swelling is accompanied by a pain syndrome or persists regardless of what you eat or drink, be sure to see a doctor.

Effective treatment

Important: none of the existing pills from bloating and gas formation does not cure the cause of the problems, it only relieves unpleasant symptoms.

  • "Motilium." Effective drug that helps rumbling and gurgling stomach. Convenient in that it is available in various forms - from pastilles to syrup.
  • Imodium. It is used if the flatulence is accompanied by diarrhea, for example, if you have eaten or received a slight food poisoning.
  • Preparations based on simethicone (Baby Calm, Espumizan, Infakol, etc.). Used mainly in children, no less effective in adults (if the dosage is observed).
  • Mezim. Apply it long enough, effectively helps restore the enzymatic function of the intestine. The food is digested better and faster, the gases cease to stand out.
  • "Unienzim" - a coal-based remedy activated, helps to defeat gas formation in 10-15 minutes.
  • Many mothers use a decoction of dill seeds to eliminate stomach problems in young children. The remedy is able to help an adult.
  • Many help sorbents (Polysorb, activated carbon, Smecta and others). Their main function is to remove the "extra" from the human body, thereby improving digestion and normalizing intestinal functions.

Remember, the pill only relieves symptoms for a while. To avoid gas pollution, adhere to proper nutrition, cure all infections in time, consume more pure, still water.


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