Treatment of Keratoma


The appearance of any neoplasms on the skin undoubtedly scares a person. The number of people dying of cancer every year only grows, only the timely intervention of a specialized specialist can help.

Keratoma, although it is a benign entity, its appearance does not broadcast anything good, because in most cases it is the result of prolonged exposure to the sun and aging of the skin. With this neoplasm it is possible to live a long life quietly, but there is a danger of its degeneration into a malignant tumor, therefore it is necessary to carry out the correcttreatment of keratoma.

What is keratoma?

Keratoma is a benign neoplasm. Externally it looks like a seal of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. It can be clearly limited growths, plaques, crusts, spots, brown knots. Neoplasms occur in people older than 40 years, regardless of gender. The peak incidence falls on 50-65 years.


The keratoma can spontaneously vanish or fall off.

Its diameter can be from 1 to 2 cm, it can be multiple or single. The disease is practically asymptomatic.


The main reason for the emergence of this education is called long stay under the sun. This is not a contagious disease, although it is widespread. At the moment it is considered hereditary.


If the skin already has a new growth of this type, you can not wear clothes in the sun. If this can not be avoided, at least you need to tape it with adhesive tape.

What is dangerous disease?

It is dangerous only if it is converted into a malignant tumor - squamous cell carcinoma. That's why it needs to be treated, especially large growths, which are regularly traumatized and cause discomfort.

Neoplasm has the property of expanding, which delivers cosmetic inconveniences, especially when the location is not the face and neck.

Features of folk treatment of keratom

Traditional methods of treating cancer can completely get rid of this education. They differ in safety and qualitatively eliminate inflammation. Features of folk treatment:

  1. You can not mask keratom with a foundation or powder - this can have a negative effect on the condition of the tumor.
  2. Folk methods that slow the aging of the skin, will be an effective method against the emergence of new formations. They can be prevented from occurring from within, using more fruits and vegetables of yellow color - bananas, potatoes, lemons, yellow apples and tomatoes.
  3. Eat more buckwheat and legumes.
  4. Premature skin aging can slow down vitamin R.

Folk recipes and their effects

In the traditional treatment of keratological skin formations, only natural remedies are used, they are often hypoallergenic and have no contraindications.


Warm castor oil is rubbed into the neoplasm with mild massage movements. This can be done with a finger or a cotton swab. This method allows you to slow growth and reduce discomfort.

Effectively correct the shape, get rid of the roughness can vegetable, fir or sea buckthorn oil. The mechanism of application is similar to the previous method.


From it you can make a cream or balm. Cream's recipe:

  • Use will be not the walnut itself, but its pericarp;
  • it is mixed with a regular cream in the proportion: and applied to the affected area twice a day.


  • unripened walnut fruit - 5 pieces;
  • warm vegetable oil - 10 tsp.

By combining these components, they need to be insisted in a warm place for 24 hours. Use a heated balsam with a temperature of 45-50 degrees. The duration of the course is 10-14 days.

Bay leaf

Laurel helps stop the sprawl and relieves pain. From the leaves you need to prepare an ointment according to this recipe:

  1. laurel leaves - 6 medium;
  2. juniper leaf - 1 medium;
  3. ingredients grind and mix;
  4. dilute with butter without salt. Proportion of oil and a dry mixture of leaves: 2;
  5. for every 100 g of the mixture obtained, add 15 drops of essential oil of lavender or fir.

Rub the resulting composition with extreme caution.


From it you should prepare the ointment:

  1. Dry celandine grind and sift - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
  2. Add it to the melted pork fat - 2 tbsp. spoons.

Cooking means should be in small portions, since it retains its healing properties for a short time. Optimal before most use.


The process of preparing a medicinal plant is quite long, but its effectiveness is high. Sequence:

  1. cut an aloe leaf, which is not less than 5 years old. It should be thick enough;
  2. scalded with boiling water and wrapped gauze, send it to the refrigerator for 15 days;
  3. After the expiration of this period, cut the sheet into thin strips and apply to the affected area. Top the polyethylene film and wrap it in a bandage;
  4. compress leave for the night;
  5. in the morning remove and treat with keratom 1% solution of salicylic alcohol.


On education, apply a thin layer of propolis and, fixing with a bandage, leave for a few days, but not more than 5. The procedure should be repeated 3-5 times.

Ripeshka tea

Brew and take inside the tea from the rhizome rhizome. For this you need 4 tbsp. Spoon the crushed root pour, l boiling water and insist 4 hours in a warm place. Best in thermos. Eat half a glass before eating. If you do not like the taste, you can add honey.

Modern preparations and ointments from keratoma

Drug treatment is carried out in a hospital if there is a possibility of conversion to oncology. The treatment scheme may look like this:

  1. Cytostatics: is introduced locally into the formation itself. Among such drugs: "Cyclophosphane "Prospidin "Methotrexate".
  2. Antibiotics with antitumor effect - "Bleomycin".
  3. Compresses with 5-fluorouracil and colchamine ointment.
  4. Ointment "Solkoderm".

Becoming on the barrier of new formations will be able to take vitamin C. It is an antioxidant, strengthens the body's defenses. But too long a course can do much harm. Therefore, do not be zealous.

Also used are hormonal ointments - "Flucinar" or "Fluorocort." The dosage is determined by the doctor.


Treatment of Keratomais not difficult, but it must be carried out necessarily and strictly under the supervision of a doctor! At the same time, it is possible to carry out therapy without problems at home using folk methods or modern medicines, only without fail having previously consulted a doctor.


It is important to know:

. What is dangerous keratoma?.