Aphrodisiac for enhancing male potency


Table of contents

  • The most common plant substances that affect the potency
  • Medications

Since ancient times it is believed that a man is young as much as his potency. Surprisingly, you can become an old man in 25 years. Despite all the controversy of this statement, it is true. Because male potency is directly related to the health of the whole body of a man, with his internal organs, energy. Moreover, according to ancient teachings, it depends on the energy that circulates in the body of a man, and depends on its potency. Circulates well, there are many of them - the potency is good. Energy is small, it stagnates - the potency is weak.


Since ancient times, known substances called aphrodisiacs. These substances, with skillful use, can create a miracle.

They return lost potency, strength and youth. It would be wrong to consider aphrodisiacs for male potency only as a means of enhancing sexual activity. This is not true: such substances, especially herbs, are capable of raising the general tone of the body, rejuvenating it, affecting all internal organs in the most beneficial way. Aphrodisiac is used in the form of tinctures and broths, essential oils, food. Pharmacological industry produces them in the form of tablets, capsules, drops.

The most common plant substances that affect the potency

  1. Ginseng. It is also called the "root of life". Increases the general tone of the body. Remarkably affects the genitourinary sphere of a man (Fig. 1). Eleutherococcus and Schizandra have a similar effect.
  2. Garlic. This plant not only treats colds, but also increases the amount of seed. Promotes rapid sexual arousal (Fig. 2).
  3. Licorice. Known since childhood as a cure for colds and coughs. But the root of this plant is used in the general decline of forces. Remarkably increases the potency (Fig. 3).

In addition to these, there is still a huge amount of plant aphrodisiacs. People know about them for a long time. These herbs are actively used in Ayurveda and folk medicine.


Aphrodisiacs in food.

Any fried meat with seasonings and spices is an aphrodisiac. Miraculously affects the potency of honey with nuts. Do not forget about seafood, especially oysters, and raw chicken eggs. But you need to consider that overeating does not contribute to good potency.

Essential oils like aphrodisiacs.

The most commonly used as a very effective aphrodisiac is oil of patchouli and ylang-ylang. Drops of oil can be applied to bed linen, or you can light a special aroma lamp. Such lamps are specifically designed to spread the aroma of oils.


Deciding to take plant substances that increase potency, do not forget that these herbs are medicinal, and you should consult a doctor who understands phytotherapy.


From pharmacological agents to increase potency is used:

  1. Yohimbine.
  2. The Impaza.
  3. The Golden Horse.

All of them have contraindications. Before you start taking them, you need to consult a doctor. It is worth saying that if there are no acute violations of potency, you should try to restore it with the help of nutrition and medicinal herbs, and only after that, if necessary, resort to medicinal drugs.



With the skillful use of these vegetable tonic can not only increase the potency, but also restore youth, health, good mood, so their action is much broader. They excite and excite, raising the potency, and affect the various organs and nervous system.