The fight against hair loss in men


Table of contents

  • What causes hair loss in men?
  • What are the types of alopecia in men?
  • Diagnosis and delivery of tests
  • Can hair loss be avoided in men?
  • What treatment does the doctor prescribe for hair loss?
  • Treatment of alopecia folk methods

Hair loss worries not only the fair sex, but also men. Surprisingly, it is men who are more likely to have hair loss than women.

Rapid hair loss in men is called alopecia.

Alopecia is a pathological disease characterized by hair loss not only on the body, but also on the head.


The reasons why hair fall out a lot. But each of them reduces to the fact that over time the structure becomes thinner, the follicle decreases. Consequently, the hair becomes rare. It is worth noting that this problem can be comprehended not only by a man in old age, but also by a young guy. It all depends on the characteristics of the male body and the causes of the fallout.

What causes hair loss in men?

That the doctor has appointed or nominated the appropriate treatment of a baldness, it is necessary to know, what reasons promote its or her education. In general, men are balding under the influence of the following factors:

  • constant stress and depression;
  • bad ecology, pollution of the environment;
  • constant exposure to the sudden change of cold air to hot air;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • the presence of bad habits, such as drinking, smoking cigarettes;
  • psychological disorders;
  • chemotherapy in the presence of cancer;
  • hormonal disruptions or features of a man;
  • improper hair care;
  • increased testosterone levels.

All of the above reasons can adversely affect the growth of hair in men. Some men have parts on the skin of the head that have increased sensitivity to sex hormones. It is these substances that can narrow the hair follicle. Over time, they become small, as a result of which new hair can not grow from them. Alopecia occurs in a certain sequence. Initially, the growth line begins to disappear, then the shape changes. Begin to see the bald areas on the sides, in the central part a wedge is formed, the density of which is not greatly lost. Only then it comes to the very top.


What are the types of alopecia in men?

Alopecia is divided into two main types: nest and premature. The latter occurs at a young age. In this case, a young guy can meet a small size bald patch or a bald patch in the frontal part. This type of loss is difficult to cure, as the main cause of premature baldness is a genetic predisposition.

The appearance of the nest is formed in the hair covering of the head in a variety of areas. It is this kind of fallout that can lead to a complete baldness of a man. Do not worry about normal hair loss in men. This is a physiological phenomenon inherent in nature. But if you notice that the hair falls out very much, do not wash your head for 3 days. After 3 days, take the lock and pinch your fingers. If you have more than 5 hairs on your hands, then you have alopecia.

According to Norwood, the following stages of hair loss are distributed:

  • to 1 and 2 stages include the type of baldness, which is a simple age-related change in the hair bulb; usually at this stage, complete baldness does not threaten a man;
  • for the third stage, the formation of small bald patches in the temporal part is characteristic;
  • at 4 stages, hair begins to fall abundantly in the region of the crown;
  • at the 5 th stage begins a rapid hair loss, where the bald spot on the vertex is separated from the bald patch on the temple;
  • at the 6th stage, all formed bald spots begin to unite, forming a single whole;
  • at the 7th or 8th stage the loss of the remaining hair is carried out.

The main symptoms of hair loss express themselves in the form of a gradual shift of the hair growth line towards the occiput. Initially begins to fall out of the temples, only then passes to the crown. Hair not only thin out, but also drop out. In the morning on the pillow you can find a huge amount of fallen hair.

Diagnosis and delivery of tests

To diagnose hair loss, you need to contact a specialist. The survey starts with simple questions. The doctor asks typical questions to find out whether the hair has suddenly or gradually begun to fall, whether there were any factors that could provoke hair loss, whether it was family relatives suffering from early baldness, etc. It is very important to turn to the doctor in time, as baldness can be a sign and a symptom of another existing disease.

If a man turned to a specialist for help, then initially he is expected the following tests:

  • general analysis of blood and urine;
  • blood test for the presence of sugar levels;
  • a blood test for the level of production of sex hormones, as well as thyroid hormones;
  • immunogram (in some cases, doctors ask her to do it);
  • computer diagnostics of hair;
  • consultation of a dermatologist and trichologist.

If, after carrying out all the tests, a serious disease is excluded, as a result of which the hair falls out, then the patient is appropriately treated. Often, in addition to the trichologist and dermatologist, the patient is referred to a neurologist and a therapist. It is very important to turn to a specialist on time. It is he who will help stop the fallout.

Can hair loss be avoided in men?

Most of the men suffer from hair loss for genetic reasons. With genetics you can not argue, therefore, loss can not be stopped. But experts say that if you observe important lifestyle rules, you can significantly delay the time of hair loss, thereby preventing early baldness. It is necessary to observe a healthy lifestyle, give up harmful habits, do not abuse alcohol, and eat only useful and full of vitamins. Few of the men know that most of the hair is protein. Only a balanced diet, full of protein, can cope with early baldness, slowing hair loss.


The main enemy of hair is constant stress, frustration or depression. Therefore, it is necessary to give some time to physical exertion. Excellent help to cope with the stress of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. Vitamin complexes help to slow down hair loss. In the diet should be added more fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember: if you have a long problem with hair, they fall out strongly, then you should immediately contact the trichologist. In this case, vitamins and fruits will not help.

What treatment does the doctor prescribe for hair loss?

During the treatment of baldness, many doctors prescribe an effective drug minoxidil in the form of a solution or foam. Often you can see it in the form of a spray. This drug is able to activate growth and slow hair loss. The result can be noticed only after the end of the course of treatment. It should be noted that the drug has a strict dosage, it can not be exceeded in any case.

Modern trichologist doctors are used to treat baldness in men with masotherapy. This therapy is carried out by introducing into the skin of the head a specialized medicinal product, the action of which is aimed at preventing hair loss. If the cause of hair loss is hormonal failure, then hormonal correction is applied with the simultaneous activation of hair growth.

Together with drug treatment is recommended hair transplantation in the event that the medication did not give positive results. To date, this type of surgery can help a man get rid of alopecia. Nonsurgical methods for replacing the hair were also created. This method provides tissue and hair, made of special material, which is then attached to the head. No one will notice that the hair is unnatural, only if you had a rather large part of the bald head before the moment of treatment.

Treatment of alopecia folk methods

Many men in addition to drug treatment use folk remedies to combat baldness. The most popular of these are the following recipes:

  1. Tincture of red pepper is recognized as the first popular brand. It is used in 80% of cases of baldness. Red pepper with alcohol can activate blood circulation, which, in turn, contributes to saturation with the necessary elements of the hair bulb. To prepare the correct tincture of red pepper, 4 pods of pepper should be dropped in 500 ml of vodka. This substance is left in a dark place for 21 days. The obtained tincture is rubbed in the area where the bald spot begins to develop.
  2. Willow bark and burdock roots are used to treat alopecia in the form of a means for washing the head. We take them in equal quantities. Then 4 tablespoons of mixed weight pour 1 liter of boiling water and give 30 minutes to infuse. The solution is ready.
  3. Nettle and mother-and-stepmother copes with the problem of alopecia. The flowers are poured with boiling water and insist for 30 minutes. An agent at the first stage of alopecia is considered effective.


Remember that you should not self-medicate, because you can aggravate the situation.For treatment to give positive results, you must always visit a doctor. It is the doctor who can determine the cause of the disease and prescribe appropriate therapy.