How to easily extend youth to any man?


Table of contents

  • Protect your health
  • Do not avoid having sex

All without exception, men, stepping over a 40-year-old milestone, start to think about how to prolong youth. What to do to prevent sexual activity for many years? After all, men, as well as women, are experiencing a life period called "climax". At this time, there are hormonal changes in the human body, often accompanied by a weakening of sexual function. It is not necessary to be frightened, at correct behavior it is possible to remain for a long time sexually active.


Protect your health

And it's not just about prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases. Although they should not be forgotten, especially when visiting a urologist and following elementary precautionary rules. It is necessary to monitor the health of the whole body. First of all, take care of the health of the circulatory system. After all, what kind of sex can we talk about, if the pressure "rolls over and spasms lead to severe headaches.


Proper nutrition, regular intake of vitamins and exercise will help a man maintain the body in a "working" state. Do not ignore preventive medical examinations from a young age, start treatment of even the most minor diseases in a timely manner, do not let them go into chronic form.

Do not avoid having sex

Some men, having noticed a decrease in sexual desire, begin to avoid sex. This should not be done.

Sexual abstinence after 40 years can have the opposite effect.

It is necessary to make regular sex work. Do not get hung up on the fact that to achieve a full erection should take some time. Increase the period of preliminary caresses. Your partner will also have to taste it. Look at the erotic film or magazine, light the candles, turn on the pleasant music. Do not abuse wine before sexual intercourse. A drunk glass of wine will strengthen desire, but "take away" the strength of an erection.


Male sexuality can not be strengthened by giving sexual excesses. This has an extremely negative effect on the cardiovascular system. In mature men, seeking to prolong their youth, planting a young girlfriend, increases the risk of strokes. And in case of misfires, shame and experience will be much stronger than in relations with an equal partner in age.

Rules for the preservation of youth:

  • continue intellectual improvement: read books, solve crosswords and puzzles, look for a way out of difficult situations;
  • keep muscle tonus: walk on foot, bike, do yoga, swimming;
  • keep the weight in the norm: do not get carried away by carbohydrates, eat in a balanced way;
  • limit the use of salt;
  • use the minimum of alcohol - this is the main enemy of potency;
  • do not use narcotic substances;
  • quit smoking, take care of your heart and lungs;
  • have sex, intimate contacts stimulate the production of sex hormones and delay the onset of andropause.


Adhering to these simple rules, you can easily save a man's youth and enjoy a full life for many years.