8 best practices on how to cure cancer


To date, cancer affects the leading position on the rate of spread. For this reason, in our time the question "How to cure cancer? Is extremely relevant.

Leading cancer doctors direct their efforts not only to the radical removal of the malignant neoplasm, but also to the maximum possible preservation of the affected organ. Difficulties of anticancer treatment are associated with aggressive growth of the tumor and the formation of metastases in distant organs and systems. Therefore the concept of "cure cancer"Includes, also, the prevention of recurrence of the disease and prevention of the formation of secondary foci of oncology. The survival program of such patients is selected individually, depending on the type of malignant growth, the stage of growth and localization. Anti-tank therapy, as a rule, consists of a set of methods for influencing a malignant tumor.

How to cure cancer: the best modern methods of treating malignant neoplasms


The essence of this method of treatment of tumors consists in the removal of cancer tissues and part of adjacent healthy tissues. In the course of surgical intervention, regional lymph nodes are also subject to excision as a potential source of mutated cells. Such operations in the recent past were carried out on a single principle - radical removal of the organ along with the tumor. Modern oncological surgeons are wondering: "

How to cure cancer and keep the affected organ?". This is made possible by the improvement of diagnostic methods that establish the exact shape and location of the malignant neoplasm. Knowing the clear boundaries of the oncological process, the surgeon can isolate the cancer tumor from the tissues of the organ, while preserving the functioning of the affected system.


Radiation therapy and radiological surgery

Indications for these techniques are malignant tumors located in a hard-to-reach place and the operation of which is associated with a high risk of death of the patient.

Radiological surgery involves a single exposure of highly active radiation to a source of cancer cells. These are techniques such as "Gamma Knife" and "Cyber-knife which have been widely used in brain oncology.

Cancers during radiation therapy are repeatedly affected. In such cases, an individual therapy plan is developed for each patient, which is aimed at destroying cancer cells.

Radiotherapy is carried out in two ways - remote and internal. The first technique foresees the location of a linear accelerator of ionizing radiation at some distance from the affected part of the body. Recently, radioactive particle therapy has become very popular, when a working instrument is injected directly into the diseased organ. Radiation therapy of a tumor by internal type irradiates tissues with a smaller dose of X-rays than remote radiotherapy.


Some types of malignant neoplasms require a systematic approach. The use of a tablet form of cytostatic agents causes the tumor to decay and the death of cancer cells. The toxic effect on the oncologic focus does not deprive the harmful effect on all human organs. In this regard, many patients require supportive therapy aimed at supporting the work of the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver.

Hormonal therapy

This method of treatment consists in blocking the admission to the tumor of hormonal substances that stimulate its growth.How to cure cancerwith such drugs? Hormonal therapy normalizes the hormonal balance in the body of an oncological patient.

Hormone therapy can be used as an independent method of anti-cancer treatment or as an adjunct to radiation and chemotherapy.

Biological Therapy

Recently, treatment of cancerous tumors with the help of pharmaceutical agents that stimulate immunity has become very popular. Such drugs, due to the activation of cellular defense mechanisms against mutation, cause the destruction of malignant tissues. Immunostimulants also have high regenerative properties, which contributes to the rapid recovery of damaged tissues. The biological method is actively used with complex anticancer therapy with the use of a surgical operation.

Radiofrequency ablation

The method consists of introducing a special probe into the affected organ, which heats up to 46 degrees, which entails the necrosis of the tissues of the malignant neoplasm.

Such a technique can also affect a malignant tumor with ultra-low temperatures. In this case, this method of treating cancer is called cryodestruction.

Folk remedies

Doctors-oncologists to the question "How to cure cancerhomeopathic remedies? "answer - folk methods of cancer treatment can serve only as an addition to the main course of therapy. Everyone with oncology should remember that with cancer damage, it is very important to start adequate treatment in a timely manner. Only the early stages of the malignant process can be cured and the earlier an anticancer therapy is performed, the more favorable the prognosis of the disease.


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