Soda against cancer


Italian doctor Tulio Simoncini published a scientific study in which he tried to answer the cause of cancer. He first put forward a hypothesis about the fungal origin of oncology. In support of his thoughts, the doctor conducted his own experimental study, during which several patients were cured. According to this theory, malignant tumors are sensitive to normal drinking soda. As a result of the activities of Dr. Simoncini in Italy, he was deprived of a medical license. So, is it effectiveSoda against cancer?

Soda against cancer - the Simoncini method

Dr. Simoncini explains that malignant neoplasms spread throughout the human body as fungal diseases. The main means of fighting candidiasis is the body's own immunity. The distribution of mycelial fungus, he compared with metastatic foci.

The doctor is sure that the body needs to support the immune status in the fight against oncology. During the examination of patients with neoplasms of the intestine, most of them found the presence of colonies of fungal infection. To influence candida, washing of the intestinal tract with a solution of baking soda was used. Repeating this procedure 3-4 times relieves the body of fungal insemination.


As it turned out, the fungus was unable to attach itself to the action of soda, as is often the case with pharmacological preparations. After this effect, T. Simoncini began to apply a solution of sodium bicarbonate for washing the body and introducing it inside. As a result, this technique began to work and fight malignant neoplasms.

After a series of such experiments, the doctor appealed to the Ministry of Health of Italy to register the latest technique. The commission recognized the way of treatment with charlatan soda and such that led to the death of patients. Dr. Simoncini was stripped of his medical license and sentenced to three years in prison. After serving his sentence, the doctor continued his questionable practice.

Soda - protection from cancer? Fiction or truth?

Many people since the childhood know medical qualities of baking soda in struggle against a heartburn, illnesses of a throat and respiratory ways. A person who diagnoses a cancer at the extreme stages of the pathology, is ready to seize any chance of destroying the tumor, especially when doctors do not give a reliable positive prognosis. As a result, many patients lose their valuable time and miss the opportunity to carry out chemotherapy and radiotherapy on time.

The fungal theory of occurrence deserves attention, because the science knows the expressed carcinogenic effect of toxins of some fungi. But this thought requires in-depth study, since cancer is very complex a process that combines spontaneous cell mutations and harmful factors environment.

The doctor Simoncini also mistakenly believes that soda against cancer is able to directly destroy cancerous tissue. Current research in this field indicates a positive effect of creating an optimal acid-luzhennoy environment, in which their optimal activity is shown by cytotoxic agents.

Soda against cancer - how to take?

Many patients wonder: "soda against cancer - how to take? ». In response, I would like to ask the patient whether he used all the methods of traditional therapy?

In modern oncological practice, the existence of three basic methods of therapy of tumors is well known:

  1. Surgery, which provides for the complete or partial removal of mutated tissues, parts of adjacent healthy tissues and regional lymph nodes.
  2. Radiation therapy- is irradiation of the focus of malignant growth with highly active X-ray beams for the destruction of pathological, mutated cells.
  3. Chemotherapyconsists in receiving individually designed doses of cytotoxic drugs, the essence of which is to identify pathology and neutralize areas of atypical cell growth.

In addition to the main methods, there are additional ways of providing oncological care. Non-patented methods, as a rule, tell about the effect of their own preparations with the best point of view, and yet not the perception of this method is explained by the grandiose conspiracy of pharmaceutical means. In fact, such treatment measures come from all sorts of scammers who have in mind only their own enrichment and have nothing to do with oncological therapy. Use soda scammers recommend starting with small portions, which in time need to be increased to half a spoon. Take such solutions are recommended for an empty stomach.


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