Baldness for men: reviews about drugs and methods


Table of contents

  • Rare hair may be genetically determined
  • We check the adequacy of nutrients
  • Blame may be water, air, various drugs
  • Classic medicines and folk methods

In the network often enough you can find feedback on this or that remedy for alopecia. But before buying and applying it, one should understand the mechanism of hair loss, which does not always lie on the surface. The hair consists of a stem, a root, a hair bulb, in which the follicle, the cell division center, the hair papilla, to which blood vessels are suitable, are distinguished. The amount of hair on the head in people with different shades of hair is not the same. In blondes it reaches 150 thousand, brunettes - about 100 thousand, and redheads may not exceed 50 thousand pieces.

Rare hair may be genetically determined

On average, hair lives and develops within 2-5 years, after which it falls out, because it is replaced by a new one, formed in the hair follicle. Therefore, every day when combing, washing, hair styling hair loss, the total number of which can vary from 50 to 150 pieces, with the maximum allowed is the upper limit of this range.

The zone for testing the strength of the hair is the whiskey and the back of the head. If when pulling strands from these areas in the hand remains a significant number of hairs, it is worth to visit a trichologist.


It is often difficult to avoid hair loss, because it is laid down at the genetic level.

Statistics show that a predisposition to compulsive baldness even for a young person is possible if his Mom was a father (one of his grandfathers respectively) with signs of alopecia or the same phenomenon was observed in his own father.

This is due to the fact that genes on the paternal line of this type are passed on to the next generation, and on the maternal line through the generation.

A man to start at any age of hair loss processes is enough for one gene, and if a genetic combination has developed from both sides, then the problem is most likely to be avoided.

However, experts believe that such genes can be in DNA not in an active, but in a "sleeping" form (which can start under the influence of some factors), which makes it possible not to lose the head of hear even those whose ancestors did not differ in hairy hair.


Lyset man can begin and after some head trauma, which led to a deterioration of the blood supply, including not overheating or hypothermia, stress, etc. is not excluded. That's why it's worth teaching your sons to listen to Mom's advice not to go without a winter hat or headdress in the summer, t. the mechanism is very thin and it is not known how it can work under the influence of certain circumstances.

We check the adequacy of nutrients

Treatment for alopecia may not be necessary if the diet of a man is corrected in the right direction. To the hair was thick, we need the basis for its construction. And the basis of the hair is a protein that many modern males lack in the right amount. The optimal variant of the protein component of the menu is one g of protein per kg of the weight of the representative of the stronger sex. And the protein should be in such quantity to act in pure form, and pure protein in 100 grams, for example, the chicken contains only about 18-20 g.

Therefore, before taking any medication, try to introduce into the diet fish, nuts, soy tofu, red lean meat in increased amounts to make up for some loss of protein (it could be used up at high physical exertion, diets). In addition, manganese, zinc, quartz and a group of vitamins B contribute to the density of the hairdo.

If due to some reasons, a significant deficit of these elements was formed, it is necessary to "lean" on oatmeal, brown rice (quartz), rye bread and rabbit meat (vitamins of B series). Zinc is well absorbed from seafood, carrots, is again found in red meat, peas, nuts. Manganese can be obtained from plums, beets, eggplants, cranberries, celery and currants.

It is mandatory to study the sufficiency in the diet of an element such as iron (!). Its deficiency disrupts the supply of cells with oxygen, and because of this, hair can grow, immunity may decrease, fatigue may increase.

The body of a man needs an increased amount of iron, which can be obtained from liver, meat, kidneys, blood sausage. To compensate for the shortage, the hematogen will work well, and reviews often indicate an indication of a reduction in the number of hair loss and improvement in general condition. In some cases, after consulting a doctor and blood tests, including latent anemia, iron-containing medications and complexes can be used.

Blame may be water, air, various drugs

It is worth paying attention to the quality of water, air pollution, in which 25% of Mendeleyev's table in some cities and localities can soar. To exclude hair loss due to poor ecology, you need to apply filters to purify tap water from chlorine and alkali metals, apply protective agents to the hair.

Some experts believe that oral ladies' contraceptives with female hormones can not be completely removed from the water circulation, which gives the probability of their getting into the water supply network. This can not positively affect the health of the stronger sex.

Attractiveness of the male image in the field of hairstyles will not add to many medications. In total, there are about 300 substances that can give a shabby head of hair, from which numerous medicines are made. These include drugs that dilute blood, drugs for pressure, high doses of vitamin A, steroids, hormones, antidepressants, antibiotics.

Typically, these side effects are written in the annotations, so when they manifest you need to see a doctor about changing the drug to another. It is believed that the restoration of hair lost as a result of taking medicines is promoted by vitamin B6, which should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that according to popular observations, "hair falls from grief." Therefore, the psychological attitude should be maintained at the right level in order to avoid depressions with consequences.


If all of the above aspects of life are normal, and the hairstyle is still thinning, then it is necessary to pass tests for hormones to to find out whether a man has dihydrotestosterone, the maximum concentration of which is observed in hair bulbs and skin genitals. If the norm is not met (for men 250-990), then there can be observed both excessive hairiness and baldness, which in some cases must be corrected with hormonal preparations.

Classic medicines and folk methods

Known means for alopecia in the pharmaceutical market today are represented by the preparations "Revasil "Regein "Alerana "Alopecks "Coxilone "Generolon etc. Their action changes the reaction of hair pouches to androgens for external application, as a result of which the hair becomes denser after a few months. If the application is terminated, the opposite effect is possible.

The use of drugs is often accompanied by dermatitis, sometimes shortness of breath, rhinitis, neuritis, swelling, changes in the rhythm of the heartbeat (with accidental ingestion of the drug).

In addition, with focal alopecia, a steroidal anti-alopecia remedy for men ("Kenalog" or "Triamcinolone " for example), which gives a fairly rapid hair growth, but is prescribed only in difficult cases, since the side effects of its use are too large.

Folk remedies for this disease most often represent external drugs that have a stimulating effect on the scalp. These include rubbing burdock, sea buckthorn or castor warmed oil in the scalp for half an hour before taking a bath (food vitamin E). For lotions, a solution of calendula tincture is taken to the problem areas - one part of the tincture is divided into three parts of water. Keep for an hour.

In some cases, nettle-acetic lotion can help. To make it, you need to take five tablespoons of finely chopped nettle (young, fresh), pour, l of water, add two tablespoons of natural apple cider vinegar. The resulting mixture should be boiled for half an hour, allowed to cool, rub in small amounts daily before bedtime for at least 60 days.

Also, the infusion of linden flowers (three tablespoons of dry color on a glass of water), which must be boiled for 20 minutes, after which it is cooled and rubbed into the hair by evenings. But the effective remedy of the juice obtained from onion gruel (you can add honey, cognac, pepper tincture), is limited in use, since the hair absorbs the onion smell perfectly, which is not always compatible with the modern lifestyle men.

It should be noted that each case of alopecia is individual, requires special analyzes and consultations of several doctors (trichologist, andrologist, endocrinologist, etc.). Therefore, do not take drugs on the basis of their own decisions, because you can cause significant damage to the body.

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Moreover, reviews about the drugs, positive and negative, are approximately equal in percentage. Today about a third of young men have signs of varying degrees of baldness, so there is nothing tragic about this. You just need to choose a new image for yourself or use the hair transplant to eliminate the bald spot, which is quite effective and widespread.