Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - a complete set of modern techniques


Israeli doctors successfully treat a large number of oncological diseases. And breast cancer is no exception - tangible results are achieved in the field of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, the use of targeted drugs.

In just three or four days of diagnosis, a woman receives a therapy program, tailored to her individual characteristics and wishes. Israeli oncologists traditionally seek to use sparing surgical interventions and drugs that have minimal side effects. Reviews about the treatment of breast cancer in Israel - a perfect example of this.

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About the disease

Malignant neoplasms of the breast are represented by two types - ductal and lobular carcinoma in the initial (in situ) or in the invasive stage. In the first type, cancer cells form inside the walls of the milk ducts, while in the second type - in the lobules of the mammary gland. The least dangerous is the lobular carcinoma in situ - in the absence of abnormal changes in the gland, in most cases it does not require therapy, it is only necessary to observe the doctor. Emergency treatment is necessary if neoplasia is invasive and extends to neighboring tissues.

The symptomatology of breast carcinoma is quite typical and consists in changing the shape and appearance of the breast, the nipple-areolar complex, thickening of the gland tissues, pain syndrome.

The risk group includes elderly patients with hormonal imbalance, excess weight and bad habits (smoking, etc.). Approximately 10% of cases of the appearance of the disease is associated with hereditary factors.

Diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel

Early diagnosis is the key to effective treatment. Turning to an Israeli clinic, the patient in the early days is examined. There are several procedures.

  • Physical examination.
  • Mammography (a fairly accurate method that allows detecting a neoplasm even at an in situ stage).
  • Biopsy and histopathological examination (method of determining the type of neoplasm).
  • Ultrasound and MRI can be used as additional methods.
  • Tests for the hormonal sensitivity of tumor cells (allow to select certain types of therapy).
  • Genetic tests are one of the most accurate types of diagnostics.

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Methods of treatment of breast cancer in Israel

At the initial stages, the neoplasm is easily amenable to classical methods of therapy. Traditional techniques include various techniques of tumor resection in combination with radiotherapy.


The main emphasis is placed on organ-preserving surgical interventions - tumors are removed within the boundaries of healthy tissues, while the appearance of the breast does not practically change. Sometimes, several such operations are required.

In more severe cases, a lumpectomy or mastectomy is performed. The first type of intervention is less voluminous and involves the removal of a small sector of the gland. The second, depending on the technique of execution, which is chosen purely individually, can include a complete resection of glandular tissue together with local lymph nodes.

Israeli surgeons try to carry out the most sparing operations, use innovative types of reconstructive techniques, which allow restoring the aesthetics of the breast after resection of the neoplasm.


Radiotherapy is prescribed after surgery - its main task is to prevent the risk of relapse. Radioactive radiation, entering a malignant cell, destroys its DNA and prevents further division and growth. The therapy is performed in a remote EBRT irradiation mode using modern linear accelerators. Each session takes a few minutes, and the patient does not feel any discomfort.

One of the innovative methods is intraoperative radiotherapy, when radiological methods of treatment are applied directly at the time of the tumor removal intervention. As studies show, relapse of the disease almost always occurs in a place where a resection was previously performed. Therefore, its irradiation with high radiation doses immediately after excision significantly improves the prognosis.

Hormonal therapy

This type of treatment is aimed at blocking the production of estrogens and progesterone or minimizing their effect on the physiological processes occurring in the mammary gland. It is used if tumor cells show sensitivity to hormones during the preliminary diagnosis. Approximately 70% of carcinomas have hormone-sensitive receptors and to some extent respond to hormonal therapy.

This method allows to reduce the size of neoplasia in women who do not have surgical intervention. The drugs used are selective estrogen receptor modulators, luteinizing hormone blockers, aromatase inhibitors and some other medicines.


The use of chemotherapeutic drugs allows both reducing the size of neoplasia before surgery, and carry out eradication of the remaining after surgery of malignant tissue on a microscopic level.

Today, there are many different protocols developed for different types of carcinomas and different stages of the disease. Preparations are generally administered in several cycles, some of which can be taken orally. Adjuvant chemotherapy usually lasts for several months and does not require a patient to stay in the hospital permanently.

As a chemotherapy drugs from the group of taxanes, anthracyclines, alkylating agents, antimetabolites, etc. are used.

Target therapy

The best clinics in Israel for the treatment of breast cancer have long been actively using targeted drugs. These innovative drugs are able to pinpoint specific receptors that control the growth of cancer tissues. They are special substances by which they manage to either strengthen their own immune responses of the organism, or deliver them to malignant cells, drugs from the group of "small molecules" (the latter are able to block the signals necessary for development neoplasms).

Especially widely targeted therapy is used in the treatment of malignant neoplasia with a large number receptors HER2 (human epidermal growth factor 2), which is observed in about 30% of cases of carcinomas breasts. Typically, these drugs are administered by subcutaneous injection.

Due to such an extensive list of available therapeutic methods, reviews about the treatment of breast cancer in Israel are only positive. Women who have already returned to their homes in a state of stable remission are grateful Israeli experts and recommend local clinics to those who have yet to win disease.

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Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - prices

How many treatments for breast cancer in Israel are affected by many factors. First of all, the stage of the disease. It is more expensive to treat severe cases when, in addition to extensive surgical intervention, long-term chemotherapy courses may be required, possibly also radiological treatment. Nevertheless, the cost of treating breast cancer in Israel is much cheaper than in other countries with advanced medicine. For example, the cost of treatment for breast cancer in Israel and Germany, on average, varies by 30-40%.

It is for this reason that many European patients prefer to fly to Israel - after all, you can get the same quality medical services, but at the same time, you can save considerably.