Treatment of stomach cancer in Israel - the best choice


To date, people who have faced such a complex disease as stomach cancer increasingly choose Israel as a country for the treatment of the disease. This choice is dictated mainly by the successes in the field of oncology, which demonstrates Israeli medicine, and, equally important, the optimal price offer of most Israeli clinics.

The Israeli school of oncology is considered to be one of the best in the world. Before becoming a highly specialized doctor (for example, an oncologist) in Israel, it is necessary not only to complete a 7-year medical university, then also for a long time after that to study, practice and practice, including abroad. Only after many years of practice in Israel is allowed to engage in a narrow specialization.

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At present, Israeli specialists in the field of oncology are considered to be among the best in the world. Foreign patients on the Promised Land are treated by such luminaries of world oncology as Moshe Inbar, Irina Stefansky, Joseph Klausner, Arber Nadir, Gil Bar-Sela and others.

Classification of stomach cancer

There are several classifications of stomach cancer, but most often it is classified depending on the macroscopic pattern. The following types of cancer are distinguished by this parameter:

  • Polypoid cancer- the neoplasm, which is located in the stomach tissues, is distinguished by a good limitation from healthy tissues and does not have ulceration. The occurrence of this type is about 5%.
  • Ulcerated carcinoma- a tumor that has ulceration. By external characteristics, such a cancer is hardly distinguishable from an ulcer, and for the establishment of an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to conduct histopathological studies. The occurrence of this type is 35%.
  • Partially ulcerated carcinoma- a tumor that has raised edges and grows into the deep layers of the gastric mucosa. Unlike other forms of cancer, partially ulcerated carcinoma begins to give early metastases.
  • Diffusive-infiltrative cancer- a tumor that grows into the mucous and submucosa layers, while capturing a significant part of the gastric tissues. With the diffuse spread of this type of cancer in the stomach, there is often a violation of his motor skills and the appearance of dyspepsia.

Causes and predisposing factors

As with most cancers, the exact cause of the development of cancer is unclear. However, scientists identify the following predisposing factors that can cause the disease:

  • Helicobacter pylori. The fact that stomach cancer can cause Helicobacter pylori infection began to speak only when it became clear that this bacterium leads to the development of peptic ulcer and chronic atrophic gastritis. Currently, Helicobacter pylori infection is considered as one of the most important causes of development of oncological processes. It was found that in the presence of Helicobacter pylori infection, the likelihood of developing cancer is increased 4-fold. More than 50% of the removed gastric neoplasms show this pathogen.
  • Hereditary factors. An important factor in the development of cancer is hereditary. So, if your close relative had a tumor diagnosed, then there is an increased likelihood of developing this pathology. It is established that the Japanese who emigrated to the United States suffer less than their compatriots in Japan, but more often than Americans who live in the United States. This fact indicates that hereditary factors also participate in the development of this pathology. It is noteworthy that the diagnosis of gastric cancer in Israel also provides for the conduct of molecular genetic analysis, which is often necessary to understand how effective this or that species will be chemotherapy.
  • Nature of food. At present, scientists know much about the relationship between cancer and the nature of nutrition. It has been established that the probability of developing a malignant tumor of the stomach increases with the use of a large amount of salt, nitrates, and also with excessive consumption of carbohydrate food. In this regard, cancer often occurs in people who eat a lot of salty, smoked and pickled food, as well as whose diet is poor in vegetables and fruits. It is this kind of cuisine in the Japanese, and therefore most of all stomach cancer is spread in this country.
  • Bad habits. Smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages are also considered as triggering cancer factors. According to some reports, about 20% of all cancers are associated with tobacco smoking. Naturally, the longer and more a person smokes, the higher the risk of pathology. Alcohol is also considered a provoking factor, but there is as yet no reliable evidence on this score.
  • Polyps. These are benign neoplasms on the mucosa, which can be considered as precancerous. Polyps under certain circumstances may be malignant, so when they are found, a decision is made to remove them.
  • Other malignant diseases. Gastric cancer can be secondary in nature when metastases from other primary foci penetrate the tissues of the organ. So, the pathology can develop against a background of a cancer of an esophagus, a prostate, a cancer of a bladder, ovaries, mammary glands and testicles.

Symptoms of the disease

For a long time, stomach cancer does not make itself felt. Often the first symptoms resemble manifestations of banal indigestion or slight discomfort in the stomach, which sometimes happens after food intake, because of which patients are not always properly respond to this problem, giving the disease the opportunity to develop Further.

In cancer, even after a small meal, the patient has a noticeable sensation of heaviness in the stomach. In this case, there is a significant weight loss.

In advanced stages of the disease there is a pronounced pain syndrome and dyspepsia. It often happens that at this stage of the disease the tumor can be palpated.

Over time, the severity of pain is amplified, and if they used to be of a periodic nature, then at advanced stages they already have a permanent character.

Among the common symptoms, in addition to a sharp loss of weight, you can distinguish pallor of the skin, the appearance of swelling, flabbiness of the skin and the development of anemia. At a time when the tissues of the tumor begin to disintegrate, and a large amount of toxic substances is released into the blood, the patient's temperature rises.

Since stomach cancer is easily confused with gastritis or ulcer, here are a few features of the symptomatology of this pathology:

  • In contrast to gastritis, with stomach cancer, pain becomes more prolonged and less acute. More often pains appear at night, and it is not connected with a food intake (as in a case with a gastritis or other diseases of the digestive tract).
  • If the patient has a sharp rejection of certain foods, which was not previously observed (for example, meat). It is noteworthy that such a symptom can be observed in bowel cancer.
  • If there is a black and liquid stool, as well as vomiting with blood clots.

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Procedures for stomach cancer

Often, the treatment of cancer in Israel is complex, using conservative and surgical methods.

Conservative methods for the treatment of stomach cancer in Israel include the following procedures:

  • Chemotherapy is the main kind of conservative treatment of tumors. Depending on the indications, chemotherapy can be performed before surgery or after surgery. In some cases, chemotherapy is considered as the only method of treatment.
  • Radiation therapy - can complement surgical treatment or chemotherapy. The goal of radiation therapy for gastric cancer is the prevention of relapse. With inoperable variants of tumors, radiation therapy is used as a palliative treatment.
  • Innovative methods of treatment - targeted and biotherapy (using drugs to activate the immune system).

Surgical methods for the treatment of gastric cancer include the following operations:

  • Partial gastrectomy is the removal of part of the stomach affected by the tumor. With partial resection, the adjacent lymph node is also often removed. In some cases, doctors also perform a resection by a number of disposed organs to prevent the spread of tumor cells to other tissues of the body.
  • Complete gastrectomy - removal of the stomach. After performing this operation, a new stomach is formed from the part of the intestine for the patient.

If an operation is prescribed for a patient, stomach cancer in Israel is treated with a unique rapid test during surgery, which allows for maximum organosohrannost.

Treatment of stomach cancer in Israel: prices

Thanks to good state funding in Israel, the state's public health care is strong enough. Many large hospitals of the Promised Land are on budgetary financing. It is noteworthy that state hospitals willingly accept foreign citizens by providing them with medical services. Thanks to this approach, the country maintains a healthy competitive environment between public and private clinics, which allows to keep affordable prices for patients. So, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases on the Promised Land costs about 30-40% cheaper than in the countries Western Europe, what caused such a high popularity of Israeli medicine, including among European patients.

Diagnostic services for stomach cancer cost around 4000-5000 US dollars. The operation for partial or total gastrectomy is 20-22 thousand US dollars. Treatment for stomach cancer in Israel, the cost of which depends on a number of factors, is usually estimated already after the diagnosis, when the doctors will know exactly what amount of medical manipulation will go speech.

Advantages of treatment in Israel

Every year thousands of foreign patients with oncology seek help from Israeli specialists. On the Promised Land, they receive the following benefits of treatment:

  • Accurate diagnosis. Diagnosis of stomach cancer in Israel is 100% reliable, and there can be no doubt in the diagnosis made. Israeli doctors conduct diagnostic procedures in accordance with modern diagnostic protocols and with using modern diagnostic equipment that allows detecting tumor foci microscopic sizes. Unfortunately, doctors in the countries of the former USSR often make mistakes at the stage of diagnosis, which is why the patient is subsequently treated with the wrong treatment. It also happens that the patient is diagnosed with cancer, but in the Israeli clinic this diagnosis is not confirmed, and the patient is released home or otherwise treated completely.
  • Modern medical equipment. The clinics of Israel are equipped with high-tech medical equipment of the latest generation. It is noteworthy that the equipment of clinics is closely monitored both in private and in public clinics, constantly updating equipment, purchasing new models of equipment, which has better characteristics than its own predecessors.
  • Doctors of world level.Whatever the modern equipment of Israeli clinics, but Israeli medicine can not be imagined without the magnificent doctors - the real masters of their craft. Many Israeli oncologists are known far beyond their homeland. These are specialists who, in addition to medical activities, are actively engaged in scientific research in the field of oncology in search of new methods of treatment and diagnosis of cancer pathologies.
  • Russian-speaking staff.In many Israeli clinics you will meet Russian-speaking doctors. The absence of a language barrier is an important factor in the treatment of the disease, since it allows for closer contact between the patient and the attending physician. If the doctor does not speak Russian, then in each clinic that accepts foreign patients there is a staff of professional translators.
  • Positive opinion of patients.Many patients who happened to undergo treatment for stomach cancer in Israel, the reviews leave mostly positive, and the main advantage is called the opportunity to be treated by professionals who are guaranteed to make every effort to ensure that the patient recovered.

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