Ablation in Israel - the possibility of a method


Ablation therapy is a method of treatment that involves the destruction of pathogenic or diseased tissue. Refers to minimally invasive procedures. Typically, access to the operating field is achieved through a small puncture in soft tissues or by inserting a special probe into a large vessel. In order to accurately determine the position of the probe, modern imaging methods are used - ultrasound, CT or MRI. Pathological tissues can be destroyed by exposure to heat, electric current or extremely low temperature. A large area of ​​affected tissue may require several procedures.

Ablation in Israel, which prices are lower than in the medical centers of the US and Europe, is conducted by experienced doctors using the most advanced equipment.

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Ablation therapy is used to treat a wide range of pathologies, such as:

  • Oncological tumors of organs, bones and soft tissues
  • Cardiac arrhythmia of various etiologies
  • Dermatological neoplasms and other skin problems
  • Phlebeurysm
  • Pain syndrome caused by arthritis
  • Barrett's esophagus and other diseases.


Ablation is a safe non-invasive method of treatment. Nevertheless, it does not suit everyone. Contraindications to ablation depend on the field of application of the technology. For example, liver ablation is not performed with a limited reserve of uninfected organ tissues, as well as with multiple tumor sites (more than three). Endometrial ablation is contraindicated in pregnant women, as well as having infections or malignant tumors of the uterus. Catheter ablation of the heart in Israel is not suitable for patients with uncontrolled infection and the inability to access the heart due to venous obstruction.

For whatever purpose ablation is prescribed, the Israeli physicians conduct a thorough diagnostic examination before choosing a treatment tactic. If the patient for any reason does not fit this method of therapy, he is selected no less effective alternative.

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* Only with the condition of obtaining data on the patient's illness, the representative of the clinic will be able to calculate the exact price for the treatment.

Preparing for the procedure

  1. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine if you have any contraindications to the procedure.
  2. He will tell you about what and how the treatment will be carried out, and also inform about the therapeutic benefits and possible risks of therapy.
  3. You are advised not to eat or drink 12 hours before the operation.
  4. It will be necessary to stop taking aspirin and other blood-thinning agents.
  5. Most often, treatment is outpatient, sometimes you can be left in the hospital for the night.

Depending on the type of ablation, the preparation process may be different. The doctor will tell you in detail about all its stages.

Types of ablation

Ablation is divided into species depending on the type of exposure (electric current, laser, radio waves, low temperature, microwaves), and also from the field of application:

  • In oncology. Suitable for the treatment of tumors of the lungs, liver, kidneys and bones, more rarely other organs of the body. Appointed with small localized within the body neoplasms. These can be primary and secondary tumors (metastases). The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, but sometimes it may require a short hospital stay. Radiofrequency ablation of the liver in Israel is often combined with local delivery of chemotherapeutic agents. The use of this method is also useful in pancreatic cancer and bile duct cancer. Ablation is increasingly being used for palliative treatment for bone cancer.
  • In cardiology. The purpose of therapy is to destroy the heart tissue, which provokes abnormal electrical impulses and contributes to the development of arrhythmia. Radiofrequency ablation of the heart in Israel is indicated for recurrent atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia, atrial tachycardia, multifocal atrial tachycardia, and some forms of ventricular arrhythmias. Access to the heart is carried out by means of a catheter inserted into the inguinal vein. Ablation of the heart in Israel, the price of which is much lower than the cost of open surgery, is performed by experienced doctors. This is a highly effective operation, in the overwhelming majority of cases, allowing you to forget about heart symptoms.
  • In aesthetic dermatology.Used to perform dermatological surgery using various forms of alternating current. For the treatment of cutaneous lesions, the following procedures can be prescribed: electrosection, electrocoagulation, electrodissection and fulguration. Radiofrequency ablation in Israel is widely used in dermatology, as it is well suited for the treatment of most skin lesions with minimal side effects and complications. In some cases, it is replaced by cryoablation.
  • In vascular surgery.Most often it is prescribed as a minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of varicose veins. This is a gentle and safe alternative to open surgery. Under ultrasound guidance, the catheter is inserted into the abnormal vein and is brought to the abnormal area. Then the affected tissue is treated with a laser. This is a popular type of treatment in Israel, which guarantees a positive result.
  • In gastroenterology.Clinical studies have shown that radiofrequency ablation is a safe and effective way to treat Barrett's esophagus. After local anesthesia, the catheter is inserted into the esophagus, after which the affected tissue is processed by radio-frequency energy. In Israel, between 80% and 90% of patients after treatment are completely cured.
  • In other areas.Sometimes ablation allows you to stop pain in the spine and joints of the limbs. With its help, the myoma of the uterus and the neurinoma of Morton are effectively treated. Ablation in Israel, which is proved by its effectiveness, is a highly effective, minimally invasive, gentle procedure used to treat a wide range of diseases.

The cost of ablation in Israel

Ablation is of various types and can be used in many fields of medicine. It is the type of procedure and the type of disease that affect the price. For example, a catheter operation in Israel will cost more than treating skin lesions, since it is a complex operation requiring high skill from endovascular surgeons. But the average price for this service in Israel will be 30-50% lower than in other foreign medical centers.

The advantages of ablation in Israeli clinics

  1. Experienced doctors who have received special training in ablative therapy
  2. Careful diagnosis, which allows to identify and take into account possible contraindications
  3. High-tech medical devices that ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment
  4. The relatively low cost of ablation in Israel
  5. A high percentage of the success of ablative therapy in various fields of medicine.

Beware of intermediaries

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