Effective treatment of ointment disease balanoposthitis


Table of contents

  • Etiology of balanoposthitis
  • Clinical manifestations
  • Ointment with Candida balanoposthitis
  • Treatment of allergic balanoposthitis
  • "Levomekol" for the treatment of balanoposthitis
  • Conclusion, conclusions, recommendations

Currently, in connection with the rapid development of medicine, all new medications are being introduced. Special attention should be paid to the treatment of genital skin diseases in men. Often, representatives of the male suffer from such pathology as balanoposthitis. This condition is characterized by an inflammatory process that affects the head and foreskin. As you know, treatment can be general and local. In the first case, medications are taken or administered parenterally. The therapeutic effect is achieved when there is a certain concentration of the drug in the blood.


As for local treatment, it has found wide application in skin diseases. Balanoposthitis is no exception. Local treatment involves the use of various ointments, creams, gels. They are absorbed through the skin and act directly on the lesion. You can treat this method at home, but always under the supervision of a doctor. Treatment of balanoposthitis in men should be carried out depending on the severity of the condition. Let's consider in detail what balanoposthitis is like, how treatment with ointment is performed, when antifungal drugs are used.

Etiology of balanoposthitis

To treat balanoposthitis, you need to know what this condition is. From balanoposthitis, both adult men and children can suffer. The disease affects the penis in men. An interesting fact is that this pathology often develops in those men who have not undergone circumcision. Pathology can occur on the background of other diseases, such as urethritis, prostatitis. Often, inflammation develops with injuries, exposure to irritants.


In most cases, the etiological factor in the development of balanoposthitis in men is the introduction of various microorganisms. It can be cocci, E. coli. Specific pathogens include chlamydia, Trichomonas. Of great importance are fungi. Treatment with ointment is largely determined by the type of pathogen. For example, in the presence of fungi, ointments based on antifungal medicines are prescribed. Balanoposthitis is able to develop with non-compliance with hygienic measures, with endocrine pathology (diabetes). Very often the reason lies in phimosis. Even a simple means of skin care can cause allergy and inflammation of the organ in a man.

Clinical manifestations

Medicines in the form of ointments from balanoposthitis are most effective in moderate and severe forms of the disease. With easy flow it is enough to observe hygienic procedures, washing the affected area with antiseptics. Due to all this, you need to know the leading clinical signs of this condition in men. Symptoms are very diverse. In men, there is swelling of the head of the penis and foreskin, hyperemia. They experience discomfort due to pain, itching and burning in the area of ​​the affected area. The process of excretion of urine is disturbed. Characterized by strangury (soreness in the separation of urine). This pathology affects the sexual function. Sexual contacts become painful for men.

With balanoposthitis, several forms are distinguished. With a simple catarrhal itching, burning, erosion, purulent discharge is observed. The head is hyperemic and swollen. The erosive form is more severe. With it, erosion is more extensive. Often develops secondary phimosis. Lymphadenitis and lymphangitis may develop. Gangrenous balanoposthitis is the most dangerous. With it, ulcers can form. Puffiness, phimosis, and hyperemia are characteristic. In men, there is an intoxication of the body.

Ointment with Candida balanoposthitis

To treat balanoposthitis caused by microscopic fungi, use ointment or cream based on antifungal medicines.The most famous drug is "Lamisil". It is effective in the presence of fungi of the genus Candida. It is produced in the form of ointments (creams). At the heart of this ointment is the active substance Terbinafine, which has a fungicidal effect, that is, it destroys fungi in men. This tool is shown not only for candidiasis of the skin of the penis, but also for other diseases. These include fungal lesions of the skin, nails, and lichen. Contraindication to its use in men is hypersensitivity, kidney and liver pathology, alcoholism.

Some men after treatment may experience side effects, for example, skin irritation. When balanoposthitis ointment is applied to the affected area with a thin layer. At the same time, it needs to be rubbed a little. Duration of treatment varies from 2 weeks to a month. It is possible to treat ailment in men with another ointment or cream. These include "Fluconazole "Exifin" and many others. The latter is a cream. It is white in color and has a uniform consistency. The mechanism of action is not different from other means.

Treatment of allergic balanoposthitis

Medicines for this condition do not always contain antimicrobial agents. In some cases, balanoposthitis in men is able to develop as a result of skin irritation. The cause may be an allergy to latex or synthetic underwear fabric. In this situation, treatment involves the use of ointments or creams that have hormonal activity. These include an ointment (cream) "Acriderm". This ointment includes a corticosteroid. As is known, these substances have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.


In addition to eliminating inflammation, ointment can get rid of allergies, swelling, itching, burning.

This drug is very widely used for the treatment of allergic dermatitis. He is shown and with another pathology. The drug "Akriderm" is used as an ointment for external use. It is applied twice a day. An ointment (cream) is released without a prescription, so anyone can get it. The course of treatment for men lasts 2-4 weeks.

"Levomekol" for the treatment of balanoposthitis

Of great value are ointments (cream), which are effective against any microorganisms, that is, they have a wide range of action. For treatment of balanoposthitis ointment "Levomekol" can be used. Its advantage is that it is a combined preparation. It is active against cocci, fungi, E. coli. This drug is included in the group of antiseptics. For men, it is also used when inflammation occurs with necrosis and the presence of pus. This drug (ointment) improves tissue repair without damaging the cells themselves.

The drug "Levomekol" is used somewhat differently. It is applied to gauze napkins, and then applied to the affected area. Store the drug recommended at an air temperature of not more than + 15 ° C. Ointment is white or yellowish in color. It does not have a strong odor, therefore it is widely used by patients. It should be noted that such a drug is indispensable in children's practice. It is used in any form of pathology. Bactericidal effect in this case has levomitsetin, which is one of the components of the ointment.



Conclusion, conclusions, recommendations

Thus, ointments and creams today are effective treatments for many diseases in men. They are used for balanoposthitis in most cases. If after the course of therapy the patient's condition does not improve, then it is required to clarify the diagnosis. To choose this or that remedy, you first need to determine the form of the pathology and establish its cause. Ointments come in different bases. If the cause of balanoposthitis were microorganisms, it is advisable to purchase an ointment based on antimicrobial agents of wide action. Candidiasis uses antifungal ointments or creams. Treatment should be prescribed strictly individually, with all contraindications taken into account. If you follow all of the above instructions, then the treatment of balanoposthitis will be successful, and the sick man will quickly recover.