Why hair loss in men: what to do to prevent hair loss


Table of contents

  • How does stress affect the condition of the hair?
  • Malnutrition can cause early baldness
  • What diseases can cause hair loss?
  • General recommendations to help maintain healthy hair

The problem of hair loss is more relevant for men than for women. The inability of men to look after their hair to prevent hair loss, only aggravates it. But not always the right care can prevent baldness.


There are many reasons why hair falls out in men.

And with each of them you need to fight in a separate way.

How does stress affect the condition of the hair?

Stress and constant nervous tension lead to many negative consequences for the body, including hair loss.For men, for this reason, hair growth may also stop completely.This is due to the fact that during stress, especially if it is a permanent condition for a person, the blood capillaries of the scalp strongly contract, resulting in a significant decrease in blood flow to the follicles hair. This especially affects the areas near the temples, forehead and crown, since access to the blood there and so is limited in connection with the physiological characteristics of the structure of man.

As a result of the fact that much less blood enters the follicles, their depletion occurs, accordingly, the hair climbs, and the new ones do not grow at all. The complexity of this situation is also that baldness does not come immediately after a significant stress, but after a while, perhaps even a few months. Accordingly, it is very difficult to establish a connection between these two events and to determine that the reason for the loss of hair on the man is precisely the strong nervous tension.


Similar processes occur in the scalp and during baldness due to age-related changes. By 35-40 years the circulation of blood begins to slow down. In addition, scientists have found that with age, even the number of capillaries in the skin decreases. In order to maximally slow down this process and disperse blood in the body, it is extremely useful to engage in active sports.

The only way to do this, if hair falls out for this reason, is active hair nutrition with vitamins and oil masks. Effective will also be warming compresses based on mustard powder or pepper tincture. Such folk recipes should be started immediately, as soon as the first signs of falling out became noticeable. Applying them in combination with taking soothing herbs can stop baldness.

Malnutrition can cause early baldness

There are several factors, how wrong nutrition affects the condition of the hair. First, in men with obesity, there are significant violations of the hormonal background, in particular, a decrease in the level of the male hormone testosterone. Secondly, on the condition of the head of hair affects the lack of vitamins and other trace elements, which nourish the hair, contribute to its strengthening and growth.

When asked what to do if hair falls out due to an unbalanced diet, there is only one answer - to go on a diet. But this does not mean that you need to starve or eat only porridge and boiled chicken breasts.

The daily menu should include various useful products - meat, fish, milk, nuts, honey, vegetables, fruits, porridges. On their basis, you can prepare a variety of delicious and healthy dishes that will only benefit the body. Such nutrition will positively affect the condition of the head of hear.

Promotes premature baldness and bad habits. Medical research has shown that nicotine weakens blood supply in the body, but especially in those areas that are farther from the heart. Thus, smokers have almost no blood flow to the hair follicles. What if my hair falls out due to this? The only possible solution is to give up the bad habit and necessarily go in for sports. It will be very useful to run in the fresh air, which will not only increase blood circulation, but also saturate the body with oxygen, and also ventilates the lungs, which is particularly useful in the context of recovery after a long period of dependence on cigarettes.

What diseases can cause hair loss?

There is an opinion that the state of human hair can be judged on the general level of his health. Part of this is due to the fact that even after a cold or flu, accompanied by a fever, weakness, exhaustion, the hair begins to climb. For men, this problem is urgent, because in most cases, the stronger sex prefer to carry the disease on their feet, continue to work and not take the sick leave. In this case, all the resources of the body go to maintain their vital functions and fight against the disease, respectively, the hair does not receive the proper nutrition and significantly weaken. The only thing that can prevent this situation is the regular intake of vitamins during illness.


The cause of alopecia can be diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, disruptions in the thyroid gland. Thus, to prevent hair loss, you need to monitor overall health.

There are also specific diseases of the scalp, which provoke a loss of hair. In particular, this is seborrhea, which occurs as a result of disruption of the sebaceous glands. Distinguish seborrhea of ​​a dry type, when an insufficient amount of sebum is produced, and a fatty type, when there is an overabundance. In both cases there is a blockage of the pores of the scalp, follicles cease to function normally, as a result, the hair becomes thinner and falls out. The causes of seborrhea can be both a certain malfunction in the work of the body, and the use of improper means to care for the hair.


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General recommendations to help maintain healthy hair

In order not to let the question arise, what to do, if hair falls out, you can follow simple rules that will benefit the whole body and will be an excellent prevention of baldness:

  1. Watch for the purity of hair - dirty hair falls out much stronger than clean ones. The fact that frequent washing harms the health of the hair is an unfounded myth. Much more harm than shampoo, brings sebum, which accumulates around the hair and provokes its loss. To cleanse the scalp well, it is recommended to use several times a month in addition to the scrub shampoo.
  2. Use individual combs - it is through the brushes and combs often transmitted seborrhea and other skin diseases.
  3. To lead an active way of life, to go in for sports - as already it has been told above, it promotes acceleration of blood circulation and improvement of inflow of a blood to bulbs of hair. In this context, sex is also useful.
  4. Monitor the hormonal background - men who want to keep a thick head of hair, should maintain a normal level of the male hormone testosterone in the blood.


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These general rules will help prevent severe loss of hair in the absence of disease or general body disorders. If there is a problem of hair loss, it is better to consult a trichologist who can accurately establish the cause of baldness and prescribe the best treatment.