How is gastric cancer metastasized?


Metastases are secondary foci of cancer proliferation. Some tumor cells break away from the malignant neoplasm and enter the lumen of the vessel, and then, moving with a blood or lymph flow, find themselves in a new place, leave the vessel and grow, formingmetastases of stomach cancer.

Danger to life

Metastasis of stomach cancer occurs in cases where the body can no longer fight with oncology. If there are secondary formations, then the cancer has moved to the 3-4 stage. The appearance of secondary foci of the disease disrupts the work of vital organs in the human body.

Lethal outcome of patients with gastric cancer is caused precisely by the appearance of metastases. In addition, they greatly impair the general well-being of the patient and may be accompanied by unbearable pain.

How is gastric cancer metastasized?

To save a patient with stomach cancer with metastases can only surgery. Chemotherapy treatment, despite its capabilities, to stop the development of metastases and eliminate cancer cells in nearby organs is almost not able.

Radiation therapy, which is performed in most oncological processes, in cases with stomach cancer is considered ineffective. Medication at these stages, as a rule, does not bring a radical result.

Therefore, the only way to treat is the operative. If the disease is neglected, surgeons perform surgery to remove most of the stomach. But even after postoperative chemotherapy, there is a risk that not all secondary malignant lesions are removed.

Often the stomach is removed entirely with all the affected lymph nodes. In this case, the esophagus is fixed directly to the intestine. But such an operation can end in vain. However, it gives a chance to prolong the life of the patient.

If doctors are sure that surgery will not help get rid of the tumor and metastases, palliative-surgical treatment is conducted to facilitate the patient's life. In particular, surgeons restore digestive tracts, connecting the stomach with the intestines so that food can pass. Operative methods can be supplemented with burning out of oncologic formation by the laser (ablation). If the patient's immunity is reduced because of metastases, gastrectomy is not done.


Expediency of treatment in the clinic

The feasibility of surgical treatment in the clinic of patients with gastric cancer depends on the prevalence of the oncological process, the degree of involvement of lymph nodes and the presence of distant metastases. The question of the advisability of additional radiation therapy or the use of chemotherapeutic methods is still at the research stage.

Therapy in detecting metastases in any remote organs is performed with the aim of slowing the formation of secondary tumors and their elimination (if possible). Until secondary oncological formations were formed, there is hope for a cure. To do this, doctors use methods of radiation therapy and chemotherapeutic drugs.

Is it possible to treat metastases of stomach cancer with folk remedies?

In the fight against metastatic cancer of the stomach, many patients use all methods, not excluding the folk remedies. This happens in cases where traditional medicine can not help an oncological patient.

Some patients do not trust official medicine and recognize only infusions and decoctions prepared by herbalists or folk healers. Experience curing of the disease shows that such methods of treatment of metastases have a positive effect only in combination with treatment with an oncologist.

There are quite a few recipes for cure for metastases of stomach cancer. It is important to adhere precisely to these proportions, since most of the ingredients in the recipes are poisonous.


The following recipes are presented solely for the purpose of acquaintance! Self-preparation and use without prior consultation and approval of the doctor is prohibited!

Recipe 1

Purity is a popular plant used in the fight against the last stages of the oncological process in the stomach. It is an effective natural remedy, which allows to stop the pain syndrome.

In large quantities, the celandine is toxic, so use it for treatment with caution. In order to use it for the treatment of metastases, the rhizome is dried, ground and squeezed juice into a glass container. It should be, liter. Then vodka or alcohol is added to the container, it is closed and left in the dark for 21 days.

Purity of cancer in the form of tinctures should be consumed by 1 teaspoon at least four times a day. Two weeks later, the dose is increased three-fold.

Recipe 2

Red fly agaric is used in the treatment of metastases of stomach cancer due to the fact that it is able to absorb a substance that is considered one of the causes of the development of pathology. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures use toxic mushroom caps, which are ground, laid in layers in a container of glass so that they fit tightly to each other.

Then they add to them alcohol or vodka so that both parts are approximately equal in volume. Within 30 days, the tincture of red mushroom is kept in the dark, after which it is possible to take the drug 1 drop, dissolving it in 130 milliliters of water. The daily dose is gradually increased to 20 drops.

Recipe 3

Hemlock is another popular plant that is used to treat metastases of the pathological process in the stomach. Positive effect patients are already observed during the second course of treatment. From the plant, alcoholic tincture is prepared.

For this, about 500 ml of vodka is poured into a glass three-liter can, into which the shoots of the plant are placed. When the container is filled by 1/3, the dishes are filled with vodka to the brim. After that, it must be closed with a lid and put in the refrigerator. The product will be ready for use in about 18 hours.

Take medication on an empty stomach in the morning, once a day. On the first day of treatment, you can drink 1 drop of tincture, diluted with a glass of water, on the second day - 3. Next, you should add one drop of medicine every day. When the dosage reaches 40 drops, the next day the tincture should be taken daily, taking one drop off. In particularly neglected cases of medicinal tincture from hemlock, it is worth taking for three courses.

What drugs are prescribed?

If there is no possibility to get rid of the tumor and metastases, the main goal of drug therapy for patients with this diagnosis is to facilitate the oncological process and prolong life. To do this, the oncologist doctor appoints patients with chemotherapy regimens, sometimes combining it with radiotherapy. Preparations prescribe long courses. The following combinations are used for treatment:

  1. "Irinotecan" with "Furacilin
  2. "Cisplatinum" with "Fluoropyrimidine" and "Fluorocyl."
  3. "Epirubicin" with preparations of platinum.

Duration of drug use and dosage is selected by the doctor to each patient individually. Sometimes patients are offered new chemotherapy for treatment.


The prognosis for patients with gastric cancer metastases is unfavorable. If there are several foci of secondary oncology, therapy can prolong life only for two to three months.

Young patients tend to live longer than the elderly. Life span also reduces other chronic diseases. It depends on the form of the malignant tumor.

If all the factors are favorable,metastases of stomach cancerdo not prevent patients from living for 5 years. Such patients are approximately 1/5 of all cases of morbidity.


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