How to improve the spermogram by folk remedies


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  • We improve the spermogram
    • How to improve sperm quality: common ways to improve
    • How correctly to pass the analysis spermogrammy for improvement of a semen
    • When there is a need for analysis spermogrammy?
    • How to improve sperm with folk remedies?

There are a large number of ways that affect the reproductive function of the ejaculate, which means that the chances of having a baby increase.


It is necessary to help your partner, knowing how to improve the spermogram. For example, by giving him the opportunity to eat food containing vitamins and proteins. The necessary microelement of zinc for the growth of the number of spermatozoa is available in the following products: seeds, honey, dried apricots, nuts, green tea.

We improve the spermogram

How to improve sperm quality: common ways to improve

The video helps to relax. Partners can follow the actors who are committed to love. This kind of relaxation is very useful. The presence of mobile phones on the belt in the trousers of young guys according to statistics very often ends in a violation of reproductive functions.

Appeal to doctors in rare cases is due to the fear of men to show their vulnerable place. This psychological attitude in men is a serious obstacle, which stands in the way of solving problems of infertility, which is traditionally associated with the causes of deterioration of health. The presence of young people's knowledge in the field of the reproductive function of their bodies about how to improve the quality of sperm is necessary first of all for those who wish to become a father.

Quality status spermogramma doctors are analyzed in its expanded form. Data are needed in case of male diseases infertility, prostatitis, etc. The universal health organization recognizes masturbation as a way to take sperm without using a condom.


Spermatozoa are exposed to condom lubricants, which can have a disastrous effect on sperm.

How correctly to pass the analysis spermogrammy for improvement of a semen

The patient must comply with the prescription of the doctor before the analysis of sperm, associated with sexual abstinence within 3-5 days. Doctors determine the reasons for the decline in the quality of the ejaculate. The quality of spermatozoa in it worsens with smaller periods of abstinence, and at large - leads to decrease in activity as a whole and an increase in the number of unhealthy spermatozoa in the number of ejaculate.

It is necessary to withstand 2 weeks before putting the spermogram without taking alcohol. Minimize the total number of smoked cigarettes. Do not drink beverages containing caffeine, which will improve the quality of spermogram. The lack of even more than 1/4 of the sperm volume is discussed with the clinic specialist in a special order.

It is assumed that the sperm acquired for the first time is containing the largest number of spermatozoa. The main properties of the ejaculate patient who passed the spermogram, are studied under a microscope. The laboratory assistant pays attention to the number of spermatozoa with the help of special devices. The concentration of sperm cells per 1 ml, i.e., 1 million, is determined. The total volume of sperm for analysis usually contains 20 to 40 million spermatozoa.

When there is a need for analysis spermogrammy?

The probability of a healthy young couple to conceive a child in the period of 3 months is 75%, and conception without contraceptives in the first year of joint life is 90%. The absence of signs of pregnancy is the reason that requires you to think about examining the spermogram.

Based on the results of the analysis, the expert learns that the number of spermatozoa in the seed is not enough. This is traditionally associated with insufficient activity of spermatozoa or a change in the state of their morphology. If couples continue to be treated for infertility for many years, then doctors are often approached by women, rather than men, whose semen can be the main cause of infertility. This only reduces the chances of healing. Therefore, two partners are required to undergo the examination at once.

During the analysis, the doctor finds out how the spermatozoa are able to group and glue together. This is due to the study of the process of agglutination, the presence of antispermal bodies in the sperm that form in the body of a man. These cells can interfere with the normal course of the insemination process, since they can stick to the head.


The tried folk remedy for improving the properties of semen is royal jelly, and its appearance is drone. The use of this kind is one of the effective means to improve the spermogram. This folk remedy contains those substances that make it possible to activate the process of sperm production. This product is stored in a cool and dry place. Use it should be half a teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning after sleep.

Swallow the remedy immediately, it is usually sucked, putting it under the tongue. To improve the spermogram it is necessary to supplement the daily diet with foods rich in zinc, which contains pumpkin seeds, beans, beef, oysters, wheat bran, coarse bread.

One tablespoon is sufficient, which covers the daily need for bran. You can take various active biological supplements with zinc and vitamin E, which restore the reproduction function in both sexes.

Folk remedies for improving spermogram can be compositions made on the basis of celery, cilantro, parsley, honey and dried fruits. They are able to increase the production of sperm by normalizing the state of the vessels. Before eating these foods, consult a doctor who helps to find out the reasons for the deterioration of the ejaculate, will recommend how to increase the number of active male cells.The expert will offer recommendations on how to increase the number of active cells in sperm and how to prepare recipes using these products.

How to improve sperm with folk remedies?

To improve sperm with folk remedies, one should adhere to the basic rules related to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and the rejection of bad habits:

  1. Exclude the use of beer and strong drinks, which can increase the level of estrogen in the male body. Worried about the quality of the sperm, men are not allowed to drink alcohol and cigarettes.
  2. Be sure to observe the correct diet. Do not eat fast food, the daily diet should include protein-rich foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, etc.
  3. To improve the spermogram folk remedies should constantly keep under control its own weight, which in most cases is able to influence the composition of sperm.
  4. Improve the spermogram with folk remedies is helped by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in ascorbic and folic acid.
  5. It is necessary to reduce the number of foods consumed in food, which are characterized by increased estrogenic activity, for example, legumes, white cabbage and cauliflower, wheat bran.
  6. With insufficiently optimal nutrition, it will be necessary to take complexes of vitamins A, B and E, and possibly foods that contain vitamins.
  7. You can use folk remedies to improve the spermogram, for example, the root of elecampane. The recipe for the improvement of sperm is as follows: 1 tablespoon of roots of the plant elecampane in a crushed form, which is poured into 200 ml, then the composition is boiled for 15 minutes. Prepared folk remedy should be taken every 2 hours for 1 tablespoon of decoction in a cooled form.
  8. To improve the spermogram, you can prepare a broth of dogrose by taking dried berries and filling them with water. At the same time, take two glasses of water for one handful, then boil for 5 minutes, insist for several hours and drink 3 times a day for 100 ml.

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Folk remedies for improving the quality of the spermogram should be used in consultation with the attending physician. The patient should definitely tell the doctor whether he had any injuries to the testicles and genitals in general. Often, you just need to get rid of bad habits before you improve fertility.