Treatment of rapid emesis in men at home


Table of contents

  • Causes of rapid ejaculation in men
  • Diagnosis of rapid seeding
  • Premature emesis: treatment with folk remedies
  • How to learn to control premature ejaculation at home?

Rapid seminal emission is a condition in which ejaculate is ejected at the very beginning of sexual intercourse, during the introduction of the penis into the vagina, or even before the onset of the act of coition. Some experts argue that the ejection of sperm can be considered rapid when the penis has not yet committed 25 frictional movements.


To date, this problem is quite urgent, since it affects about 34% of men. To the violation of this function can result both inexperience of the partner, his young age, and some diseases. If an early ejaculation in a man occurs frequently, then in this case it is worthwhile to make a course of treatment. Next, it will be considered how to treat rapid seeding at home.

Causes of rapid ejaculation in men

If a man always had normal sexual relations, then early ejaculation may be due to the presence of physiological or psychological problems. The physiological problem may be the increased sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis. In this case, the man responds to normal irritation very strongly and quickly, which leads to premature ejaculation.


Other causes of a physiological nature may include:

  • presence of inflammatory diseases (colliculitis, vesiculitis, prostatitis);
  • neurological diseases that cause disorders of the pelvic organs (intervertebral hernia, damage to the pelvic or spine bones);
  • performed operation on the pelvic organs.

For psychological reasons, the main problem is the presence of a neurosis in a man's expectations.In this case, when engaged in sex, he focuses not on enjoying the process, but on ejaculation itself, which leads to overexertion and premature ejection of sperm. Because of this, the man in the future will avoid sexual relations, because he will experience fear in connection with the possible dissatisfaction of his partner. Neurosis waiting also leads to erectile dysfunction and reduced male attractiveness.

In addition, the psychological reasons also include:

  • the presence of a conditioned reflex, which occurs with early and frequent juvenile masturbation;
  • lack of sexual experience;
  • too early experience of sexual relations.

Diagnosis of rapid seeding

If a man manifests such a disease, immediately you need to conduct an examination of the body, with which you can identify the cause of its occurrence. Diagnosis begins with a survey of available sexual relations and their quality. After this, the attending physician may be appointed:

  • Analyzes for the detection of possible infectious diseases;
  • Ultrasound and urethroscopy of genital organs;
  • research of blood supply to the penis.

To date, there are several tests that will help identify the most common cases of this pathology:

  • test with antidepressants, which allows you to identify psychological causes by taking a patient soothing before sexual intercourse;
  • the test with lidocaine allows to reveal hypersensitivity of the head by freezing the nerve receptors of the penis before sexual intercourse.

After the examination, you can consult with your doctor and choose the best treatment option that can be performed in a hospital or at home.


Premature emesis: treatment with folk remedies

In treating this disease, domestic or folk methods have proved to be quite good. In most cases, doctors prescribe them as additional means for drug treatment.

Before taking various infusions and decoctions, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, because uncontrolled treatment of rapid ejaculation can lead to undesirable consequences.

Among the recipes that help cope with rapid seed emission, it should be noted:

  1. Folk remedy based on oregano and marigold. These herbs are taken in proportion: respectively, and mixed together. At 1 tbsp. spoon should take 1 tbsp. boiling water and insist the broth for 6 hours. It is used for 100 ml after a meal, the course of treatment is 45 days.
  2. Tincture based on the root of love. To insist it is necessary either on alcohol, or to make a decoction on the water. To do this, take 1 tbsp. Spoon the crushed root and pour 1 tbsp. water, then boil the mixture for 10 minutes. Then the broth is removed from the fire and infused for about half an hour. Take it should be eaten at 1/3 tbsp.
  3. Folk remedy on the basis of the fruit of dogrose and angelica root. To obtain a decoction, these plants are mixed together and brewed. In addition to the broth, you can add rape to ordinary and double-hatch.

How to learn to control premature ejaculation at home?

Observing some recommendations, you can significantly prolong the sexual act, bringing pleasure not only to yourself, but also to your partner:

  1. The main condition is a frank conversation with a partner. It is necessary to stipulate ways of satisfaction without sexual intercourse, this need not be embarrassed.
  2. It is necessary to completely abandon artificial stimulation, watching feature films or video clips, which contain frank scenes.
  3. You should learn to control your feelings. To prevent premature ejaculation, you need to be able to stop in time, although this can not happen immediately, because it takes practice and some experience in intimate life.
  4. When you have sex, you can use a condom. With it, you can reduce the sensitivity of the penis.
  5. At sexual relations it is necessary to be under the partner, to be passive. This will help to slightly reduce the irritation of the head of the penis.
  6. If the ejaculation is close, it should be interrupted and distracted from the process by other thoughts. This situation must be prematurely agreed with the partner.


If you have a problem with premature emesis, you do not need to ignore it. Rapid and effective treatment will not only avoid this pathology, but will also restore confidence in oneself.