How to deal with low self-esteem in men?


Table of contents

  • Causes of this phenomenon
  • Main manifestations of low self-esteem
  • Ways to overcome self-doubt

Lately, many people suffer from low self-esteem, especially among men.


A person with low self-esteem underestimates himself, underestimates the importance of his personal qualities and achievements.

This leads to new problems in life.

Causes of this phenomenon

Low self-esteem in men can appear due to a large number of different factors. Identify the causes of this phenomenon can be tried and independently, but it is better to seek help from a qualified psychologist. It will help you to understand yourself and get rid of low self-esteem.


A common cause is uncertainty in their abilities and underestimation of their capabilities, which have been going on since childhood due to incorrect education. Insecurity develops in children, to whom too high demands are made, they are often scolded and compared to more successful peers. This behavior on the part of the parents leads to the appearance of many problems already in adulthood, as the child develops a set of losers.

Low self-esteem can occur in those men who are unhappy with their appearance, have any defects or significant diseases. Lowering of self-esteem very often arises because of problems of a sexual nature: a decrease in sexual function, dissatisfaction with the partner, and so on.

Underestimated men's self-esteem may occur in people who set themselves too high goals, but do not achieve them. Thus, a man experiences dissatisfaction in his life. Especially this situation concerns career and financial situation, since these issues are very important for the stronger sex.

Main manifestations of low self-esteem

Low self-esteem significantly complicates the lives of many people. Such men are very often really less successful than they could actually be. They feel insecurity, fear, believe that they can not achieve something because of their inferiority. Such people, having failed, give up quickly. Because of this, it is very difficult for them to improve their lives.

Men with low self-esteem often treat everything skeptically, and sometimes even hostile. It is very difficult for them to build relationships both in the team and with their second half. Subconsciously, they choose their own partners. Subsequently, it is very bad for children. There is a high probability that children who are unsure of themselves will also have low self-esteem.

Unconfident men can have a slovenly appearance and be not groomed. At the same time, many people try to disguise their low self-esteem by overseeing their appearance. It's hard for such people to make real friends, because they are concerned about the opinions of others. Constant conflicts and discontent are also present in family life. An unsure person is inclined to blame someone for their own failures and failures. People with low self-esteem often set themselves false goals, they are very susceptible to someone else's influence. In addition, in such men the risk of bad habits is higher.


Complexes strongly affect all areas of life, even if a man experiences uncertainty only in a particular area. For example, a man is a successful leader, but has certain problems in dealing with women or considers himself unattractive. In this case, problems can arise in the work team, it can be too cheeky to behave with co-workers or, conversely, to belittle them.

Ways to overcome self-doubt

Low self-esteem in men can be both situational and permanent. In any case, it must be fought against.Increasing self-esteem will help you feel comfortable in this life, it will give you the opportunity to get rid of many problems.

To increase self-esteem, it is necessary to clearly realize all its advantages and disadvantages. It is very convenient to write them down on paper. The enumeration of merits will help you realize your importance and identify those areas in which you can achieve the greatest success. Highlight the shortcomings that cause you the most problems, and think about ways that you can get rid of them. When you clearly realize your shortcomings, you will be able to fight them. The list should cover all areas of life.


In addition, it is necessary to rebuild your thinking. Men who think about their success on a daily basis do become more successful. It is very difficult to get rid of all the shortcomings. Therefore, compensate those of them that you can not get rid of by your merits. Try to draw attention to positive features. However, you should not exaggerate your abilities, so as not to acquire new complexes. Do not try to be like others, do not imitate anyone, compare yourself with someone. Every person is different. You need to try to develop your strengths and do what you like.