Prophylaxis of oncological diseases


Prevention of malignant diseases should be handled by all people, since in our time everyone has a risk of being a patient of an oncological hospital. This is due to the quality of food, environmental situation, occupational hazards and other unfavorable factors.Prophylaxis of oncological diseasesdoes not require special restrictions, but still recommends a correction of the habitual way of life.

8 main rules for effective prevention of cancer

  1. Balanced diet

An incorrect nutritional diet is the cause of many malignant diseases. The increased amount of consumed fats, carbohydrates predisposes the dysfunction of metabolic processes. The laboratory detection of high cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of cancer in the lungs, and the abuse of carbohydrates provokes diseases of the mammary glands.

On the other hand, uncontrolled consumption of high-calorie food leads to weight gain, which ultimately contributes to obesity. Eating fast food, a person deprives his body of micro-macroelements, vitamins, which significantly reduces the level of immune protection. As a result, a person becomes more susceptible to infections, temperature changes, chronic pathology worsens.

It is proved that during the menopause, women with overweight suffer from breast cancer 2 times more often. At the same time, men with obesity risk falling ill with malignant bowel disease. When obesity is 5 times more likely to develop cancer of the gallbladder, liver, esophagus, kidneys.

Predispose the oncology of sweets, white bread, semi-finished products, margarine.


The diet should be changed, adhering to a low-carbohydrate diet. It includes the consumption of legumes, fatty fish varieties, cereals, nuts, vegetables, herbs. Fruits without control are also not worth using, however, without them also it is impossible.

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  1. Rejection of bad habits

To reduce the risk of cancer, it is necessary to abandon alcoholic beverages, or at least to control their reception. Alcohol increases the risk of malignant damage to the larynx, digestive tract. Smoking also refers to predisposing factors of tissue malignization. For example, smoking a daily 3 packs, a person increases the likelihood of cancer in dozens of times. After that, think about whether to smoke. In addition, tobacco smoke, penetrating into the saliva, indirectly affects the oral mucosa.

  1. Cleanliness of sexual relations

Uncontrolled change of sexual partners predisposes infection to venereal infectious agents.

In addition, in the absence of the use of barrier protection, a woman expose herself to an additional risk of pregnancy. As a result, she often turns to a gynecologist for getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Thus, trauma in the process of abortion significantly increases the likelihood of cancerous transformation of cells of internal genital organs.

Infection with hepatitis ultimately leads to cirrhosis, malignancy of hepatocytes.

To reduce the risk of cancer of the reproductive organs, it is recommended to give birth for the first time not later than 30 years. Also, it is desirable to have several kids. Do not forget about the timely treatment of chronic inflammatory, infectious pathology, as long-term preservation of inflammation leads to a change in the epithelium.

  1. Environment

Living in areas with high radiation, it is recommended to visit regularly sanatoriums located in ecologically clean places (seashore, forest). In addition, not only air, but also soil, water bodies are polluted with industrial wastes, nitrogen fertilizers and this should also be remembered.

When staying in the open sun, you should use sunscreen, a hat, clothing that closes as much as possible open areas of the body.

  1. Heredity

As for the genetic predisposition to oncological diseases, it should be noted that it is not yet possible to influence the genotype. However, a person, knowing about the presence of cancer in a relative, should regularly undergo a medical examination.

  1. Physical activity

Thanks to sports, blood circulation is activated, as a result of which each cell receives a sufficient number of nutrients, oxygen. This contributes to the physiological flow of all processes in the body. To do this, you need to do morning exercise, go swimming, running, cycling.

  1. Strengthening immunity

Strong immune protection is the best prevention against many diseases. Immunity is able to cope with infectious agents, reduce the inflammatory process, reduce the growth rate of cancers, thereby eliminating metastasis.

Strengthen immunity by regular walks in the open air, frequent airing accommodation, normalization of the psycho-emotional state, intake of vitamin products, rest on the seashore, in forest.

  1. Hormonal control

Imbalance of hormones can cause the oncological focus in the organs of the reproductive system, thyroid gland, adrenal glands. To prevent this, it is necessary to investigate the hormonal level, especially in the presence of concomitant endocrine pathology.

Prophylaxis of oncological diseasesalso consists in the regular passage of medical examinations, which significantly reduces the risk of oncological diseases, provided they are diagnosed early.


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