Breast cancer in men


Malignant formation in the breast in the male is not so common, but the incidence of the disease is increasing every year.Breast cancer in men- a serious and rapidly developing disease. Women cope with cancer much more effectively. This is due to the size of the breast and the features of the malignant process.

Causes of development of breast cancer in men

Many people are used to the fact that this is an exclusively "female" disease. In practice, it's far from the case. In almost 2% of all cases, the death of men is associated with breast cancer.

There are no clear reasons for the development of breast cancer in men. Specialists identify a risk group for men who have a high chance of developing oncology in this area. As provocative factors are:

  • age;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • Klinefelter's syndrome;
  • radiation;
  • treatment with estrogens;
  • low physical activity;
  • liver disease;
  • overweight.

The probability of the appearance of an illness is observed at the age after 65-67 years. Especially if the family has seen cases of cancer. Under Klinefelter's syndrome, there is a low level of male hormones and a high level of male hormones. This factor can lead to cancer.

Radiation radiation can cause various changes in the body and provoke an oncological process. Treatment with estrogen increases the risk of an adverse outcome.

The liver takes an active part in the metabolism of sex hormones. Reduction of its functions is also a risk of developing thoracic oncology for men. Also, the low physical activity and excess weight negatively affects.


How does breast cancer initially appear in men?

Cancer in men and women has a mass of similar signs. The first symptoms include the appearance of seals, inflammation of the areola area and a change in the shade of the skin. Due to their ignorance, men do not pay attention to the first manifestations. This leads to an aggravation of the situation. Clear signs of oncology in the early stages of development is not observed.

Mature symptoms

Explicit signs of malignant lesions appear as the disease progresses. Anxious sign is soreness during the palpation of the chest. Often there is a seal or a node. In the place of lesion, there is a retraction of the nipple and wrinkling of the skin. With the development of metastases, the cancer process extends to the axillary lymph nodes. There is a significant increase.

The presence of discomfort in the chest requires immediate consultation of a specialist.

What is included in the diagnosis?

An experienced oncologist conducts a breast examination. The first examination includes palpation of the breast in order to determine the exact location of the seal. This procedure allows to reveal the size of education, to evaluate its contours and structure.

For palpatory examination, follow mammography and ultrasound. These techniques indicate the exact localization of the compaction and its spreading. In the presence of excreta, the material is taken for the study. After the detection of atypical cells, a therapeutic tactic is chosen. In addition, a general and biochemical blood test is performed.

Based on the results of the research, the specialist determines the type of the disease and its degree of development. Then an optimal treatment regimen is developed and assigned.

Treatment of breast cancer in men

In the early stages of treatment is the surgical removal of education. This can be a mastectomy and excision of the axillary lymph nodes. Additional therapy is not available. With the preservation of part of the breast, radiation irradiation is carried out.

Chemotherapy is prescribed in the presence of large tumor sizes. The main goal of chemotherapy courses is to reduce the volume of malignant education for the possibility of further surgical removal.

At the third stage of development, chemotherapy and surgical removal are carried out. Therapeutic tactics are supplemented with radiotherapy, which reduces the likelihood of relapse.

The terminal form of the disease is accompanied by complex treatment. It is based on combining chemotherapy and hormone therapy. In the presence of local recurrence, specialists use surgical removal.


To date, there are many preventive measures that can prevent cancers. A person can reduce risks by getting rid of bad habits, and observance of a healthy lifestyle. But it should be understood that proper nutrition and physical activity do not completely eliminate from oncology, especially if there are oncological cases in childbirth.

It is important to know: Prevention of oncological diseases


If the disease was detected on time, the prognosis is favorable. In general, the treatment of this oncology in men is more difficult than in women. This is due to the small size of the chest and the late call to the doctor.Breast cancer in menrequires timely treatment, otherwise the forecast will not be favorable.


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