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How to improve bowel function

The bowel should work properly, because it is one of the most important organs in our body. Frequent constipation can lead to permanent weakness, eruptions of acne on the face and body, headaches and other troubles. Therefore, if the stool is irregular, it's time to think about how,how to improve bowel function. There is nothing complicated in the following rules, but if you observe them, constipations will surely stop bothering you.

How to improve bowel function: 5 techniques

1. Move more.To your bowel worked as well as possible, try to move more. Especially this applies to those who spend a lot of time sitting (at work, at home at the computer, etc.). Incidentally, it is these people who most often suffer from constipation. Daily morning exercises lasting 10 minutes and at least an hour of active walking per day can solve the problem.

When moving, the intestine is massaged with the abdominal muscles. If the walks do not help, try to do dancing, aerobics, or any other sport. The main condition - the exercises should be regular. Also, during work, periodically get up from the chair and walk at least for 5 minutes, you can do simple exercises: tilts and turns of the trunk in different directions, stretching, squats.

2. Use fiber.This is one of the main conditions for the proper functioning of the intestine. A lot of fiber is found in vegetables and fruits, as well as in legumes. Fiber improves bowel function, cleans it, speeds up the emptying process. For example, take for yourself the rule of constantly cooking vegetable salads (with tomatoes, with beets, etc.).

It is advisable to start breakfast with some light porridge, for example, with oatmeal. And in general oatmeal is also necessary for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Try to eat less flour dishes, as well as all that belongs to the category of fast food.

3. Massage your abdomen.This method can also help you to normalize the functioning of the intestine. Massage is done with the palm of your hand. Put it in the navel and start making circular motions clockwise, gradually making circles more and more. Start the massage with a light touch of the palm to the body and gradually, with each circle, increase the pressure. The massage is done in three sets with interruptions of 10 minutes. It is advisable to lie flat on the back, but if this is impossible for some reason (for example, you are at work), then you can sit down.

4. Do not be nervous.Very often, abnormal bowel work is the result of prolonged experiences, stresses and depressions. Therefore, trying to improve the work of the intestines, be sure to follow your nervous system. Try as often as possible to completely relax and rest, do not be nervous. If this does not work out, then drink the course of valerian or motherwort. Very well relax baths with aromatic oils, as well as a cup of hot tea with melissa or chamomile.

5. Normalize the intestinal microflora.Very often the intestine begins to work poorly after prolonged antibiotic therapy, or after taking other medicines. Also, the intestinal dysbiosis and, as a consequence, its poor performance can appear after severe diarrhea or food poisoning. In this case, you first need to restore the normal intestinal microflora. To do this, you can use the drug Linex, or other identical means to restore the intestinal microflora. They are completely safe and released without a doctor's prescription.

If you can not improve the work of the intestine in any way and none of these methods lead to visible improvements, then it is worth to consult a doctor. Perhaps there are more serious health problems and poor bowel function - this is just their consequence. Most likely, as an additional therapy the doctor will also prescribe to you laxative drugs.

Conditionally day 22. Please help start the intestine! It's hard for me!

On Saturday, I went with my beloved to the interesting city of Irbit, in the next post I will tell and show. And in another post I will complain about the fashion of this summer
Without extra words at once to my problem - my bowels do not work! And so it's been two weeks! I can not understand the reason for this. I eat fruits, cereals, vegetables. I'm drinking water. A couple of times during this time I drank a laxative, when it was really hard. Read completely

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June 19 of the year #

Flax powder with yogurt helps me a lot. I had exactly the same problem - I could not go to the toilet for several days
and now for about a month - made it a habit to drink a kefir cocktail in the morning for breakfast - kefir 1% (art.) + 1 tsp. linseed flour + cinnamon to taste. You can and without cinnamon.
Now I have an intestine of oooooooooooooochen every day!
Try it, flax is a thing ofigens!

June 19 of the year #

I'll take note!

and now for about a month - made it a habit to drink a kefir cocktail in the morning for breakfast - kefir 1% (art.) + 1 tsp. linseed flour + cinnamon to taste. And after how much do you have breakfast?

Drink a laxative is better tablets Sena-De. About 3 pieces before going to bed, 3 hours after eating. Maybe you should starve the day? Drink senade, day get hungry, then about three days of vegetarian food, about this, in the morning baked apples, boiled rice in the afternoon, basmati can be with lentils or mash, strongly boiled like soup, you can add ghee, in the evening you can eat bananas, it's from Ayurveda, recently it was so clean, after three days again 3 tablets of hay-dee before going to bed, and should clean OK.
And then watch for food, less protein and confectionery, look for your products.
From all the proposed girls, feel where your, try, listen to the body.

June 19 of the year #

Thank you very much for the tips!
I'll try these pills. It's very difficult to starve me, I have hypotension, my head is spinning without food, it throws me into a fever. I can somewhat limit myself in nutrition by type

vegetarian food, about this, in the morning baked apples, rice boiled in the afternoon, basmati can be with lentils or mache, heavily boiled, like soup, you can add ghee, in the evening you can eat bananas

June 19 of the year #

It may not help, but it's worth trying, carefully with all the pills, first study the composition and influence, choose only herbal remedies. You can try to refuse coffee. And you can still gymnastics for the stomach. in the morning on an empty stomach. Agni-sara-dhouti, look in the yandeh. Ask then if it is not clear.

June 19 of the year #

You can try to refuse coffee. It's complicated..

look in yandeh. I'll definitely look, thanks!
I understand that these methods are from Ayurveda?

Lesya, here's the recipe that my mom and grandmother use (she has not tried it yet, but I'll definitely apply if necessary). Stuck good, natural, even granny helped, and she generally had terrible problems with this.
a sheet of Senna (sold in a pharmacy) (from her way, the pills are made by the Sen-de who advised you here)
dried apricots
All for 100 g.

Dry the components and prepare the mixture. To do this, scroll all the ingredients through the meat grinder. To the resulting mixture add 100 g of honey and 100 g of olive oil. Mix well and store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

This mixture should be taken every evening 2-3 hours after dinner by a teaspoon, washed down with 300 g of warm water. This is a real "broom for the intestines." It works clearly.

The bowel is released 2 times in the morning (6-7 hours) and the second time - 9-10 hours. Everyone has an individual time schedule.
I can only advise the first time to take a day off, well, or if you go from morning to nowhere is not necessary. Because you need to quickly reach the end))) Well, then look at the reaction of the body, you will understand what's what, maybe you'll change the reception time. or quantity.
pain should not be, if very painful - a lot of eaten.
my parents and grandmother are doctors, so we will not advise bad, do not be afraid. the more we use ourselves))



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