What natural aphrodisiacs are in the usual products

  • August 16, 2018
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Table of contents

  • Operating principle
  • Types of aphrodisiacs
  • Female aphrodisiacs
  • Male aphrodisiacs
  • Common aphrodisiacs
  • Aphrodisiacs in avocado
  • Ordinary pumpkin

Mother Nature takes all possible care of her very best creation - about man. Along with various medicinal herbs, she created natural aphrodisiacs. This is a truly generous gift from nature.

Aphrodisiacs are natural substances that stimulate the sexual activity of a person.

Their exotic name these substances received in honor of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. The ancient Greeks liked to arrange in honor of this goddess lush holidays, aphrodisiacos, which often ended in mass orgies. And in order to maintain their sexual activity during these holidays, the ancient Greeks used herbal infusions and drugs containing aphrodisiacs.

But not only in Ancient Greece knew about these substances, all ancient civilizations used an aphrodisiac: China and Japan, India and Egypt, our Ancient Russia also did not lag behind. All famous lovers and favorites had knowledge and ways to kindle a love flame.

Operating principle

The principle of action of these substances can be explained simply: all products containing aphrodisiacs abound with proteins, minerals, amino acids, vitamins necessary for the human body. Thanks to this, changes begin in the body, namely, metabolism improves, blood flow is activated, the body gets a boost to self-healing. This has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of the body.

Some natural aphrodisiacs have a psychostimulant effect, in other words, sexual activity is enhanced by exposure to the central nervous system. Such substances include ginseng.

Getting into the blood vessels, plant biostimulants begin to affect the pituitary gland, thereby sexual receptors become hypersensitive.

Natural aphrodisiacs contribute to the production of endorphins, which lifts the mood, liberates and relaxes.


Types of aphrodisiacs

Despite the rather exotic name, any resident of our simple and uncomplicated country uses aphrodisiacs for food.

Natural aphrodisiacs are found in nuts, fruits and vegetables, in various herbs and roots.

Aphrodisiac not only increases sexual activity and endurance, but also strengthens the immune system, has a general beneficial effect on the body, improves the digestive tract.

Aphrodisiacs, used externally, deserve special attention. It's all known perfumes and essential oils. When applied to the skin, the sensitivity of the receptors is enhanced, and thus the attractiveness of the object of the opposite sex. But the effects of aphrodisiac can cause an allergic reaction, so you should be careful.

Female aphrodisiacs

One of the most powerful and effective deservedly is bergamot. His smell liberates and inspires confidence in a woman. Go away are thoughts related to various domestic problems. Massage with the use of bergamot oil will not only relieve fatigue, but also liberate any woman.

The oil of geranium relaxes, liberates, the woman becomes ready for any brave deeds. Bad thoughts disappear, feelings of self-confidence, youth and beauty arise.

Ylang-ylang oil exacerbates the sensitivity of all receptors and can cause acute sexual desire. This is a very powerful aphrodisiac. Apply to the skin is recommended on the wrists and behind the ears.

Male aphrodisiacs

With a male body, this substance can do wonders. Thanks to such a biostimulator, not only does the general rejuvenation of the organism take place, but the libido increases many times, the erection increases. Intimate intimacy becomes more prolonged. Sensations are more acute.


Science explains this by the fact that due to the proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids in the aphrodisiacs, all the functions of the male organism are improving, including potency.

For example, young shoots of asparagus with a minimum of heat treatment can help with problems associated with sexual impotence.

Ginger is able to awaken a strong desire, many times to prolong intimacy.

Strongly increase the libido of artichokes, but the food you need to use only the lower leaves, without subjecting them to any heat treatment.

Strongly affect the potency of men so favorite onions and garlic.

Common aphrodisiacs

Cherry. Despite the fact that this woman is more fond of women, she is intended for men. After all, it is the cherry that can increase the strength of a man. It turns out that the whole thing is in the zinc contained in the cherry. Zinc is a recognized chemical element that increases the number of male hormones and has an effect on sperm production.

Zinc remains in this berry with any heat treatment, so you can use not only fresh berries, but also compotes, jams and jam.

Aphrodisiacs in avocado

It is not for nothing that an avocado is called an "ovum tree this fruit is not only outwardly similar to the male sexual organs. Due to the fact that these fruits contain hormones, fatty acids, vitamins PP, E, A, D, avocado stimulates a man and increases potency.

It contains fat and protein, so this fruit perfectly replaces meat.



Ordinary pumpkin

Universal, especially loved by Russians, a vegetable that has a beneficial effect on both male and female body. In the pumpkin an incredible amount of vitamins and trace elements, a high content of iron. This not only provides a beautiful complexion, but also affects the mood.

Even the flavor of cooked pumpkin increases the sexual attraction of partners. Not only the pumpkin flesh is useful, in its seeds there is also a large number of aphrodisiacs.

Figs. In Russia, other names of this berry are more common: a wine berry or fig tree. For those who want to prolong sexual intercourse, this fruit should become the main dessert.

In food, figs can be consumed in fresh and dried form. The high content of amino acids, minerals, vitamins in it provides increased sexual activity.

Watermelon. A simple habitual watermelon is able to have a man the effect of Viagra. This is due to the large content of citrulline in it, a substance that improves blood circulation, which can relax the blood vessels.

In watermelon contains a huge amount of vitamins: B, C, R Metal salts: zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper, phosphorus, calcium, potassium.




Folic acid, necessary for the process of hematopoiesis, brings watermelon to the first place.

Asparagus. A common plant, rather unpretentious, was destroyed during the Renaissance, because the church was fighting against it! Monks argued that this "devilish" plant contributes to unrestrained adultery. Thanks to this reaction of the church, asparagus became very popular.

Asparagus has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, it contains a large amount of folic acid. Such an effect affects the immunity of a person.

Olive oil and olives. The multifunctionality of olive oil has been known since ancient times. When applied to the skin during massage, the effect of moisturizing, improving the glands, accelerating the removal of harmful substances.

Using olive oil and olives for food, a person receives polyunsaturated fats, which is extremely useful for the work of the heart, for the circulatory system and for the production of hormones.

This aphrodisiac fills the man with energy, he becomes indefatigable during sexual intercourse.



Banana. Rapidly spreading in the post-Soviet space and instantly becoming popular, this fruit containing tryptophan has a beneficial effect on the brain. In bananas, a lot of potassium, vitamin B. The enzyme bromelain, also contained in a banana, ensures the duration of sexual intercourse. It is useful both to the man, and to the woman, to both partners gives endurance.

Enzymes contained in bananas increase the male libido.

Chilli. This famous aphrodisiac is superpopular in the whole world. Since ancient times, chili is known as a stimulant.

When taking his heart starts to beat more often, the flow of blood in the vessels increases, the blood flows to the genitals. Intimacy is becoming more sensual, reactions are exacerbated.

The truffles are white and black. These aphrodisiacs are extremely expensive, and therefore most are not available. Their effect on the body can be compared with Viagra. When you use truffles in a woman wakes up caresses, and in a man's passion.

Even the smell of truffles can affect the human nervous system. It's not for nothing that truffles are called the most sensual products on our planet.

Aloe. Few people guess that one of the powerful aphrodisiacs grows in many people on the kitchen sill in a flowerpot. Nevertheless, this is so. Aloe can not boast of pleasant taste, but its juice in a teaspoon 3 times a day for two weeks is enough to feel sudden changes. Male libido increases at times.

The action is only freshly squeezed juice, the pharmacy aloe extract does not have this effect. In the aloe juice for taste, to soften the bitterness, you can add honey.


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Plant aphrodisiacs are able to improve qualitatively the sexual life of a person even in very adult age, because after 50-60 years life does not end, but simply passes into a different phase.