Pressure in cancer


The human body is a complex interrelated system in which it is necessary to maintain a balance. Blood pressure helps maintain the full functioning of the internal organs. One of the key components of hemostasis is the supply of tissues with nutrients and oxygen. It is necessary to monitor the pressure in cancer, since changes in this parameter directly indicate a deterioration in the state of ongoing processes.

What should normal pressure be for cancer patients?

There are three types of determination of the level of pressure: arterial, capillary and venous. In practice, particular attention is paid to indicators that are determined on the shoulder vessels. Arterial pressure shows two values ​​that are divided by fractions:

  1. Systolic- the upper pressure indicator, which arises in the arterial channel with the maximum contraction of the heart muscle and the pushing of the blood flow into the aorta. Normally, an adult has a pressure of about 120 mm Hg. Art.
  2. Diastolic- the bottom indicator reflecting the minimum pressure. The value is recorded at the time of complete relaxation of the heart. With a normal vascular resistance, the tonometer stops at 80 mmHg. Art.

Despite the disease, the pressure in cancer should adhere to normal values ​​- 120/80 mm Hg. Art.

Causes of low blood pressure for cancer

Decrease in normal indices of blood pressure level means that the blood flow does not correspond to the needs of the body, tissues lack nutrients and oxygen. Low systolic indices less than 100 mm Hg are considered. Art.

In cancer, hypotension can occur for several reasons:

  • Dehydration:

With cancer intoxication, dehydration of the body occurs. Malignant formation has a progressive infiltrative growth. An increase in the size of the tumor and an insufficient level of blood supply provoke the development of genetically altered tissues. Pathological particles enter the system of blood flow, causing intoxication.

  • Infection:

Onkozabolevaniya reduce the level of immunity, so the risk of developing co-morbidities, which is characterized by a drop in blood pressure, increases.

  • Bleeding:

The most dangerous complication in cancer is damage to the integrity of the walls of internal organs and tissues. Depending on the location of the malignant tumor, there is a possibility of a threat to the life of the patient, a lethal outcome.

  • Medicines:

A number of drugs prescribed for cancer can have antihypertensive side effects.


From low pressure, general weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, migraine can occur. With a sharp decline in indicators, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.

High blood pressure for cancer - reasons

Increased blood pressure is a factor in the development of cancer. With hypertension, the likelihood of a lethal outcome is high. Pressure more than 140/90 mm Hg. Art. is considered elevated.

In most cases, cancer refers to unchanged risk factors. This is a poorly adjusted disease that can lead to a persistent or abrupt increase in blood pressure.

The main cause of hypertension in cancer is a decrease in the lumen of blood vessels, in connection with the squeezing of its neoplasm. Because of the difficult circulation of the heart muscle is overloaded, blood pressure rises.

What to do and how to normalize the pressure in cancer by yourself?

It is impossible to directly influence a malignant tumor without resorting to medical measures. However, there are methods that help to normalize the pressure. It is impossible to determine the cause of the blood flow disturbance independently, therefore, to facilitate the well-being, it is worthwhile to resort to the general recommendations listed and described below.

How to reduce high blood pressure in a cancer patient?

To begin a lifestyle change, you need to eliminate stress factors. Oncobolnoe need to try not to get stuck on his disease, and not to provoke the appearance of aggravations of a psychological illness. A calm, measured way of life, without sudden mood swings, without excessive negative emotionality will help to avoid sharp increases in blood pressure.

The key is the right diet. Diet should be based on the restriction of the use of fluid and salts. The daily volume of water should not exceed one and a half liters. The quantity of table salt, consumed daily, drops to 5 g. Reducing the pressure is also promoted by products rich in Mg and K (bran, seeds, greens, fruits, vegetables and others).

Not to the detriment of the state of health it is necessary to enter moderate regular physical activities. Limit the use of not only alcohol, but also strong tea, coffee. Quit smoking completely.

How to increase the pressure?

The fastest way to increase blood pressure is to drink coffee or strong tea. This method is effective, but has a short-term effect and for cancer patients is completely inappropriate.

Another simple solution is to put a pinch of salt on the tongue, without washing down with water. To increase the pressure, you can eat nuts or a piece of fat.

More difficult in the preparation method is the ingestion of cinnamon infusion. It is prepared quickly: one glass of hot water - a pinch of cinnamon. In a warm infusion, two teaspoons of honey is added, better than lime. Taking such a drink at night and in the morning on an empty stomach will not only increase the pressure, but will also help to consolidate the result. With a small hypotension, it is enough to eat ½ teaspoon of honey with a portion of cinnamon.

It's no secret that massage has medicinal properties. To increase blood pressure, it is worth using a pinpoint effect on certain areas of the body:

  • the center of the nape;
  • middle third of the carotid artery;
  • nasolabial fossa;
  • at the fingernail of the little finger on the hand;
  • at the thumb of the thumb.

To cheer up the body with oncology, you can stretch the area between the shoulder blades, rubbing the ankles, knees, and also the abdomen area.

When is it better to see a doctor?

With cancer, any change in blood pressure can be disastrous, so you do not need to experiment with different pharmacy products and folk recipes!

Emergency medical intervention is necessary:

  • at sudden pressure drops, regardless of the increase or decrease in the values;
  • at slow aggravating deviations, which can not be normalized by non-medicamentous methods;
  • decrease in systolic pressure below 80, diastolic pressure - 50 mm Hg. st;
  • excess of indicators 180/110 mm Hg. Art.

Be sure to inform your doctor about any deviations from normal indicators!

What drugs can safely bring the pressure of an oncological patient back to normal?

The appointment and monitoring of medication should be conducted by the attending physician. Depending on the stage of cancer, the general well-being of the patient, drugs that normalize the pressure, are divided into two large groups: increasing it and reducing it.

Hypertensive agents

The most effective drugs for raising blood pressure in cancer patients are "Prednisolone" and "Dexamethasone" intramuscularly.

  1. "Prednisolone" is a hormonal product of artificial origin. The principle of its action is concluded in the acceleration of water-salt metabolism. A sharp increase in blood pressure can have a negative effect on the heart.
  2. "Dexamethasone" is a transparent solution for injections, which is prescribed, including, with a sharp drop in blood pressure. But long-term use of this drug can provoke a sharp deterioration in the general condition of the patient.

Antihypertensive drugs

To reduce pressure, a complex treatment is used, which includes:

  • ACE inhibitors (Enalapril);
  • receptor blockers to AG II ("Eprosartan");
  • antagonists of Ca ("Nifedipine "Diltiazem");
  • β-adrenoblockers (Metoprolol);
  • diuretics ("Indapamide").

The necessary combinations of drugs and doses are made individually. The medication should be taken with all medical recommendations, it is only possible to normalize the pressure in cancer. If side effects occur, the dose of medicines is reduced, up to the complete cancellation of drugs.


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